Cosmic Chaos (Tis' dead, Jim.)

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Re: Cosmic Chaos ( Closed to new participants! )

Post by Shattered Onyx » 10/1/18 04:35 PM

As Age started to chip away at the crystals, they started to give away with relative ease, if struck right upon the base. Their very tip was also relatively fragile to getting poked, as they cracked under the gentle strikes of his serrated blade. Jabs against the middle or the sides didn't event dent them, indicating that they had a particuliarly strong atomical structure pointed at specific angles, similar to graphene or diamonds.

However, each strike also made those little crystals 'sweat', emmiting a cyan ooze at a steady pace, that sticked to everything it touched, at least until the crystal was uprooted or damaged too much upon its base, at wich point it'd solidify and form a magically charged gem. However, the ooze they constantly generated sticked to his blade, even getting absorbed into the steel, granting it an eerie, almost unnoticeable blue hue to the metal, and even the handle if he continued to chip away for too long.

However, he did managed to obtain some rather necessary samples with his exploratory jabs against the minerals that sprouted out of everywhere, wich meant that a side-objective was complete.

Meanwhile, Moondancer's magical pokes against the surroundings yielded that something in the air was also poking back at her. Testing her capabilities, monitoring the magic that runs through her very being -Hindered only by the rune on her back, and the suit she wore. Both things making it a bit harder to cast magic freely, but it didn't made it impossible. The magic they would try to cast would be limited in the same way that one is limited at getting a carriage in peak hours in Manehattan; Highly restrained and in small bursts, but possible, and thankfully, not too tiring.

Sadly, this meant that a short-range teleporation spell, although it'd work, it would highly hinder the casting of the next spell if casted in a short period of time. Machinegunning spells would be nigh impossible, and holding one spell for a long time would make it harder to mantain the longer it was kept.

Meanwhile, Kross' warnings to Quill, who was engaging in a rather one-sided conversation with the charred, crystallized remains of two stallions, were... Eerily on-point.

The moment her voice rose to address the other, and as her weapons were drawn out, a third figure emerged from behind the treeline. And this one... Could move. But it wasn't one of the ponies they were sent to rescue, no. It was something... Worse.

The frame of a tall Unicorn stallion, tall enough to rival Big Mac, moved in between two of the charred trees, the faint background shine sliding through the same missing chunks of coat and bone that the other two had. This one, however, looked more... Fierce. More aggressive, than the other two, its teeth having gotten replaced by sharp crystalline structures. Its hollow eyes were occupied by an unnatural shine, coming from inside the skull. The same ripples manifested through his charred pelt, from wich pure, unadultered alien magic emerged. This one still possessed its front legs, but everything under his hips was long gone, substituted by a crystal stump, ethereal, magical legs half-balancing him on all fours.

Its gaze soon moved towards Quill, something similar to a deep frown emerging on its cracked face, its maw opening wide as a loud groan echoed over the charred pastures. Its cracked, half-broken horn lighting up in a deep cyan, a long, long whip emerging from the stallion's side. Something that a brutal Forestallion would sport.

As the whip levitated in the air, it slowly unfurled and with a skillfull, quick swipe, it cracked in the air, the stallion emmiting another groan -Like if it was sending orders to others nearby.

Orders that the two Peons Quill was speaking to, obeyed.

Even in the afterlife, they were subject to the orders of their superiors, little cracks and groans emerging from the burnt carcasses. Eventually, the same cyan light that came from the Forestallion's insides slowly came to life within them, their hollow eyes, their open mouths and the numerous holes through their coats, shone with the reflection of the thing that pulled them back from the ether.

The first one -The one without the hoe- groaned, and started to walk forwards. The hoof that was missing on him seemed to manifest itself again, connecting what was left of his hoof to the stump of his leg in the same ethereal way of Forestallion's capability of standing on his hindlegs. Said hoof slid to a little bag upon his jacket, from where crystalized seeds were pulled out from. With another groan, the stallion started to spread them around, like if he was... Sowing seeds. With Quill in front, if she didn't moved away already.

Said seeds, were little crystals, much like the ones growing everywhere. When they reach the ground, almost inmediatly, they started to pop, spreading that damnable ooze everywhere, effectively forming more sprouts, spreading the corruption that came from the stars.

The other one, however, slowly lifted the hoe, and sluggishly started to swing it forwards, like if he was tending to the soil -Carving into it, letting the ooze around penetrate into the, once fertile soil with more ease.

Perhaps this endless labour was the reason behind the accelerated growth of the corruption that, in Moondancer's words, needed to be atomized.

However, after more groans from the Forestallion, one of them rose a bit, its sights set upon the group, upon the closest pony to it. Its pained face slowly contorted to that of anger, the hoe raising again -With ill intent this time, like if it was ordered to deal with intruders within the farmstead.

The Peon's movements were sluggish and slow -But they were also strong. Easy to avoid, one impact from either of these husks would leave behind quite a dent... Wich would explain why there were chunks of frabic laying around. The ponies before them were clearly not so lucky.

The scarecrow didn't seemed to move, but the crystals that had substituted the packed hay inside it seemed to gently pulsate everytime something moved next to it...

The air around them all seemed to... Morph, in a way. Light bent and shone in ways it's not supposed to, faint glints of colours that only exist in dreams popping here and there, only momentarily. One could almost hear... A tune, a song in the air. Alongside the faint wailings of a mare... And the cries of a foal? Strange sounds, strange lights. One could barely trust all five senses in this damned place.

The rescue party would need to react, quick. These ponies... If they could be called ponies, were a clear danger to the operation. And clearly, couldn't be reasoned with, judging by the loud groans and aggressive movements.

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Re: Cosmic Chaos

Post by Age Old » 11/6/18 05:05 PM

Just as Age had packed the pieces of crystals he had obtained he turned to the other group members. As he turned, he saw the forestallion emerge and watched as the pony-like monstrosity standing before them called out to the two peons.

"We've got company!"

He balanced his glaive in his grasp and quickly looked around, assessing the predicament. He looked at the foreign liquid now on his bladed tip and grunted. Unsure as to what it would do or any effects it would have on his weapon's efficiency, he figured now was to late to doubt.

He ran to his right, arcing wide around the peons. He knew he couldn't use his wings but was grateful he had to get used to hoofs before properly being able to fly. He came to the peon's left and made a swift dash towards them.

As he got closer, he jabbed his glaive forward into the creature's side. Once he thrust forward, he continued past without slowing down in an attempt to tear out what he could from the alien.

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