War of Virtues

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War of Virtues

Post by Kitty Eboncraft » 7/8/18 06:51 PM

Within the city of Starfall, a festival is underway to celebrate to reunion between the four nations of Equestria. Under the shade of the Tree of Harmony ponies sing and dance, paging honage to the warriors of old and pray for the years to come. From the sky-cities of Aeros and the great plateaus of Gairda to the plains of Isora and the vast forests of Thesar, ponies gather to bath in the light of the Tree at the Everfree’s heart.

This year is different as the Radiant Circle prepares for a special event, a battle that will honor all that came before and help forge a path to the future. Six Masters will make themselves known alongside six Bearers.

The Paragon, Jester, Seer, Knight, Druid, and Noble will class in this ancient city to be granted their one wish. Who will take up arms, walk among legends, and stand victorious above all else?

(This will be a long and heavily character driven story. If you’re interested submit your Master below and I’ll message you with details. Only five slots, unless you don’t eang to play a Master. When I approve someone their Bearer will be chosen at random. Six possibilities of playstyle and six different Bearers in each category. If there are five other people that want a turn don’t worry to oversee serveral games. Oh, this will be done through Discord. You’ll be sent the link after you’ve been approved. Details will be hashed out there.)

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