Rose's pleas (Story Arc not a rp, ooc comments allowed)

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Rose's pleas (Story Arc not a rp, ooc comments allowed)

Post by Rose Budd » 5/15/19 09:31 AM

Rose's Thorns Story Arc
Somewhere in the castle, midnight.

A stallion looked at Rose "I am pretty strong aren't I?" Rose laughed and looked at the stallion "You thought I meant you? How quaint..." The stallion looked at her as she turned to leave. "Hey Darlin get over here-" He said putting a hoof on her shoulder. That was a bad idea as she quickly turned and threw him to a wall before putting her hidden knife to his throat. "Never! Touch me again..." It would seem that tonight something has overtaken Rose as she then left the now frozen stallion to go to her bunk inside her office. There she would take out a large brown book with the Nightmare Moon symbol on it. She would open it and start chanting. "Daer Moon, Dark One, hear my plea, Bring justice now, I ask of Thee! Right the wrongs that have been done, Avenge me now, oh Mighty One. Turn misfortune back to those Who cause my problems and my woes. And heap upon them karmic debt Lest they all too soon forget Their wrongful actions, words, and deeds. Don’t let them get away scot-free. Bring them forth from where they hide, Bring swift justice ~ wield your knife" She chanted a faint glow appearing on her leg as the same symbol as the book appeared glowing on her dark grey fur. "Abundant Mother, Moon so bright. Hear my plea upon this night. Your fertile power lend this spell; Make it potent, strong and well!" A small energy burst could be felt from the castle as Rose then hid the book and slipped into a hoodie to cover her arm. She would then throw the hood over her head and leave the castle, tonight she would hurt those evil enough to prey on any mares in the city. Tonight on a full moon, blood would spill.
Noctem Aeternam

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