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The Past - Silver Bullet

Post by Silver Bullet » 5/26/18 08:14 PM

With the air flowing quickly over her wings, within her wingsuit, giving the mare agility mostly unseen to the public, but nearly replicated by the Wonderbolts, Which, even Silver would give credit to them where it was due, watching the Wonderbolts, even to a flier like her, was relaxing, flowy, after all, those draped in blue and yellow were stunt fliers.

Silver Bullet was not a stunt flier, heck, her flying, at its peak, would probably give the public fear, not in what could happen to them, but in what could happen to the mare if something went wrong, the heights that she flew at, combined with such lows that the edges of the flight suit covering her wings would skim gently along the smooth ground, being able to pull astonishing and swift manoeuvres, cutting and twisting through the air like hot wire through room temperature butter. Making it look both seamless and rather easy, at least for someone at her skill level. Silver loved flying, more than she loved those she flew with, mostly because the static-y crackle that would assault her ears before the words, "I bet you can't catch me this time, Silv." Came the voice of a friend, before the soft static died down.

Of course, it was High Flier, One of her closest friends among her group of fliers in the Royal Equestrian Air Corps, He was always teasing her, telling her to catch up, always going on about how he had been improving, she saw it was kinda cute, unsure if it was a proper rivalry, or if he was into her, and he wanted to show her just how good he was, whichever one, she did only see him as a friend.

"Well, does the dove feel like she can't keep pace."

'Dove' was a mixture between an affectionate nickname and a teasing name that High Flier tended to call her, thanks to, at least what she thought, her white mane, and the way she tended to fly when not in practice, or pulling break-neck speeds, something about the poise and gentle way that she moved, which she personally saw as mushy, and just pointless.... not that it didn't make her feel good about herself however. Silver had her own nickname for High Flier, which was a lot more mocking that what he called her, but Silver was a cruel friend that way, and, it was a pretty good way to shut him up, for at least a minute before he started talking again.

"Come on Si-"

Silver was abruptly cut off her friend from what he was saying, speaking over him "If I manage to Tag you, then for the next week when you wake up, you have to yodel, and loudly." She laughed.

"Well, if you can't, then you have to be the poster mare for the REAC." Came a quick, and happy reply, that the mare he was pestering was going along with it. After all, Simple stallion, Simple tastes, Simple pleasures. The only reply he got this time, however, was a groan.

Silver did hate the prospect of being a poster mare. While, it was flattering in a way, that they thought that she'd be a good choice, partially due to her looks, that she was a mare, and that she was one of the better fliers in her group. Not the best, but very far from the worst. Heck, the best part of being a poster mare would be to show her parents that she could do it, and she has done it, but she knew them, they would dismiss it, laugh at her saying that she looked the part, but wasn't really in the REAC, and that she should keep trying to be something like a doctor, or a surgeon, which was not her. But what scared her the most, was the prospect of being known by the general public eye where ever she went, always then having to be on her best behaviour and just be a model of the group that she now represented. It didn't tickle her fancy. Besides, the had a stallions rear to tag.

// Welp, that is it for this part, I will probably type more up of Silvers past later, at the point of this, she is in her early to mid 20's
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Re: The Past - Silver Bullet

Post by Silver Bullet » 5/27/18 02:22 AM

Silver finally landed after the day, feeling the tension and burning in her wings from the lactic acid that has built up from a full day of hard flying, leaving her thoroughly worn out and in the state she was in now. Soon having her bud land beside her, and quickly taking his helmet off, tucking it under his wing before looking to his flank, seeing the marking where her wing had made contact as they were flying. Silver had tagged him, and he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Problem, Crash Course?~" She chuckling, teasing him for his astonishment "Never challenge a mare who can more than keep pace with you~" She followed up, before her helmet was removed, leaving her short, yet flowy mane hang around her head, all smile smiling at him.

"You definitely cheated." He replied, back, smirking, before he let out a long sigh and a groan "So, do you want me to yodel before or after your alarm goes off?" He asked, leaving the mare to ponder.

"Me? Cheating against you? Never!" She laughed, looking down at her helmet with a smirk, happy her ears were free from the radio noise that often attacked her, soon reaching in and turning it off with a smile "Freedom...." She said softly under her breath "And, After, I want to be awake when I hear it start~"

"What Dove, Don't you like it when I am in your ear?"

"No, I just don't like the helmets too much, plus, Your voice is like listening to nails on a chalk board~" She mocked, teasing her friend before shaking her head, and moving into the changing room, taking off the tight fitting flight suit, which was made out of a mixture of materials to make it optimal to fly in, and provide more protection that the flight of a wonderbolt would provide, Even if at times, the suits did get a bit toasty. She appreciated them since they were all made to the pony, all unique, one pony would not fit in another suit comfortably unless they were physically the same.

Soon, she would hang her suit up for maintenance and nod to her friend, pulling the helmet out from under her wing and putting it on her assigned hook. "Besides... I guess I gotta sign up for poster mare, I can't let you embarrass yourself, all by yourself." She winked playfully, not meaning anything by it, yet throwing the stallion into being a flustered heap of a blush and mumbles.

"You okay? Crash~" She teased, as she pranced away, proud of herself and what she did, todays training was good... but it was time to rest for tomorrow.

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Re: The Past - Silver Bullet

Post by Silver Bullet » 5/28/18 07:31 AM

// The events in this thread are not in order, obviously, it is more like brain spew about Silver that is being written down.

"Mum, I don't want to have my hair like that!" The little grey filly whined in retaliation to her mane before done in a neat braid, akin to the one doing it.

"Now Silver, Darling, you know you can't keep your mane out like that, if you do, it could get caught in something, and then you will get hurt, and you won't be happy." Retaliated her mother as she continued to sit behind, keeping tension on the little mare's mane, as it was plaited.

The filly sat there in a grumpy silence for a bit, reeling to having her hair pulled on, even lightly, before huffing, knowing that she had no choice in the matter, "Yes Mum, I understand." She said in a monotone fashion as if the line has been recited at least a thousand times.

Silver personally liked her near white mane flowing from her head, and down her neck in a wavey fashion, even as a little girl, it made her feel pretty, like the popular fillies, which at a young age, were more than petty enough to judge someone on their hairstyle, which, Silver didn't want, seeing as she was already judged for other aspects of her life, even if her family was rather well off, due to her parents occupations, but, without the stuck up 'money is king' attitude of others, Silver didn't buy her friends. But as a child, having morals doesn't mean you aren't made fun of.

Silvers mum gave a small proud smile to her little girl, before moving backwards, and up, having finished preparing Silvers mane. "All done." She stated as a happy parent would to their child, only to have Silver turn around and look a little annoyed.

"Yeeeah, Thanks, mum." Silver said, sounding practically defeated, before she had pranced past and moving into the kitchen where her father sat, looking up from his paper as she entered, eyes giving a glint of happiness from behind his glasses.

"Well, there you are, you sure did take your time waking up." Said her father, smiling down at his daughter, before he raised the paper back up, speaking once more "Have you got all your homework done?"

Silver met her father with silence, she had not done it, or at least, all of it, she was no star student in her school, but she wasn't a slacker either, she did her work at school, of what she could, and most of the time, ignored her homework, which usually brought about annoyance from her parents, on why she couldn't just sit down for an hour and do what she has to.

"Silver Scalpel, What have I told you about not doing your homework." Asked her father sternly, the paper now back down to the table, him looking at her with a firm stare, but before Silver could have a chance to construct a reason or a lie, her father rubbed his temple "Don't use that silly excuse, in this family we do our work, me and your mother will discuss a punishment while you are at school."

Adding to what made it harder for Silver, she was their first, and only child, they opted for only having one due to their own busy work hours. After all, even for Silver being ten years old, They were thirty-one and thirty-three respectively, still in their prime of work within their fields, with her mother a doctor, and father a surgeon working in Canterlot, sadly leaving Silver with little time seeing her father, except for on Sundays and Mondays.

However, Silver didn't want to follow in the footsteps of working in a medical field, even if her parents really wanted her too, she didn't know what she wanted to do, but she didn't see being a doctor or a surgeon as fun, the other fillies and colts did, but Silver knew the reality of what it was like, and most the time, it was long hours without her parents, at times, even after she returned home from school.

// Probably should add this in, Silver Scalpel was Silvers name originally, before she grew up and changed it to suit to her cutiemark to avoid questions on why her name and mark didn't match up.

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