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Ramblings of the 'Pony with a cool shoulder tattoo'

Posted: 4/18/17 03:18 PM
by Wolfbane

Anywhom, this is just a OOC blog something I don't mind making open discussion on the roleplay community and even things of controversial topics, hell even things going on with me in my whacky life that seems to have no ending of nonsense.

And yes, I will be using KLK gifs is their a reason?

Cause my way will never be lost. That's why.

Re: Ramblings of the 'Pony with a cool shoulder tattoo'

Posted: 4/18/17 10:28 PM
by Pandora

Re: Ramblings of the 'Pony with a cool shoulder tattoo'

Posted: 4/18/17 10:57 PM
by Wolfbane


Re: Ramblings of the 'Pony with a cool shoulder tattoo'

Posted: 4/21/17 02:00 AM
by Wolfbane
Entry I: No Love In My Soul Left For You

I think Its apparent to a lot of people/folks/ponies whom are acquainted with me that I stomp around with a strong oath that the Romance genre is the last on my mind. And for several logical variables that can be made.
These are just OPINIONS, we can agree to disagree on them. No need to clutch your butthole so tight.

Seriously, some of y'all folks characters fall in and out of love as fast as a strip of Juicy Fruit Bubble Gum.

-I have the poorest of luck when it comes to finding partners that 'click'

And that isn't the fault of the creator by any means. There are going to be times where characters do not mesh and you end up with a pairing that seems 'off', like a Tarzan and Jane pairing, HAHA. Let's take for an example of my Quilladon, Wolfbane. He is considered an adventurous spirit and his occupation reflects that he will be expose to the wilds and even physical hazards on the way. It will also means with such a high risk of injury were to happen, you'll have to be self efficient in the medical field. The likelyhood of having some sort of non-clique romance plot with let's say a doctor or nurse in a hospital center is far and few. Most injuries do not last for weeks or months at a time (Unless Life Threatening), and eventually you'll HAVE to leave the center after injuries are sustainable.

Now a combatant nurse or mobile doctor that is more travel oriented has its options of having diversity of plots, character growth, and having the mental psyche of handling situations that do not happen in a stationary environment. Not saying the later is worst, nor it can evolve to be that. Just for the summery of it. You have more clay to work with to flex but keeping true to the character without making drastic changes (Unless, you want that change) And in my experience, not many if any want their characters to vert from their original ideas. Hell, I can be apart of that guilty party and say I do not like making changes that will strip the core of my OC.

-It's all about the aesthetics..
As repeated, in my experience, I have had many simply wanted to ship a romantic pairing over 'Your character is pleasing to look at' Sure, yeah, I get it. We all like a bit of eye candy. But as you can see, It feels if anyone were to say that, they have no intention of having any non-superficial connection between characters.

-Seek of the perfect symbiotic harmony
Now this can be under a controversial opinion.
I believe many of us have been in romantic relationships in reality, an DO know they are not easy. Actually they test us everyday.
And that's what I want for my character, that being together; Whilst can have its rainbows and flowers, can also have its storms. Thing is , I have had my fair share of RP partners in history that do not believe it such. That the relationship is 'Happy' all the time. No fights, identical likes and dislikes. Everything has to be perfect. And THAT'S where the pairing DIES, and in personal taste, it's boring. Folks want to SKIP the heavy grind of what makes a relationship last.
No purpose to grow from one another during a time of strife or just in general, and to me that's where I feel romance truly shines is when things aren't perfect, but with two whom are willing to stand to atone for it, keep it alive.

-The Traumatic Bonding Syndrome
Notice a strong influx of this, and it happens more than you would like to believe. What do I mean by Traumatic Bonding? A Single big event such as a save or rescue, they form a instantaneous romantic bond. Why most probably enjoy it, just the idea of just a SINGLE Stockholm syndrome situation I can obtain them! It's rushed and doesn't organically grow over a series of events. Mind they don't have to be BIG and elaborate but just bits of things that pile up.

(Warning: Suggestive, Entry II)

Posted: 6/22/17 08:13 PM
by Wolfbane
Entry II: Jibber writing.

Now, for some random nonsense. Such as my god horrendous writing in stanzas!
Think this is the result of a few conditions.
-Possible exhaustion.
Working Graveyard shifts, makes my sanity itch.
-Internal problems. Possibly gas, yeah let's go with bad gas, heh.
Honestly, I'm not sure what's wrong with me. Just know I have some body funk problems.
Which I don't care to announce every 30 minutes like a Twitter feed. Cause news flash, No. One. Fucking. Cares. Seriously keep that to yourself if you're not going to preoccupy or find solutions to your dilemma, quietly.
[I'm such a HYPOCRITE! LOL]
Like I don't have like 5 pieces of art to do, and updating of my Graphic Design Resume.

ANYWHOM, to rid myself of whatever it is that my brain is trying to assemble... I just type. May make sense, may not. Just seeing where the words lead to.. So Let's do this.

Smoke and Mirrors
Deference and Decadence

The beasts shall devour venom
disguised as sickeningly sweet honey.

When will they realize -
They are, as much prey as they are predator?
Willing victims to the apex atrocity before them.

Hips stirring, eyes feasting upon flesh not yet exposed.
they are hypnotized, obedient.

They lie in wait with an insatiable need.

To tear her asunder.
Rend that silk almond skin from the ivory bone beneath.
Sip on the lavish wine that fills her mortal vessel.

Her fingers are roaming, with provoking leisure over wide-set attributes.
The gaze of the predators, pearls glowing amidst the synthetic fog,
and following every switch of those tantalizing curves.

Ringed digits slip under tides of the abyss,
exposing scarred flesh inch by torturous inch.
Wicked tongues line the cusp of dry maws,
Her derriere in the air with such exquisite flaws.

Fabric tossed aside, sinfully thick limbs revealed to the onlookers.
Ready to dig in, mark more of the tan flesh branded by battle.
A quick spin, a fluid sway across the stage -
She's on the pole and the prey is lost in a daze.

Her scarlet gaze pierces through the crowd like diamond cut rubies,
as she offers them a wink and devilish grin.
Clutching onto their seats, the flesh that covers their knuckles stretched until white.
Sweat collecting upon their brow,
They'd give anything to have just a taste,
sell what soul they had left for just one bite.

Flesh abundant, calves wrapped around the metal as she bends and her hips rotate.
Pelvis grinding against the rod between her tight and toned thighs.
She glides down the pole with ease,
spinning until her back connects with the stage.
Hands slowly moving as she raises her chest and turns to face her adoring fans.

She's on her knees, rubies bathed in a carnal glow
before they disappear under her veil of chocolate tresses.
Making her way to the center of the stage,
she is ready to put on the final act of this sinful show.

Hips rise and fall as she is now front and center, body leaning back,
hands gliding up her torso until palms cup her breasts.
Her cranium is momentarily tilted back and
as she squeezes her bosom she is sure to look the beast straight in the eye.


A moan spills from her scarred pout and into the dense aether,
the beast inhaling it without a second thought.
But the curtain is closing.
This battle is soon to be over,
but another has been brewing beneath the surface
of this dark and lewd facade.

She has filled them completely,
bewitched by the carnal cavort put on display this eve.

"Your show's over darlings~"

The valkyrie whispers, her voice just as deceiving.
Nectar laced with poison.

Content: Mild/Strong language Morning chatter.

Posted: 7/17/17 06:13 AM
by Wolfbane
ENTRY III: Morning Jibberish!!

Sometimes, you should just tell yourself, "Go the fuck to sleep.", Or just stuff your face and the thoughts will go away.
Ended up recording myself, talking about something! xD

When Voiceover goes WRONG

Posted: 11/7/17 04:49 AM
by Wolfbane



All I can say is WTF PERCY.
This was an attempted script of a Fandub of a Cartoon Network Show, Clarence.
It's just that the take was so unexpected and hilarious, I couldn't simply delete the file!!!

CyberThot for you Daddy.

Posted: 11/7/17 03:54 PM
by Wolfbane
ENTRY V: CLICKBAIT YOUR ASS! (Cue your angry reactions)

I know, I'm so sorry. But hey there's this great artist and a good friend of mine, Billy is Terrible!
listen to his track it's pretty addicting! Reminder if you're not into Rap. I advise not listening to it.

More music!!! Just more goodies to throw into the pile!

Wanna ship?: Get sunk beyond this point.

Posted: 11/12/17 07:39 PM
by Wolfbane
ENTRY VI: Prepared to fire Torpedo 1!

Warning: Strong Language.
OMG Why?
I'm sure many of you have read the previous Entry about how the romance genre is my least favorite.
So on that subject, what really has come to my experience not only in the RP community in general. Rather you roleplay from ponies, to anime weeb OC characters, or canon characters from your various fandoms, whatever that may be. What always comes to a reoccurring pattern is the moronic convoluted factor of emotions playing a part of such a silly thing to me. Sure I know many love to ship their OC's and see their wonderful 'lives play out', who doesn't? But when you get driven to the point of expressing drama outside of it? That's when it's no longer fun. And really a person to avoid at all cost.

Whilst Wolfbane has been asked, if not have gotten subtle hints of being apart of a 'ship' I have really put off on it. Cause of experiences over the years in the community, they have started 'drama' that coming from the reality of working 9+ Hour shifts a day don't want to fool with. And more than likely will get snapped at and blocked in a hurry. There have been even others that wanted to take the RP arc on a deeper level(Which is understandable because of our rp progression that has been consistent throughout) but grew hesitant cause of others, and not wanting to step on folk's toes.

And it makes me laugh, no it's humorous AF to me how invested many can be about it.
But let me give you an honest truth about where I stand and solutions. Or slap reality into your face for a few seconds..
STOP. GETTING. WORKED. UP. OVER. PONIES(Whatever Subject matter).
I, ultimately, make the ship. I am the one who makes the call at the end of the day.
No, I don't want to be apart of your fucking harems. Calling the Thot patrol.
And I can give two fucking broke eggs if you see, "Our characters look great together." if you haven't managed a Roleplay long enough then a Seinfeld episode. (Like neeg-- TF)
Stop trying to make territories over a character and your underlying possessive tendencies.
And when I do decide my character to 'cuff' and it's not you? DON'T. GET. PISSY. And decide you want to go Nazgul(LOTR character) and hunt down the other to ring their neck about, "I saw them first. You know that!" Bullshit.

Swear, mother fucking Grade School nonsense from GROWN FOLKS.
Cute, and ignorant. And Y'all wonder why I'm hardly ever around.
I better leave it at that before I start premeditating on murdering stupidity.

These are the breaks.

Posted: 11/18/17 01:22 AM
by Wolfbane
ENTRY VII: Wolfbane, The Elite(?)

WOW a rare demographic term!!
Hearing 'Edgy' so frequent like a bowel movement of eating Kadai Paneer Curry...
Thought that word was extinct from the Roleplay vocabulary index, keh.
Sigh, whatever(Trying to be funny)... Let's do this. But let me imply this---

Hold the frick up!
First of all, I don't much care for this whole 'Separation' mindset that many seem to have ingrain in their brains. Whilst that is a natural social animal behavior-- Were not here to talk science for now. It's this excessive 'word' I keep hearing when I'm uttered or confronted in conversation. I for one don't see myself as 'Elite' in the RP communities I place my recreational time into. And maybe when I hear of the term I may have a different definition to what it means to myself, or I have never experience dealing with such people. For a multitude of reasons.
-I keep to myself, most of the time.
-Logging on has purpose if I have things to do. Chit chat, roleplay/send replies, and deuces.
-Keep my profile quiet to avoid unnecessary attention.
But from what I have observed from afar, being an elitist has a bad connotation. For being egotistical, selective, snobby tyrants. For me the term that I use for being in such a class is a individual that has a moderate to advanced mastery in their selected craft among their peers. Which has NOTHING to do with behavioral problems. No, people whom act like the 'negative' definition, are just ignorant, bitter sociopaths from the start. Let's be honest with ourselves.
I don't like making these long, cause they become dunken rants, and more than likely are not even read to begin with. XD

But I will leave off with this note.
Not every person that has an advance skill(Rather that's the best of the writers, character developers, artist. Ect) are assholes. Nor should there be any reason for those to feel intimidated, specially to a person that 9/10 you will never interact with once you 'log off'. In addition, since I would like to remind people that all 'this' is a hobby. We are literately not getting paid for this, even a bag of toenail clippings as compensation. Not a drop of it.(Gross, yes, but you're getting my point here) Hell, I'm pretty sure if you or vice versa are welcoming to others, will even offer in helping improve you. All there is to it. Is you overcome the crippling anxiety to talk to them, and treat each other with respect and all things are good. But I have to remember 'In a perfect world'. . . .