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Running on E

Post by Wolfbane » 11/19/17 08:05 AM

ENTRY VIII: Empty Tanks

I am indeed throwing these out rather frequently, but promise this to be the last entry for awhile. But this topic that risen from a brisk conversation the night prior had to be jotted down before I forgot. To which, put some perspective on a topic that I'm sure many of us are going though or will eventually and that's-

When Inspiration Dies.
It will happen to all of us. Sometimes in the most unexpected circumstances. Rather it's a slow steadily descend or a screeching halt. We all will eventually come to a point when our desires or love for a activity will loose it's gilts and glam. Those list of reasons vary for many here and elsewhere, even to the point of abandoning and never returning. I took a moment to really dig deep of why some stand firm to their choice. Whilst it can be as simple as it no longer interest them. There to, can be layers to it. Of course I cannot speak for all, I do feel we can agree on a few conclusions.

And I feel a good majority want more from their experiences. Either that, or many of us members come to a point of so many trails and errors that it exceeds to a point where the search is a grinding chore. Only to find another roadblock of shambles. For that I come to this, we are not finding the appropriate partners that excel our creativity. Or forcing ourselves to preform task (Such as roleplaying a genre that is your least favorite, or stuck in a mundane cycle) that hinder us even more.

"Truthfully, there's a hundred key components to a roleplay and if one of them even fidgets, the entire thing goes up in choking smoke, but I guess what this comes down to is, you need someone on the same roleplaying level as yourself, or at least within a step or two either up or down. Too far, and one of you is the single monkey that said, "Hmm... I'm not so sure about all this 'touching the monolith' business. I shall instead try out these tar pits." I hate to assign the concept of levels to roleplaying, but frankly, people know where they stand. It's good to try to level yourself up, and it should be encouraged, but sooner or later you hit a boundary that you cannot pass without everyone ending up unhappy. I've met people so much worse than me that I ragequit. I've met people who could move me to tears by describing a character eating a nacho chip. It pretty much reduces us to Roleplay-classism, but I think people will agree that they can find which of these layers they fit into."

And believe you me, I hate it has come to a point there's a form of 'separation' of skill, because it brews social conflicts, creating segregation. But I believe that if anyone grew their skills with constant improvement, that of course it would be hard returning back to a time when one is a novice. And even a bore them because it no longer fulfills your nitch. I can tell you there are somethings that make me scratch my head and even make me avoid roleplaying for sometime..
"Descriptive writers need partners who aren't just reactionary but who actually try to further their character's motivations and behaviors. The amount of roleplays I've had where my partner just looks at whatever event just happened without doing anything makes me so mad I could just die."

"Furthermore, competency in whatever language the roleplay is being held in. Storytellers create intriguing plots and fantastical worlds, describing everything from the blades of grass to the twirling cottonpods of summer dandelions as they lilt through the air to every subtle facial feature and hidden gesture. Being given a reply that takes less time to read than it did to open isn't just disappointing, it's practically rude. Paragraphs of effort wasted, scenery ignored by the other partners desire to have this kink fulfilled."

And that's where I come to pin-point why I have such a difficult time seeking the appropriate partners. If I don't feel like I am getting my thrill from it, how can I possibly expect to return that favor in appreciation? Thus, notches my motivation when effort isn't applied. And if many know my roleplay history is that I HATE with a passion to give a 'piss poor' performance when I know I can do WAY better.

Finding New Motivation
So, we managed to find and understand the results of creative mental halt, and you want to attempt to return back to your avocation. That comes into question..
What do you do to regain stimulus?

And that can be an open question for yourself. I am a rather 'odd' conundrum. And I process things rather differently. If I feel that if my Inspiration is no longer feeding me happiness, I REQUIRE myself to take a step back and simply 'breathe', rest my brain for a time to analyze what I 'can' do to reduce overloading. There have been times of thinking outside the box, and even walking out of my comfort zone to ignite the cogs. Reading books, watching movies or shows of your interest, thinking of what you can do further for your character.

I also find myself simply engaging in social conversations can really open itself into naturally falling into a roleplay discussion. No, I'm not saying, "Tell me your life story." Just simply talk freely and EVENTUALLY will lead into discussing what you will like and expect. Having a trait like that shows that you are attentive and alert and you come off as natural and relaxed. What I don't like the most is what ends up feeling like a session of Tinder swipping. The flattest engagement. And it gives off many signals of robotic and linear form of communication. If you can't easily communicate your day, you display yourself as stiff and impatient. And that makes me uneasy.
"Hello! How are we doing? Hopefully well and good?"
"I'm okay, Wanna RP?"
That's the stiffness I am referring to. I understand it's a little thing but in my brain psyche, it makes plausible sense. I would like to think it does? But, we all have our methods of how we bounce back from our ruts. And for some, that of course needs to develop over a course of time; not everyone has a singular one way of solving it. What I do like to let people know whom are suffering from similar fates, that I hope you do find your will to create. Hm, we're not giving you a deadline.

(I may add a Soundcloud vlog entry into this in a few, but for now sleep.)
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The path less traveled.

Post by Wolfbane » 11/25/17 02:15 AM

ENTRY IX: Conforming to the herd.
Disclaimer: Moderate Language. A simple standpoint, we can come to disagree to them if so wish.

Something occurred to me, in just a simple sitting out on the backyard patio porch. Listening to "Lost In The Light." By Bahamas. Nothing in particular, just in my thoughts now that the year is almost at its end. And it is the realization of how far I have come and grown mentally, particularly, in regards to people. I don't have all the answers, nor is it the 'right' path everyone will take. But in the words of my Grandpa Kaz,

"Whilst we walk many roads. As humans, in the end, we ultimately come together. Understanding. Getting it."

Back when I started in joining the MLP community, the first prioritizing thing(And foolish option) was for me to appropriately fit in the growing group of people. Rather I enjoyed it or not, whatever it to took to fit into the mold was good enough. Both online communities and localize groups in reality. Saying 'Yes' to things, I didn't care to do, the list can go on. It was only now that I realized how Cowardly that was of me. And that's the thing I see most, we get so involved to be apart of something so badly, we begin to loose our identity, what it means to have your own voice, .ect. That grueling fear to be ridiculed and X'd for the differences of not 'fitting' into the majority of the community.

If you can't keep up, be left behind.
I can understand that being apart of a group is actually 'essential ' to human social health. But, too often do I see individuals(This is not aimed at anyone, just my observation throughout my years of Roleplaying) fall victim of being a puppet by peer pressure. And even watched people slowly change overtime under falsification. But I will let you know one thing, that I have learned in my growth of life.

People. Admire. Authenticity.

It's the most rawest form of yourself, and I don't ever see why one would be so reluctant to hide it. Cause you don't want people upset cause of your indifference? Fuck them, you're not going to keep everyone happy. Coming from someone whom loves to give and give. Most may see it, that if you put a facade on yourself, you tend to attract the 'falseness' of your circle. Diversity has always been the pinnacle of human evolution in all spectrum of our existence. Having our own quirks, that make us stand out. Hell, I tend to be the most oddest of the commoners of this site, my form of humor tends to puzzle most. Primarily due to different cultural influences, music library is a brow raiser cause the genre is depicted as a 'violent womanizing' music(Which is a ignorant thing to say without doing research. But were not getting into that) But know what? I got the hell over it, flipping like a toy poodle to get a pat on the head. But than again I hate people to a large degree at times. So I'll say, "You do you, I'll ensure you that the genuine self will attract the acquaintances and friends you'll ever need. Be the speckle of black in the herd of sheep. It won't kill the world to have a bit of Wabi Sabi."
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Post by Wolfbane » 11/27/17 06:36 AM

Disclaimer: Moderate Language ahead!

And it's Cyber Monday, and of course you know I gotta sing about my excitement of 70% off of Art Equipment!!!!

We gotta click, click
A Minute click, click.
(Incoherent) click, click.

If your so damn smart
Than put in the cart.
If you got the heart
That holy shit, I saw Kevin Hart
And I gotta fart *Farts*

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They'll bite you just for fun.

Post by Wolfbane » 9/20/18 12:35 AM

ENTRY XI: Angry And Broken Heart
Disclaimer: Strong Language ahead!

Ay, it's been a minute since I have done one of these snippets. Surprisingly this will be a short one. And to its point.
To be truthful I've been in a rough place between the empty intervals I haven't been around. And inevitably, cut ties with someone that meant the moon and stars to me.(They still do to this day) Going on the 2nd week without them, it's been hell. But with how everything has been. I only have one thing I gotta get off my chest.

Fuck. Friends. You can hang by your entrails for all I care.
Fuck getting close to someone, making myself vulnerable. Because... I trusted my heart to you.
Fuck investing my time. Opening up my own plans, cause I made you a priority.
Cause you mattered to me and had significant value. Even if you felt you didn't deserve it.
Fuck that I gradually fell in love with you.
Fuck that my heart may never be truly rid of you.
Fuck, I waited. I reached, included you in everything I had in my life. And wanted you apart of that.
And fuck how you easily gave way. All because.

"We don't talk enough to be 'friends', it's best we go our separate ways."

Apologies, I have been battling these emotions for days on it, crying at times. Aggressive violence. Isolating myself from social interaction. Honestly, I'm angry. Infuriated. That 'I' ALONE, was trying. And my words go unheard. Call, never answer. When they had their own battles, I always ensured that 'I' was there. Fuck what our past was, I was more worry about the sanity of her own mental health. As the days lingered on I wondered to myself, "What did I do, that was SO wrong..", "I tried.."," I gave my time." Did they feel soo guilty of my deeds, it became a burden to them? A past, that I have moved on and even grown from - Was it the guilt of your mistreatment towards me throughout the years? That I have forgiven you of actions that were justified? I don't need an explanation as to why they wanted to leave. They don't owe me anything.


Funny how commitment works.
No matter how devoted you are to keep and preserve.
If the other isn't trying. You end up pulling the carriage alone.
Till eventually, you'll stop too.
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Character Development I

Post by Wolfbane » 9/21/18 11:26 PM

ENTRY XII: Character Development I

I get it, we've all been there. Started off as tiger cubs. Stripeless, butt naked, and blind as fuck; falling over god knows what. (Okay, not to that extreme, but I think you're getting the picture) Maybe it's been awhile, or you're looking to broaden your creative writing repertoire? Whatever it is that made you seek this page out. I, Professor Wolfbane(Mm, Fancy~) am here to help you with a easy to follow guide on how to improve in making a BOP character! From being that 'One kid' to EVERYONE is in single file- wanting to be in your space!
(Disclaimer: Overall results may vary)
C'mon, no more excuses, I don't train quitters. Get your feet wet mama/daddy.
But first music.

ALRIGHT! LESSON ONE in improving your OC IS!
Outsource various materials.
An essential establishment of character development! It's about understanding what 'type' of genre you want this creation to take shape. Pulling from various sources you can depict certain things and even patterns of what type of characters are suitable for the theme you're going for. In addition, having to pull out those common resources from your everyday media indulgence can even challenge you to create unique characters. Archetypes play a role in what sets the foundation, but without any real alterations to that archetype, your character may come off as flat, stale, redundant showing you have very little outside reference to make something new and refreshing to bring forth. And no one strives for a forgetful character.

So what do I mean? What form of materials?
Books, Music, Movies, Television/streaming series, graphic novels, even poems, historical documentations!
Read books of your favorite genre, Even read something out of your comfort zone to broaden personality traits!
Watch a lot of anime? Watch some live television series that aren't anime related.
Never seen anime? Give a show a try to see what you can pull out of from personality types.
Read on some of your favorite points of history or a historical figure.
Mythology, religion, philosophies, everything can be a reference!
Use everything at your arsenal to mesh something one-of-a-kind!

A Soildifed character that has the multi-dimensional depth yet comprehensive can be based on the material that its comprise from. It can be done SO well that without a backstory fully flushed out can have a life of its own if you plot their personalities correctly to the desired direction you want!

Outside Looking In.
Possibly the most basic of task in regards to Creative writing/Roleplaying. But let's try to expand on this idea.
Instead of looking from your characters point of view. Look outside from other characters perspectives, even some that downright hate your original character's existence. Stay in this realm of space for a while- this will give you an outlook perspective of why they do the things 'THEY'[Your OC] does. If you can't justify why these characters act or do the things they do when your OC is present, Actions and deeds will come off not as authentic as you would like, or even unbelievable to your audience and will be interpreted as "Doing X because the option is simply available to them. Such a out-of-character thing for him/her/them."

Try making(Or if you already have one) a 2nd character that will be the point of perspective. And compare in their relationship to one another. These two characters will display things such as...
- Both the characters like something similar
-Dislikes what one character likes
-Likes what one character dislikes
-Both the Characters dislike something similar

Do not make these likes/dislikes frivolous reasons, make them meaningful or reflective of their life and/or upbringing making them STRONGLY vital to their identity.

You Gotta Go To The Deep End Sooner Or Later..
Alright, as you start making this OC. Attempt to go on the beaten path. Make a character that is different than your usual go-to creations. Learn to be diverse in your creations, You don't want to be a victim of producing a replica that I'm sure many of us are guilty for at some point.

Some additional things to keep note when in the development stages!(Based on my experience and others upon interview!)

- Refrain from introducing your character with long-winded details of how skilled, cool, badass, kind, .ect they are. It puts off a brag and shallow description. Extreme or excessive qualities aren't enough compelling reasons to interact with a character as is.
(What you SHOULD do: Is make a three-dimensional being that can be reasonably interesting, and rewarding time for the audience.)

- For the LOVE of god, tone down on the smirking, unless your character is meant to be a cocky/arrogant individual. NOT when your character is supposed to look 'cool'. *Cue the cringe-fest* (I myself am TERRIBLE at this.)

-Do not try and rope roleplayers into too much commitment/responsibility prematurely. Especially if they do not know your characters well. Give your partner the freedom of choice- create the scenarios that have no form of attachment towards your character. There's no pressure, and if they do decide, it will be under THEIR choice, not cause you constantly proposition them.

-Flaws are good. I recommend having at least 2-3. But don't fall into the trap of piling. Adding more flaws to give you a reason to add more skills, power, .ect. Envision these flaws as something that can add elements of conflict and suspense to the plot!

- If you're hoping to make a ship. Before making it official think, "What does my character have to offer to my partner besides sex, affection, pep talks, praise, a place to hide, and/or money?" These can all be good things. But it takes much more than superficial layers to establish a solid relationship. A Believable one.

-Avoid making shallow love interest/shallow best friend types. These characters can be draining and incredibly boring. Don't get me started on the damsel in distress. They wear out their welcome FAST. Especially to senior veterans.

-REMEMBER, if you want others to see and believe your character isn't some flat lifeless background character, useless waste of space. You have to have your character do something that SHOWS it otherwise. And it has to be consistent. None of this 'insert token' and it's all good.

With this new found discovery, you have all the required tools needed to make an OC that has all the legitimate sauce!!!
Uhh oh, It's okay!!! I wasn't so hot at doing it either for the first time. But I GOTCHU FAM!

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed this TED Talk. In our next entry, we will continue with our Developmental classes such as avoiding conversation death in your roleplays. And the controversial, Character infatuation/ Over-identification.
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Character Development II

Post by Wolfbane » 9/22/18 10:09 PM

ENTRY XIII: Character Development II

Wow, um, apparently you actually did enjoy the previous session. Thought it was going to be a one n' done ordeal. But fret not. Creation is a long, slow, and tedious process of trial and error, I wouldn't leave you hanging! Once I jump on it, takes a while to hop off (If you know what I'm SAYIN' AYEE!! *Finger guns*) Alright alright *coughs* Were going to be touching upon two topics that have come across my cognitive thoughts. As well, has been a spark of interest within the roleplaying community. It's a rather touchy subject cause it reflects not only on the perspective of the character in question but the person behind it- in real time (OOU!) so I suggest you brace yourselves on this for some bitter reality. And Trust me, It was scolding for me too, being a culprit of this in my younger and even intermediate levels of Creative Writing. Yes, we all make mistakes even the good to the best of us.

In addition, have you ever had problems keeping a conversation going between characters? Finding yourself in a slow descent to death? Communication is an important factor if you wish to have lasting relationships with characters, rather that's friends, co-workers, students, alliances, romantic interest, the list can go forth. SOO I, professor Wolfbane will brush the surface of suggestions on how to keep the lines of chit-chat open and ever flowing.

But first, tunes, I can't think appropriately without.

Now with that out of the way, Let's get started~ and with the nasty topic out of the way and thats..
Do You Suffer From CI or OI??
You must be thinking, "What kinda sh*t do you take me for? This isn't real." but believe me. It's very much a real subject, even in media formats of professionals! I KNOW, WILD! It goes under many different names but for an easy association, we'll be calling them "Character Infatuation(C.I.)" and "Over-Identification(O.I.)" Aren't they one in the same? Before we touch further on, let's give you some definition to them. Let's see here...
  • Infatuation, is a state of strong emotion. Intense but, a short-lived passion of admiration for something or someone.
Now to give this relative context to our topic, the individual can be so overcome with emotions or fascination that it can become difficult/ or impossible to view that subject in an objective and balanced perspective. The admin can have drill such a perspective that their character is the best at whatever it is they do. And anyone that thinks differently or have an opinion will depict them as ignorant, jealous, mean-spirited, or simply 'Not getting' where you're coming from.
  • Indentification, surely we know the definition of this. This is Character Development class, Not English (Not like I have FLAWLESS writing as is, HAH!)
OI, when someone imprints with a character to such an extent of relation. Things that are 'said' or 'done' to the character are perceived as being done to themselves(In actuality). It can also happen with one projects personal traits onto their characters that can contradict canon. Worst scenario, that they will believe that these projected traits are absolute and anyone saying otherwise is either 'wrong' or 'mean'.

And you understand why this is a touchy topic? This dwells much more on the mental psyche of the admin's social tolerance, possibly superiority complexes. But we're going to make this fun checklist. Don't feel guilty, this is why this is produced, to help you solve your dilemma! Now.. Ask yourself.

- Do you get strong feelings(Particularly warm fuzzy) when you start talking or thinking about your character?

- You find yourself 'gushing' about your character or going into elaborate depth of details no one explicitly asked for?

-Even if those are disinterested in your character, do you keep talking about it in hopes they will?

-Do you start feeling parental(Protective) Over your creations?

-Project or assign feelings to the characters in your story? Whether or not it makes sense for your characters to have them?

-Assume audiences will or should share your feelings about the character?

-Feel that people who disagree with your views or anything in reference to your character don't understand or 'get' them? Think it's hateful even?

-Any form of criticism is unfair and should keep it to themselves?

-You do feel insulted if anyone points out flaws in your character or anything negative?

-Do you expect people to take your word when you have certain traits?

This is only subjective and SHOULDN'T be taken into severe account. But only a guide to understanding the jist of the topic.
If you have answered 'yes' to a number of these, you may have some degree of CI or OI. And there are some suggestions to levitate it. WE HAVE previously gone over this before in our last discussion and why it is sooooo important to understand looking outside your character. And coming to the acceptance that your character has flaws. Acknowledge where you and this character would have some pretty SIGNIFICANT differences, such as an older character. Different upbringings, a different set of values in which they grew up in Even have mentally matured. And to emulate that in reflection to your own strife is very much out of character.

Primarily, in this process, our goal is to strip your identity from the character to make it its own. Once figuring out the struggles, personality, knowledge, skills that your OC may possess. You'll be surprised as to how different you really are from them. And it will 'click' when you find yourself disassociating and reflecting that this OC of yours has a unique life of their own. It's Way more fullfilling~

Such A Buzzkill.
Talking, some of us really don't like it. I know, I would like to say "Fuck it, can you read my mind and we're good?" Oh but in a perfect world.. Conversations are vital in the bonding process to keep story ongoing. But it does make it perplexing when the character is either bored, annoyed, or creeped out. So let's have a discussion. Now, this shouldn't be too over analyzing cause this can even reflect real-time conversations too. It's good practice. But even if that's is clumsy in itself. Here are some suggestions. One of my most important recommendations in trying to avoid the 'kill' factor of conversation is...

Don't have your character constantly be a downer
I'm not saying they should be on the level's of Pinkie Pie happy. But learn to balance those emotions. Try to ensure the positive output outweighs the negative.

Don't engage in conversation just to further a goal
Let the conversations simply happen. If you're consistently aiming to do "X" Or "make them think I am cool." You'll end up frying your brain trying to decipher what it is you want to do, and it ultimately comes as off-putting in the end. Let go of those expectations and desires.

Design a character willing to learn
And no I'm not saying they need to be interested in each and every topic they hear. But those that show disinterest or disdain towards everything are pretty much impossible to talk to in long stretches. And not as fulfilling

Before thinking about engaging, think of topics
At least a few of them to have a selection to pick. Also, there should optimally be at least one topic that your character gets really excited or enthusiastic over. This will give a sudden burst of energy, Something that can be unexpected to your partner.

For every topic your character refuses to talk about, think up two topics your character would love to talk about.
Nothing kills an RP conversation like a character who clams up on a particular topic and won't move on to talk about something else. So if there's anything your character absolutely won't talk about, figure out what your character will.

Don't Spill Every detail at once
No need to abruptly vomit out the entire life story or every detail about one's interest. Pace yourself. Honestly, if I heard someone talk like that in real life, it would feel seriously awkward.

Look for signs that others are getting bored, annoyed or uncomfortable
Rather that's is showing how short the reactions are(If it's unusual in length) or the actions characters seem restless or fidgety. Even if they start talking about something else, it may be wise to make a topic change.

Compliments are good, but only to a point.
It's great your OC can recognize the good qualities and appreciate others. But piling them one after another (Rather that's superficial or trivial deeds) You run the great risk of looking insincere or overly obsessed. Neither which are particularly endearing qualities. If your character sprouts off praising like an obsessed fan or sycophant, it's going too far.

Come back next time for our FINAL course run where we will get to the 'writing' aspect of how to juice up your writing to make it the most delicious script you've ever feast your eyes on.

But for now. Heads in those books and, Holla at your BOI!
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Creative Writing I

Post by Wolfbane » 9/24/18 12:06 AM

ENTRY XIV: Creative Writing I

Another day of grinding. Welcoming back to our 101 sessions, where I, your professor, will run over basic and core essentials on how to create your very own unique original creations, flawless world-building, and advise on how to get that extra notch of experience under your belt to handle anything that you'll come across in your hobbies! Let's start making something you feel like a chore, into a relaxing hobby. But first, if you're just NOW coming across this Roleplay 101 series and a wee bit far behind Don't worry I got some links for you! No searching necessary, use whenever you need a reference guide.
INDEX (Subject to change in the upcoming future) Now, that we got to making a dapper OC, It's time to showcase those talents and skill to the forefront! Or maybe even you already had one in production. Or maybe we are wanting to better the quality of writing we are making for ourselves. Don't fret, luck has it that this entry will be a bit on the short side, so good for YOU it's isn't fry-brain material. So let's begin, but you know what I am going to say. Before we start, let's start clarifying terms. We may nave 'new' blood out there that's a bit lost in the context of what they could be doing. You guess it, Tunes n' talk!

Know you're just oozing egerness, but slow the chill, Basics tyke. Basics~
When you get into the start of your Roleplaying ventures, you'll commonly come across several differnt formats of how individuals roleplay. There are several, but we'll focus on the 4 Most common.
  • Script/One-liner
The most commonly used across the community. It is considered the easiest due to its versatility and accessibility. Its casual format is simple in core that ANYONE can pick-n-go. No detail thoughts are required, those who use Script roleplay use to conduct forms of 'Crack RP' which does not influence the actual history or continuing story of the character, making it non-canon. You will spot scripters perform short(Usually less than a paragraph down to a single sentence), and some also add 'symbols' to indicate a form of action or movement for individuality.

Examples: *Waves cheerfully!* Hi there, Wonderful day we're having?
Waves cheerfully, "Hi there, Wonderful day we're having?"

NOTE: When starting out, It's understandable for a novice to make this a primary go-to writing. But if you're expecting to engage in any form of serious roleplaying in the future? This isn't recommended. Most depicted it as a juvenile or less serious format and lazy engagement that has NO depth. So unless you just simply want to relax, goof-off, simply 'turn-off' thinking about 'what' to write. Use it away.
  • Para
This is more of a 'Sweet' spot for most. Nothing to deathmarch long, but nowhere near empty as a scriptwriter. You have a bit more leeway to say what needs to be said and it keeps a steady speed of communication going. But it does suffer from lacking the details that you may possibly want to add if the 'creative spark' begins to streamroll through. If anything, THIS is what I suggest all beginners start on. For 5 sentences should be a walk in the part, and nothing to rattle your brain in trying to learn different styles of writing.
  • Multi-Para
Giving you the most to work with in regards to expanding on a characters thoughts, actions, reactions. A standard for intermediate writers and those looking for enough content but not having a full time of investment in anything beyond that (Yes, there's more BEYOND Multiple Paragraphs). While giving you the best the grow in your writing it does take on a few drawbacks. For the longer your roleplays get, the longer the breaks in-between come leading to disinterest. For the common Roleplayer this is usually the peak they stop towards.
  • Novella
The pinnacle of writing. Very rare and small niche community, these individuals have more-so consisted of 'Writer' quality content. EXTREMELY detailed from mere fragments of objects, Not only are characters flushed out, have an elaborate detail of world building. Most of these starters/replies are WEIGHTY can on average on the span of 5-10+ Paragraphs of content. It intimidates a lot of new-comers being introduced to this format and not the faint of heart. Normally Novella writers have a long-term partner they have a sole primary focus on since these replies take a while and the roleplay can span over the course of Years; reaching 'Novel/book' status.
NOTE: Wanting to take the ultimate challenge of a true writer? Put your vocabulary, near perfect grammar, and experimenting with making the most beautiful piece of work through smoothly written lyricism? Give a try!

Now with the ground work done of what you will be looking towards, next is the common 'Points of perspectives'. This gives you a form of relativity in regards of how the writing will go. There's 3 that we will briefly touch upon.
  • First Person
This style is used in the characterization of using words like "I" Or "Me". It gives the perspective that the OC is the important factor of the writing, I.E: You are the character, going through their actions and deeds. The set back of using the 1st person is it doesn't lend enough clues to know about the character cause you are in control of that. In addition, it's limited to only what the character sees. And not the best to be used in groups.
  • Second Person
One of the rarest perspectives[In writing, of course. Not DnD, however], I find using this more of 'Outside Narration' which uses the forms of "You", "Your","Yours." More on a context of addressing towards an audience, or controlling actions of a character. In aspects of roleplaying, it's clunky outside of GM situations and is avoid in almost if not all cases.
  • Third Person
Widely accepted as the standard of formats, we are put in the perspective of watching outside the character. Using the words of "He", "Her","They","Them", ect. One of the more preferred styles of roleplaying, it gives everyone the chance of getting their own spot in a story. Pointing out things externally to which the character wouldn't have noticed otherwise. As well can help with the interpretation of emotions

And there you have it, you got the general context of all you'll need to know to actually 'start' writing. And for the shorter piece, we going to go over the options and tips in how to improve as we go along!

Tips & Tricks
  • Lenght Isn't Everything.
No need to have long strands of OC monologues. This doesn't do anything for other rp partners. It's not necessarily bad to include some details along these lines, but it's things that partners can't work with. Try to keep the time spent of them minimized. Focus on describing things that their own characters would observe and experiences. Visualize the scene your chracters are in. What kind of place are they in? Is there anything outstanding that the other would see, feel, hear, or smell? How might your OC's mood translate into an expression or body language, even tone of voice? THIS is what is worth mentioning.

Minimize describing things that other characters would have any way to know about or observe/experience for themselves. Instead, focus your efforts on the stuff they would know and notice.
  • Prevent Repetition
No need to repeat the same details in rapid succession. Once people get it, they GOT IT. Applies even if nobody else seems to be noticing details you think should grab and hold people's attention. More than likely they have, just their characters don't have priority on that in particular. You don't want to be striked with being 'Self-Absorbed'

And NO, No repeating details to 'fluff' a post length. That's a side of weak writing. The Quality to be measured by how much information it contains and if it adequate enough to be responded to.
  • In My Shoes
Common phrase, but an important one. Make sure your post invite prompts to allow your partner to respond or react to. When you plan to write out your post, imagine yourself trying to respond to it. Can you think of different ways you might respond that will move the plot or conversation forward? If not odds are that others will have trouble understanding.

Another thing to remind yourself is if you are hoping this response will be completely counterproductive or counterintuitive for the other person? example wise, a character on a time-sensitive mission isn't going to feel motivated to pick up a random struggle to tag along.

- You won't die from a typo. It's not the end of the world. But if it's a detriment, make an effort to proofread/spellcheck ahead of time. Try to minimize them as much as you can. There are even web browser app services that have auto-correction guides to help such as Grammarly, but as stated only use it as a guide.

-Make use of Paragraphs when available. Walls of endless text made reading harder, daunting even. Some chat services have line break capabilities by using the Shift+Enter buttons simultaneously.

-Want to Convey or imply information about your characters that might not be strictly relevant to the situation? Have your character hint towards that topic, rather that's wearing something, doing, or saying keywords without breaking disengagement in the roleplay or outright saying it.

And that's all we have time for, Don't worry I will be continuing this series long down the road, maybe cut them a bit shorter for you. Easier digestest you know?
In our text Class, we'll try to see if we can help with beefing up your word count! Looking forward to that!

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No Celebration Required

Post by Wolfbane » 2/18/19 06:34 PM

ENTRY XV: No celebration Required

A typical chat, as always asking about how you're doing. Explained my activities I have done in the days I last spoke with them. And shock, they go into a blistering uproar. Like I was hurt in some odd reasoning?
"OMG, it was your birthday? Why didn't you say anything?!"

I wasn't surprised for their reaction, due to my reasoning I don't broadcast myself (Comes off as very conceited in my eyes, such as "Hey look at me. Me me me." Sort of mentality.) But there was a reason why I didn't let anyone know about my day of birth, and whilst those reasonings connect to other plights, it can come down to simple 3 reasons. And with that, I am going to be bluntly honest with you.

"Who cares about your fuckin' birthday."
Woah Woah, I know that was a bit 'RAW' of a statement from me, but, hear me out.
I'm sure the first thing that went to your head was. "Who hurt you as a child.", No one hurt me. Hell, I lived a rather spoiled life (Not that I wanted it, or asked for it, but it was appreciated.) Learned very early in life to appreciate every little thing you receive. Because Like all, gifts, do not last forever. But off topic, why would I make such a bold claim?

One, as stated before. I don't like to project or broadcast the happenings of me. It's my business and the individuals I allow to encircle that space. It's an odd perception, yes. But I feel if you have to broadcast the things you're doing constantly, you're enticing or seeking some level of wanting attention in a non-directive way. Not an appealing, but a toxic trait. It's emotional manipulation, and you're not evening realizing it. Fueling that ego to receive thousands of empty celebratory "Happy Birthdays." and you may not even get one from the person you wish from the most. In a genuine way.

So Follow up with a question.
"If you were not to publicize your birthday, who would make it their priority?"
As one who has a TERRIBLE memory, for people, I REALLY care for. I will make it my mission to remember. If that means I have to write it down, tab it on a physical calendar, or remember it by associating it with something. To show that I care and you have value to me, is bottom line, effort. Once turning that 'off' you tend to know your place with others, or the importance you mean to them. Not enstating that people don't give two broke eggs, but that comes to that bare teeth reality.

Two, places where I am not active, socially present wise, I don't expect anyone to know. And if you somehow DO know? You're being a low-key stalker. Stop that.

Three, this day is meant for YOU. Only YOU, not the requirement of others. It should be a reflection of your life. How far you've come. Through the tribulations, the success, the fighting through the rough for however many days. That should be a victorious day for YOU. Something that NOBODY else will experience. You lived through it all, you bare the scars internally, and possibly physically. Don't let a nonsensical social construct destroy that importance. I don't care what day it falls under.

Don't ever hate your birthday. But don't expect others to rally to that. Cause a few, if they didn't get that 'announcement' in their notifications. They wouldn't care. So Celebrate the life of you, with yourself. And the people who place and understand that importance and wish to share it with you.

I know people don't like my brashness or I sound like an asshole.
Funny, didn't think I was trying to 'impress' you. But damn, I'm pretty good.
And now-a-days breathing is considered hurtful speech. Whatever.

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The Benefits of Lying

Post by Wolfbane » 3/2/19 05:17 AM

ENTRY XVI: The Benefits of Lying(To your friend)
Warning: Graphic written content, proceed with caution.

Everything, hurts.
This is simply just be belting out my pent up thoughts. I don't really have anyone close to confide these emotions and feelings. I hope that you all understand.

I feel more than people realize. Cry for others that have abhorred pain so long, they can no longer.
Everyone says just let go and move on. But what if you did?
Removed every fabrication of their existence, continued living your life as though they never entered it.
Focused on your own growth and the world in the present time. And have accomplished many milestones.
You have seen things, enjoyed, felt, and now live in a pleasant consistent lifestyle.


Just a mere utterance of the name comes to your mind, are hearing it externally. It's a shock to the system.
You just breakdown, it a fit of tears.
It's dizzying to the point you fall into a state of vertigo.
Everything drifts into cognitive dissonance.
Throwing up.

I lost a dear friend of mind, months ago. Without acknowledgment (I had to bring it up). I wasn't respected even enough to have a dialogue about it. I had to be the mature one, and even then before I could have the floor with my say, they completely disengaged and began to wipe me off from existence. And that was the worst pain I had ever felt. Or more on the point, being abandoned, once again. I was left confused, blind sighted. Only words I was left went brought more questions than answers.

"We do not talk enough to stay friends, I don't dislike you or anything, it's just best we go our separate ways."

Getting a message like that the first thing I wake up too, I was uncertain how to react or say. There was too much water in my eyes to retain focus on what I was seeing. It made me sick, holding my stomach. And my brain began to instantly go 1000mph wondering, "What did I say?", "What did I do?", "I thought everything was okay.", "I even asked if she was okay." But what began to become tears of sadness. Became tears of anger, frustration, and disappointment. Thinking back to all the days, I would leave messages of empowerment quotes when days were rough for her, sending her silly videos or news topics that I thought she would get a kick out of, when she felt muddled in her thoughts or if she had trouble with something we troubleshoot it together. My porch was never closed to her. She could always have someone to sit on the steps to talk to, to listen, have a laugh and be merry. Like the ode to eternal summer. Time was never an issue when it came to her, I made the time.

How I could be so expendable, tore me open so deeply. My once compassionate heart, I hold a bitterness to the world and the people that live in it. That the only souls that give more of a damn about me is my dog. And for the first time ever, in my life, I felt the unraveling of my sanity, the threads that once held me together for so long. That I have effortlessly and feverishly did to keep together ripped all in one. On that day. The people who have always seen me as a person who never cried, always strong, with a chest propelled forward. Finally did, hysterically that no one was quite sure what to do. Or how to help me. I had exposed my most vulnerable side of me, hurting, in pain, bleeding emotionally. Trying to keep myself together cause I knew my friends couldn't. I was supposed to be the pillar, I thought I had it all together.

But I didn't, I was burning. Screaming. Clawing at my chest I left claw marks wishing for the pain to stop. It was like losing a family member, but even worst, they were still alive. Instantly I began to hate myself, scold myself, mutilate myself digging a knife into my gums, playing five finger fillet... Just slicing over.. And over, laughing and crying.
That I wasn't enough.
I would never be good enough.
I'm just expendable.
I hate myself for wasting my time.
I hate my heart choose you.
And held onto you.
I hate that my heart may never fully rid you.
And stupid enough to remain there
When I meant nothing to you
Not even worth the pebble rock stuck betwixt the sole of your shoes.
Spent most of my holidays in a clinic, to fight off the darkness that I had fought against for so long, slowly creeping back into my life. I should thank my psychiatrist for going above and beyond his call. Even helping me off the clock. I don't think words can describe the unity I felt when I had nothing to hold on to at that time (Or felt that is)

I know many are thinking...
OMG just let it go.


Are YOU living in my body? Sharing my consciousness?!
How my thought process manages pain and loss!?
To someone that meant the moon and stars to me! That in my heart I was awe-inspired by the energy she possessed. How I longed to be near that, follow, and inspired every day to be the walking image of her! Everything inside of her, I WISHED I COULD BE. She moved me, and challenged everything I THOUGHT I knew! The fact I still hold that honor to her frustrates me. Why, why does my heart become so insanely warm when I think of her, a voice no longer a muse in my ear anymore. I can remember vividly. A number euphoria to the simple words, "I'm so proud of you." where I felt the world was no longer a home, those many years ago. She was there. She ignited a fire in me. The final dream I would ever have of her, whispering. "Hold on." And it's a damn shame, that she will never know the amount of love I had. The moronic fact that I would lay my life on the line without a moments notice, my bond was so ingrained. The one night, that my mind instinctively said, "I want to invest in this.", a day I felt my heart, truly beat.
Pft, knowing her. She would simply laugh at how moronic it sounds.

Maybe I am weak-minded.
Maybe I feel too much.
I know I should be angry.
Treat them the same.
I should be just as ruthless.

Why is it that I can't. Even with seeing all the signs, finally removing the rose color glasses. Seeing all the flaws and inconsistencies of mistreatment. Why Is it, that I cannot share the same Apathy? Memories never really go away, the feelings I felt just the same. Happy times, and the bad. All these swil of emotions, I felt.. Alive. The things I have learned, the mistakes I have committed. All processes, that was necessary.
At this point, I don't and no longer need a reason.
I wasn't respected enough to even have a talk about it. As much as she preaches about conversation.
What I do know, is how my heart feels and in the end. I only hope your choice leads you to a fulfilling path of happiness.
Even if I'm no longer apart of it.
whilst respecting your decisions, I do feel you are very much wrong.

Friendship doesn't need daily communication to declare validation. Life happens, gets in the way, keeps us occupied.
But when that day does come you do reunite, its as though you two have never left. There was no gap in between the absence.
if that relationship still holds dear in the heart. It will always be there, waiting for you.
And believe me, You will NEVER EVER know the deepness in my heart that I done to preserve that.
There was never a day, I worried about you. Pray for your safety every night, even if it wasn't anything major. Hoping you got a good nights rest, ever since you mentioned you couldn't sleep well. Weeks to months you would go without speaking, to anyone. I wouldn't hear from you in months. But would muster up enough to say...
"I'm not sure what's going on, but If at some point you'd like to talk, I'm open to that. I'll be here."

All I had in my mind was "I can't wait, to hear from you again."
But now, it's gone. Like you ever cared. And like an idiot, I fell for it.
We're you ever my friend?
Did I 'really' matter to you?
You always kept mentioning you wanted a friend, a deep bonded connection.
Yet you had it, and what did you do..
I was really that scary to you, huh.

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