-Former comrades from the Vigil- By Airborne Noire, Veteran of the Ravager Conflict

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-Former comrades from the Vigil- By Airborne Noire, Veteran of the Ravager Conflict

Post by Airborne Noire » 7/10/18 10:29 AM

Airborne would take a deep breath as she starts telling her story about her original comrades. "Where to start... Before I awoke in this current era and while I served in the Vigil from seventy-four years ago, four comrades stood by my side as we fought the Ravagers together. I will continue to honor their memory while I carry the Vigil's legacy."

"Brimstone was a captain in the Aviator Division, and my mentor. Brimstone was sometimes stern, but he was more proud of me for my unwavering loyalty and dedication. You could say that he was like a caring father figure." Airborne smiled solemnly at the memory of him.

"Thunderbolt was a corporal in the Aviator Division of the Vigil, like myself. Thunderbolt was an outstanding scout, but he also had an honest and sympathetic personality. Thunderbolt and I were close friends. Before you ask, we weren't lovers. We were just there for each other, to keep our unyielding courage." Airborne blushed softly but shook it off.

"Ebony Flame was a private in the Guardian Division. Ebony may had been a loose cannon with humor, but he was an exceptional combatant. I had to keep him in line sometimes to prevent him from recklessly charging at the Ravagers." Airborne chuckled. "Even Ebony and Brimstone had interesting banters."

"Mythic Shade was a private in the Subterfuge Division. Mythic had superb observation skills, but had a quiet personality as well. What I meant by quiet, she was stealthy and lets her blades do the talking. Makes sense why she was more suitable for the Subterfuge Division. She kept us well informed with every information she took from the Ravagers, giving us the advantage to sabotage their plans. Mythic also had a battle-trained pet jaguar by her side, named Clawspur. Clawspur was vicious in combat and stealthy as his owner. Not only was Clawspur close to his owner, but myself and the rest of my comrades as well. He was a good and loyal jaguar." Airborne nodded with a smile.

"So those four were my original comrades during the time of the Ravager Conflict. Seventy-four years had passed after I was trapped in stasis. My physical age may be still young, but theirs was not anymore. They will be missed. But with new comrades in this era and an opportunity to serve Equestria once again, I will honor their memory as I carry on the Vigil's legacy. I am Airborne Noire, former Vigil aviator soldier and veteran of the Ravager Conflict. To conclude this story, I will speak the Vigil motto again; 'Stand united with unyielding courage'."
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"Stand united with unyielding courage."

-Vigil motto

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Re: -Former comrades from the Vigil- By Airborne Noire, Veteran of the Ravager Conflict

Post by Creative Aura » 7/10/18 05:21 PM

After a few moments, Aura stomps the ground for a few moments in appaluse
"Wow, they sounded like such awesome soliders. Nothing like the guards we have today. I almost never hear of them doing anything but stopping petty crime, and just standing around to look offical. Oh, and maybe to deter petty thieves.
One or two might be a good lot better than average. Anyway, I'm always here if you want someone to talk to, or if you want to see some awesome magic tricks. I am a Magician after all. I hope all the Vigil members rest in peace, and are remembered foundly."

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