The First Winds of Winter

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The First Winds of Winter

Post by Diamond Shine » 11/5/18 02:59 PM

A cold night graces the Far Eastern realm of Neighpon.

Throughout the dim lit Royal Palace hallways did the Ponies of the Royal Court gaze upon the grand Prench windows with velvety red and violet curtains pushed to the sides. Snowflakes starting to fall from the Heavens above. Soon an Arctic gust of wind blowing the ever increasing snowfall in all directions: north, south, east and west! Autumn had come to an end, and Winter has finally begun!

Within minutes of the first evening of winter do the off duty palace servants, off duty guards and the nobility alike huddle together in the rather lavish rooms of the palace, by a healthy and glowing fire in the hearths. As they listen to the gentle crackling of the dancing red, yellow and orange flares. They drank warm plum mulled wine and ate pumpkin and cheese stew, a wintry meal.

The Emperor, the snowy hued alicorn stallion donned a warm red traditional Neighponese robe or lounge wear trotted down the dim lit hallways. Taking a big whiff of the air around him. "Aaaah, the smells of the Winter season." He smiled taking in the aromas of sugar plum, cinnamon, and gingerbread filling the atmosphere on this frigid night.

Entering another room, a grand vast and three storied royal library with many books sitting on the hundreds if not, thousands of shelves. Going by a pitcher of warm Neighponese mulled plum wine and some sugar cookies sitting on a silver platter which Diamond Shine helps himself too. Going to join his four foals and mother over by a window, first gazing at the snow falling, then to the elderly Empress Dowager as she held her youngest grandfoal in her lap, with her magic, she held a book of stories. The three other grandfoals sat in front of her listening intently as she read them the classic Hearths Warming Tale of Snowfall Frost.
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