EEA Costs and Donations

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EEA Costs and Donations

Post by Shank » 11/4/17 10:18 AM

Before the end of this year, I'll have paid over $3,000 to operate and maintain Equestria Ever After. When I started doing EEA, I made a promise to myself (and everyone else) that EEA would never operate with advertisements. No ads, at all, ever. And that's one I'm going to keep no matter what. I also said that I would avoid asking for donations if at all possible. I've never wanted money to have influence and never wanted to have to beg for help. But, I'll admit.... I need some help. As the site has grown, we've pushed the server harder and harder in terms of resources: i/o operations, CPU cycles, bandwidth. I'd pretty much just paid the bills month-to-month and not thought about it, but when this month's bill hit, the sticker shock was.... high. So, yeah, I need the help.

On the main page of the site, right next to the list of online users, I've included a donation link, which you can also click here. I hate having to go this route, but as we approach the end of the year, I could really use the help.


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