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Kirin Roleplay Stuff

Post by Braycen » 5/18/18 11:05 PM

Looking for some fun RP ideas with Spark, or even his female counterpart, Glint. Pretty open on scenarios and actually accepting new ideas since mine are drying up. I may have a few laying around, just IM or PM me to see.
Accepting almost any genre from SFW to not-so-SFW I suppose!

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Nyinx D'Lune
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Re: Kirin Roleplay Stuff

Post by Nyinx D'Lune » 5/24/18 11:33 AM

Well we already have something going~

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Re: Kirin Roleplay Stuff

Post by Scarlett Time » 5/29/18 12:32 PM

I'm down for it
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Re: Kirin Roleplay Stuff

Post by Furnco » 7/30/18 02:30 PM

I've got some ideas maybe with a variety of characters... PM me if interested?

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