Krakkow: An Overview

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Krakkow: An Overview

Post by Shank » 9/3/16 10:26 PM

The free city of Krakkow wasn't planned, so much as it sprung up like an unwanted weed in the middle of the mountain ranges between the Griffon Kingdom, Equestria, and the Crystal Empire. Built upon the ruins of a city destroyed sometime during or after the first reign of Discord, it is a combination of ancient stone, constructions, creating a haphazard city whose roads were defined paths that meandered around whatever constructions happened to exist at the time.

Krakkow as it's known in modern times started as a trading post, evolved into a haven for those without a country,and eventually became a gestalt of various races and their cultures. Because of it's isolation (not to mention it being a haven for scoundrels), Krakkow has no formal set of laws to speak of. Each ghetto of the city is run by the dominant race in that section, and only the ponies have anything resembling an official presence to police their part of the city.


City Center:

The city center, where one might reasonably expect there to be the seat of government, is instead dominated by The Arena and The Hippodrome; huge venues used both for theatrical productions, racing, and for Krakkow's most popular sport, pit fighting. Seating was a tiered arrangement with special boxes provided at the north and south ends for those rich enough to afford the best views of the arena. Flanking them at the same level was a broad platform merchant classes. The tier above the that was occupied by ordinary citizens, with the cheapest seats at the top.


The Pony's Ward:

An affluent district, home to most of the city's merchant classes, and middle-class to rich citizens, the most lawful place in this chaotic city.

The Hive Ward:

As one might expect, the part of the city most open to changelings, and probably the most "melting pot" part of the city. As a consequences, probable the most chaotic part.


The Gryphon Ward:

Comprising most of the stone structures of the city, this is probably the best defended and most solidly built part of the city, though it lacks a lot of the creature comforts most ponies are used to.


The Market Ward:

A place where anyone and everyone sells anything and everything.


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Re: Krakkow: An Overview (In Progress)

Post by Pinkie Pie » 9/6/16 02:32 AM

"I know where I'm going! The Hive ward! Those cute bug butts just want love! Also by the looky of the picture at least two ponies are enjoying a drink!.. I may need a tiny itsy bit of an escort mind you, if I bump into my self again! Woowhee! Tricky and one sided!"
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Re: Krakkow: An Overview

Post by Kaldra Versvesh » 11/26/16 01:13 AM

"You see a city, a melting pot of cultures. I see a playground with a great variety of toys and games~"

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Re: Krakkow: An Overview

Post by Bloodhound » 6/10/18 10:29 AM

Interesting, a city plunged into practical anarchy that could topple the city at any moment. Me like this >=]
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Re: Krakkow: An Overview

Post by Dusty » 6/14/18 01:33 PM

I absolutely love the idea of the city and I would be more than happy to rp if anyone else would like. :)

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Re: Krakkow: An Overview

Post by Rapid Miles » 6/21/18 01:13 AM

I would so be down to roleplay a situation like this. This would make for such a nice setting.

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