The Winterland's Brief Summary

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The Winterland's Brief Summary

Post by Valkyrie » 7/18/18 10:31 AM

Do keep in mind that this is more or so a layout of the history. The organization of the document itself as well as any flaws are not so much for the look but to keep track of everything and a timeline.

Early History:

Winterland's was founded by Sirus and Aegis. Aegis being the Shield and Sirus being the sword.

The two built a homestead that would soon become a town center. The population was mainly made up of wanderers, merchants, exiled or even refugees from surrounding cities of Velenthri and Capricanis.

The town became a city and was the capital of the land known as Wintherai or the Winterlands named for the two huge snow capped mountains.

A military is formed by Sirus to protect the city. However Sirus was more about expansion than protection. Aegis took more to the defensive ideals.

The King of Capricanis, Capria, became jealous of the wealth of such a small town that was now a city in very little time. They became aggrivated and decided to destroy the city.

The capital was called Aegius after the youngest sibling of the who was killed in a raid by Capria. Aegis was remembered and became a Guardian of the City as they fended off the soldiers in time for Sirus to reinforce.

Sirus led a campaign against Capricanis for vengence. Capria and his wife hold out in the capital of Capricanis and was besieged by Sirus and a massive army for 5 days.

Once the garrisoned army surrendered, Sirus occupied the city and renamed it to Veletii "Valiant".

The Winterland's Army made military reforms towards more defense rather than offense. Ranks and formations such as the Schiltrum was introduced as well as commanding soldiers. The army was now grouped up into divisions. Ranged soldiers would be a division while spear and swords would be in another each.

-Age of Kings-

When Sirus died of old age. His son, Detrimus (Dee-trim-us) took over the rule of the Winterlands as King Detrimus of Aegius.

The Winterland's invades Velenthri under the command of General Zathair. The population of Velenthri was exterminated. Zathair was feared even amoung his own army as he became known as the Death Bringer in all of the Winterlands. Upon his death, he would become a Guardian of the Winterlands as the bringer of death. Many say that your time comes when he decides so.

King Detrimus bore two children. Raeti (rye-et-ee) and Tanumtrus (Tan-num-truss) whom upon King Detrimus' demise, fought over the heir to the throne.

The Civil War of the Detrimus Twins caused much unrest all over Aegius and the other provinces as it felt like the entire Country was pulling itself apart. Both Tanumtrus and Raeti led campaigns to the outskirts of Aegius territory and captured Veletii, Evocaii, Weyshir and Verachi.

The war between the two siblings expanded the borders of the Winterland's. When it seemed like it would be impossible to get the side of the populance, the two siblings began in fighting and pitting many soldiers against one-another.

Military reforms came up as fighting two armies of equal strength and discipline did not get anywhere fast. A strategist named Amari of Velenthrii who studied military tactics and formations came up with new ideas for Raeti, the youngest of the siblings.

With these new methods and military tactics, Raeti was able to beat his rival and claim the right to the crown. These military reforms would be brought into practice and Divisions were taken out in favor for Cohorts. These Cohorts would have the same kind of soldier for each so that they could easily be moved or manuever in battle. Each Cohort was assigned a Captain.

Raeti brought new developments such as developing a trade between the other countries around the Winterlands such as Yelnvir and Dexturius. Raeti also commanded there to be protected trade from bandits on the roads. Caravans would still be attacked but they were armed with a handful of soldiers depending on the goods involved.

A couple years into Raeti's reign before he was assassinated by his wife, Ryau whom put her other husband in as King. However, the soldiers and citizens would not have such a thing go unnoticed. Both Ryau and the false king were assassinated by servants.

After the death of the False King, the country was in despair. Many people wanted to claim the throne but many who tried were either denied by the public, assassinated, or even too afraid to speak up as they feared for becoming a target of rivalry.

During this time, invaders from the North West came in by ship and raided towns and cities. These invaders were the Varakshi. They showed no mercy to those whom were in the way as they would execute or enslave prisoners from raids and skirmishes.

As the Varakshi closed in on the Capital of Aegius, a general by the name of Dethius (Dee-thee-us) took their army and built fortifications and traps to defend the city walls.

The Battle of Aegius went on for a week. It was back and fourth between the two armies until an engineer by the name of Wyvern of Velenthrii created a ballista. This siege weapon would hurl huge stones at the enemy but with limited range. These prototype weapons were placed on the walls of the city and fired down at the enemy encampments. They proven themselves as very deadly and well ranged weapons. They would soon be integrated later on.

Dethius was proclaimed as a King to many. Despite him not having a claim to the throne. However, instead he prefered to be called Imperator as he did not like the idea of a linear ruling given the issues that followed behind. Dethius would rule for the rest of his life and promote the building of infrastructure throughout the cities and towns around Aegius to make them less isolated from each other.

After the death of Dethius, his follows debated amoungst themselves as to whom would pick up where he left off. Theus, who was the eldest of them all and the closest to Dethius would speak up and state that the people should elect the new imperator. This idea was fought over for some time but in the end was decided upon.

The next Imperator would be one named Levius (Le-vye-us) who took actions on trading and economic reforms right away. Trade routes were now being expanded out to the seas and oceans. Along with this came the reforming of smaller boats to bigger boats as well as armed boats to defend the trading ships.

Piracy became a huge issue and Levius invested a lot of time and gold into better ships that would soon become War Galleys. Putting Ballistas onto ships as well as rams. Catapults were invested along with these and used to put on the bigger War Galleons. The Winterlands became a huge influence on the Ocean waters.

Before the death of Levius. He had towers built around the coasts of the Country to protect from invading sea raiders from the North West. Such as the Varakshi. These proved effective as they locked the coasts and docks down and kept the waters safe.

-Military Reforms-

Levius' daughter, Valkyr, would be next in the line as she sas thought to hold the same intuition and compassion as Levius had. Unfortunately, Valkyr was not so much of a politician as she was a warrior and hot headed. Valkyr declared wars on multiple countries surrounding the Winterlands as it was claimed to be rightfully belonging to the founder's Aegis and Sirus.

War between Helvetii and Roriai posed a major issue as their fighting methods consisted of hit and run, ambushing, and skirmishing their opponents. The Cohorts would fall by the thousands as they invaded. Imperator Valkyr would demand the reform of military tactics.

Over the years of constant wars, The Winterlands became even more militarily advanced. Creating siege towers, battering rams, trebuchets, and even arrows that had special holes drilled into them so that they made loud hissing and whistling sounds as they flew into the air.

Soldier's armor would be smithed out of Steel instead of leather and iron, and the weapons were restandardized out of hard steel to penetrate the enemy's armor. Bigger shields came with the reform as formations to defend against arrows were integrated.

By the end of Valkyr's rule, soldiers would be organized into Legions and be able to live off the land as they would not have to rely on trying to get supplies in the Helvetii Mountains. They were also able to build their own fortresses on the move so the legions would have encampments.

Valkyr died of old age and became a guardian as the mulitary reforms broughy new ways to protect the Winterland's from invaders. However the rule of the Country would be left unoccupied. Fear of another war between generals would arise once more. However the public decided upon the imperators:

Imperator Wynther (Win-thur) whom was one of the Generals had led her soldiers to take the city of Dextrium which was Varakshi territory across the ocean. Claimed trade territory to the North West across the Ocean. Walls were built around all major cities as economic wealth became larger.

Imperator Alyius (A-lay-us) took to the countries below them which was home to the Uathri (Oo-ah-three) whom were in tribes and had no hostility against the Winterlands other than sometimes attacking caravans.

The campaign against the tribes and villages lead to the military tradition to not take prisoners as the prisoners whom were taken from the tribes were able to escape captivity and kill an entire legion in their sleep.

Alyius would then send an army to slaughter the entire populance of the Uathri. Uathri was exterminated entirely. Alyius would then die in battle against the Varakshi in the battle of the Veletii Sea.

The next imperator was Thurai. Elected after the death of Alyius, Thurai would then proclaim himself as Emperor and General of the armies. Thurai would spend most of his rule against the Varakshi always stating that "They must be punished." Emperor Thurai also connected trade routes to the newely formed Equestria to the North of the Winterlands.

The Varakshi were pushed further North into the Western part of Equestria. After a couple of years, the Varakshi were land locked by other villages being built where they used to be with no quarrels of any kind.

Cyprus was the next Empress of the Winterlands, being Thurai's younger sister and well adept in politics and trade. Cyprus made political movements to connect the countries around together and even attempted to make amends with the Varakshi. However, this did not work as Skirmishes broke out amoungst them and solidified war and grudges between the two countries that would continue on until present day.

Cyprus ruled for a good 49 years until old age. Cyprus was well known and probably one of the best rulers the Winterland's had. Despite the skirmishes between the Varakshi and Winterlands outside the borders, inside the country was peaceful and advancements made headway.

Cyprus had put her youngest offspring, Runa (Rune-uh) in charge after she died. However this did not happen. Upon her death, the eldest child, Nevir (Nev-ear) butchered his sibling and took to the position as emperor of the Winterlands.

Nevir was arrogant and ignored many of the advisor's warnings about attacks and raids. Instead, the Emperor disregarded them and held feasts and parties for himself unaware of the conspiracies brewing under his nose.

Story goes that during a bath, Nevir called for a maid to come in but instead two of his bodyguards came in and drowned him. The Country decided they needed to have some form of balance to the politics.

-Houses of Power-

The assassination of Emperor Nevir led the council to believe that they should have a balance in power between decisions instead of having a single voice decide the fate of the Winterlands. Three powerful houses were formed based off of what were known as the Houses of Power. Selected members were put into 'Families' to represent a specific area of focus. House Sirus focused on everything involving the military. House Aegis focused on the growth of the Winterlands and economy. Finally, House Cyprus focused on the diplomatic stance between other countries both by trade, military access, treaties and more.

After the integration of the House System, things began to change and form in the Winterlands. Given the amounts of War the country was in, House Sirus passed a ruling that if one was born on sun sign of Sirus, Aegis, or any other Guardian Star constellation, then they would serve in the military for their life as it was a fate sealed by the Guardians.

Military reforms were made once again. Not to formations or methods, but to training, discipline, and methods of training. A soldier whom was brought in by birth would not be viable for leave after 25 years of service unlike those whom had signed up to serve.

House Cyprus and House Aegis did not bother with these changes as they were dealing with other pressing matters such as the solidified diplomacy with Equestria or construction of more buildings and docks along the coast of the Country.

In time, the War Born ruling had become apart of the culture and the Winterland's army became massive. Despite being in constant wars, the soldiers were numerous and disciplined heavily. The execution of all prisoners was still a tradition and lesson to all soldiers passed on and on. The soldiers also went by a mercy code.

Years after having hardly any battles fought on their soil, the Winterlands faced Varakshi off the shores of Velenthri that continued into the city itself. Skirmishes were fought throughout the Winterlands in major cities and towns. The Battle of Veletii was the most famous as it led to bigger changes in the military formations and the addition to Skirmishers used in full on combat rather than the initial phase and skirmishes.

To finally beat the Varakshi, the Winterlands sent diplomats to Equestria. From there on, the soldiers went through and built forts to the Frozen North to protect the Northern side of Equestria so that the Varakshi can not go through Equestria to get to the Winterlands.

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