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Night Sand Guards

Post by Maxh » 7/3/18 06:44 PM

A thing I've been working on, since many already knows the type of subject at hand, Saddle Arabia stuff! aka Egypt, but most importantly, a little bit of story and meaning behind the golden naga warriors of the sands, given that at some point I'll probably draw the badges and ranks from each one as a showcase, the ranks are already made. Plus I've been having a lot of fun.

Unlike Equestrians or anything you may know about ranks / guards at this point, the Saddle Arabian's possess quite the differences in between ranks and seriousness behind it's significance, the style or armor, the oath's and quest one must do to achieve a promotion, the type of enemies and rewards one could collect over the course of time, and so on, and on.

A curse beyond repair, types of curses:

"The understanding of curses is... for one part, a tricky pony, malevolent spells powerful enough to survive over the years even if their casters are dead, it won't matter. Like hibernating putrid magic, a trap waiting for any unsuspected adventurer to trigger it. Great Wizards, Master paladins, and even the most nimble of thieves who have been cursed once and survived to tell the tale will tell you the same: You should never tap into the ancient practices of Egypt, they're dangerous, harmful for one self, and harmful even to those you hold dear.

This however, didn't stop ancient witches, great warlocks or dark priestess to partake in it's forbidden practices...

Like a simple fire spell that can be learned through reading a book, curses soon found their own way's on books, scrolls, patterns. Illegal practices of this dark arts were punishable with death, and yet, not many dared to face them, by fear of such practices being used as a mean of defense, instead, the grand masters from Egypt ordered immediate actions against the wretched, exile was the only solution at hand, and the division of the pure and the tainted begun.

Anyone could make their own curse, with different effects, some required just the brewing of hard-to-find ingredients, in order to summon the most common of sickness, to the most pandemic of plagues, to take one life or one thousand of them, the requirement increased drastically as a side-effect. The most powerful of them, required the life of a loved one, and this is what the third Egyptian Empress of the vipers paid to lay it on her tomb before her nearly demise, a curse that can bound their souls to her, and bend their purity into her own, soldiers, children's, something she desired but couldn't achieve before, now on the palm of her claws, her own army of reptilians to do her bidding, this curse kept her alive for thousands of years, and it's activation shall awaken the giant viperess from her deep slumber.

Like a pest, the Empress Viper Curse can be passed through others, a special bite performed only by the originally afflicted. One can feel an excruciating pain, like lava running through one's veins that last for minutes, the calling voices of the Empress welcoming her new children's, nightmares about snakes coiling around your body, and the slowly transcendence and changes on one's body to one like herself, a creature of serpentine properties, with hypnotic eyes, humanoid-ish upper half, resilient muscles with absurdly regenerative venomous blood, seductive and yet vicious looks, the ancient naga were reborn, and will soon reign over the sands of Egypt.

And yet... the study about curses is but a cluster of questions that needs to be answered."

The Sleeper, Has Awakened!

"With the awakening of the Viper Empress, the lands have been in deep political controversy. It is well know that, only she has the rightful ultimatum to re-take the throne, and rule once again just like how she did thousands of years ago, a ruler is nullified if they're really deceased, but in this case, she never did die, the curse applied over her selected subjects keeps her alive, young, full of strength and power. And by the sacred rules of Egypt, she once again, retook control and reformed Egypt's most prominent golden warriors, long defeated by the last Arabian war."

The Golden Armory.

"The equipment were made out of pure gold, the only metal found in heavily abundance, the weakest of them all, the impact of a simple weapon could bend the armor like hammer to clay. Long scarab shaped shoulder pads extending all the way down for leg protection, eagle helmets representing Rah's divinity with enough space to fit even the wildest of manes, flexible mail capes, strong enough to deflect even the most deadliest of arrows, yet light for constant movement, wholesome insulation rubber suits, enchanted with a frost spell to keep the guard's body temperature at ease, with a huge golden chest armor, for frontal defense, it's curvature made it difficult for swords, spears and daggers to find a piercing point, the blow would slide across, leaving the attacker exposed. The armor was rather weak against blunt weaponry such as Battle axes and War hammers, given their flat impact can easily be scored on those angled shapes."


"Courtesy of Alona for modeling the armor, I made the art! as a representation, it still needs work on, but as a visual representation it goes that's basically it. There's no coverage for the hind legs, allowing nagas to take their form and still having full use of it, hind legs armory only would get in the way of their transformations."

The importance of Gold, and the secret Egyptian strategy.

"Gold, unlike hard metals such as iron, steel, bronze, among others, are HEAVILY magic dependant, they can be enchanted greatly unlike the others. A simple enchanting spell applied on a piece of golden armor, could match or even surpass other metals in durability and potency, while still maintaining it's ease structure, depending on the enchant, the army can be sent into different missions to deal with any type of threat given the armor enhancements and early preparation.

The Empress herself enchants anti-magic citrines, a precious blue gem to be socketed into the armor, providing certain degree of magical defenses, hostile spells may be absorbed into the citrine until it shatters due of overcharge, for everything there's a limit, and the army works fast onto dealing a pulverizing attack towards their enemies before they run out of enhancing powers."

Ranks among the wicked.

Accepting the Empress Oath of venom by another superior, bound your soul to the big Mother / you may pledge loyalty to your duties and following the sacred rules. The rules dictate the follow:

Maxh clears his throat and unfolds the honorbound document.

º For the lands of the golden sands, and it's citizens to be protected.
º Your life must be put on the line, whether from air or sands.
º From a single thieve to the deadliest of monsters, you shall keep them off from your homelands.
º By a cataclysm of mother nature, or father earth you may soothe back.
º The Empress you shall defend, until the end of times.
º If asked to fight, you fight without remorse or face the consequences at hand.
º Your authority is not a toy to play, be honorable and just, or being cast aside you shall

"This is not a children's playground of corruption, anyone seen disrespecting the rules, will be demoted instantaneously, disregarding any type of work put to reach said rank, be respectful when off-duty, you've been selected as a symbol of trustworthiness, you represent Egypt and every guard working hard around the globe."

Maxh puts that aside, he also adds the following, by slamming a hoof on the chalkboard.

"As a member of the Egyptian guards, we heavily take in consideration those who already possess experience, and their starting rank may vary, we don't want members with zero idea of how to even grasp one of our scarab shields, cook a little longer maggot, then come back, a corpse is of no use around here.

Below you may check the ranking system, promotion only occurs by threats defeated, time on-duty and/or War participation. Egypt counts with many different hostile enemies across the continent, and sometimes we expand our territory by force, and only participations may earn you a step closer to promotion. You may earn a well deserved promotion if the Empress sees your dedication as a whole, worthy of the praise. Monster hunting, thieves and bandits also are to be taken care of, keep the streets of Egypt safe soldier."

Private (Jondi)
Sergeant ('Adif)
Master Sergeant (Du 'Adif)
Knight (Mosa'd)
Knight-Lieutenant (Mosa'd Krat)

Only with war participation you may be worthy of the highest titles from now on, higher powers across the globe can also be worth of the titles, and the only ones granting dangerous exploration missions, monster hunting quest, on-duty shifts, if you feel like doing some side-questing towards your newest rank, you may ask them. High Warlords command the entire Egyptian army, plus they're the only ones calling to arms for territory domination.

Centurion (Akresh')
Warlord (Molah'dar)
High Warlord (Rok Molah'dar)

"We respect and welcome any other military power around the globe, the barracks are a place of relaxation after a duty has been completed, tell us your story, we will share with you our good spirits."

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