The REAC (Royal Equestrian Air Corps)

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The REAC (Royal Equestrian Air Corps)

Post by Silver Bullet » 7/23/18 07:54 PM

This is just general info about the REAC (The group Silber was in)

To start. The REAC is not the guard. There is no word of guard contained in the name, and it doesn't fall under the same regulations, nor is there a similar structure, and the armour they use if far from the same.

To get into the REAC, one must pass all physicals and must display an above average ability to fly while under load. There are height and weight regulations due to the construction of the suits, they cannot be scaled in size very far before failure. The optimal time to join is from 18-20, with a training period of 2-4 years depending on performance. Training is 6 days a week from when they start, it is usually hardcore and only 1/10 ponies that join pass onto be formally in the REAC not as a recruit. Position is usually granted through time served, however, can be fast-tracked through excelled performance.

There are several squads in the REAC following the REF (Royal Equestrian Forces) phonetic alphabet in name.

There is to be no sexual conduct between members of the REAC, committing an act is liable to get one instantly stripped of their position, and to be discharged from the REAC with no second chances, this rule is held to high regard, other rules are also rather straight forwards, No harassment (Banter within and between Squadrons are okay, as long as it doesn't affect performance heavily), One must not excel 2 weeks of sick days, days off are already granted for Funerals, Family birthdays and other important events, however, one must inform their Squadron leader a month beforehand.

The REAC is a group of Pegasus, trained hard in Offensive and Defensive flying, and are under the service of the Royals. Even though they are well versed in combat, both in the air and on the ground, most of the time, it was long-range patrols that the group participated to the outer reaches of the Princesses rule, and points of interest. However even with the patrols, they do not catch everything, there are not enough groups in the air to keep surveillance on all directions, thus things can easily slip past at times.

Since high-speed combat is usually rather unpractical, The flight suits that the REAC are equipped with magic nodes along the wings, closer to the tips. These magic powered nodes have a sharp shock when they make contact with another surface, assuming that what they contact will accept the shock. Rather obviously, a sharp shock on anything that is flying is usually enough to bring it back down to the ground. The suits themselves were a light grey, with a streamlined flight helmet.

The helmet itself was rather complex and relied heavily on magic, which under constant use, the magic would run out, and one would no longer be able to disengage the neck brace, operate the visor, or the communications built into the helmet, as well as the HABS. The helmet allowed for communication between others in the squadron as long as they were within range of the magical link. The Visor itself was designed to shrug high amounts of glare when flying at high altitudes, above most cloud layers. Allowing for the pegasi to fly at such heights was the HABS (High Altitude Breathing System). However, the most important of the equipment on the suits was the neck brace that attached to the helmet from the spine of the suit. This brace would only engage when flying at high speeds in the optimal position, allowing the Pegasi to pull manoeuvres that would normally cause neck based injuries, the disadvantage was that one could not move their head side to side when it was locked, thus positioning in the squad and peripherals were very important.

Scenarios are also simulated using magic, to give the best kind of training to Squadrons, preparing them for most situations.

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