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The Quick and Dirty Intro!

Post by Shank » 9/5/16 05:26 PM

Welcome to Ever After Online! We'll try and answer some of the obvious questions and help you get started quickly with the site. We have a small site focused on narrative roleplay in the My Little Pony universe. We're here to RP, to have fun, and to be FRIENDS. We're not here for drama, memes, shitposts or trolls.

We're not for everyone, and we're not trying to be. Alicorns, vampires.... unique races and creative flourishes are fine, but don't be overpowered, and please don't copy other shows or games. Being a wandering unicorn monk with a magical sword made of light is one thing. Calling yourself a Jedi who just arrived from Tatooine is quite another. If you like something from another universe... adapt it, make it fit on Equestria.

Most of us are paragraph roleplayers who try to use good grammar, spelling, and capitalization. There are plenty of places for people who don't care about such things, but EEA is not one of them. There's no one right way to roleplay. If our ways are not yours, we'll be glad to help you find someplace else.

The Rules:

If you're going to be a member here we expect you to act in a drama-free way. If you can't manage these simple rules, we'll toss you out. Be nice, RP well, don't make your drama public. If that's too much for you to do, get lost.
  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. Know the basics of good writing.
  3. Have a reasonably made OC.
  4. Don't steal art for your OC.
  5. Read this whole guide, it's short!
Canon Characters:

EEA will allows multiple versions of the same canon character. Altverse (including R63) versions are fine as well. We encourage you to take a look around, and really see what canon characters are already well covered, but if you have your heart set on a particular character, it's OK.


Unless you're in an AltVerse, your OC should be of a race and should have powers that are reasonable for Equestria. If you have an idea taken from some other show, make it your own. It's when you have an unbeatable four-winged demon alicorn with Chi powers and a Pokemon companion that we go nuts. Try and keep your character sane, stable, and don't make an OC that is designed to just blow everyone else away. If you have questions, talk to one of the staff!

What Are The AltVerse Rules?

AltVerse characters are fine and dandy, as long as you respect that AltVerse characters should be in AltVerse spaces. In public RPs, we all have to live in a shared vision of the world, so try and keep your stuff reasonable when you're playing in public spaces. Alternate universe characters should be used in private RPs, AU forums, and in chat rooms that are made/accepting of AU characters. All we really ask is that you don't walk your AU character into a canon RP setting.

If you walk into an open chat room and your OC obviously breaks the show's major canon, people won't accept it. Public RP is assumed to be more or less to show canon, so that's a no-no. BUT... what you do in private, in forums, in marked chat rooms, do whatever. The only thing we really demand at all is that you respect people's right to play in the base pony universe. But if you want to do alternate stuff, go for it!

If you're going to participate in public RPs, we recommend your characters have two versions of their bios: One is a version that plays well in the normal pony universe, and the other version for AltVerse RP, which can be anything you want. If you're hosting an RP in a forum or chat room that is AltVerse, think about labeling it as such. Assume all public RPs are designed to fit into a slightly more adult version of the show, but don't go crazy.

My Little Pony's canon does not have any of the following:
  • Pokemon
  • Mecha
  • Guns
  • Laser Cannons
  • Computers, Cell Phones
These are only a few example of extreme changes to the canon that many users are skeptical of. Players can accept vampires pretty easily. Some are fine with alicorns, some hate them, but we can be tolerant if you're not abusing powers.

Then there's complete show-breaking changes. R63 canon characters, alternate history characters like Sombra back in power, ponies with war machines and laser guns and demon lords.... these things just break the show canon so much they may not only be disliked, but can ruin things for other characters. Consider you're on an adventure with a guard pony. He has a spear. You're an alicorn with a battle tank and a shield generator. Is he going to want to adventure with you? No, he's not.

What Are The Anthro Rules?

As above, really. Assume all public RP not otherwise specified is canon pony, but if you want to make anthro character for anthro RP, fine. Our recommendation would be that you have art for your character in both forms, and use the pony form for your avatar. If you only have anthro art, not a big deal. We recommend, but don't demand, that you use a head-shot in your avatar, because that way it will work generically.

Cussing Policy:

We expect people are going to use dirty words now and again in the course of normal conversation. That's not the same as cussing up a storm, or doing it non-stop. Be reasonable, and there won't be a problem.

NSFW/Gore Policy:

What you do in private messages or locked chat rooms is your business, not ours. We also have forums for more mature themes that will not be visible to unregistered users. NSFW posts (images or stories) belong in there and no place else.

No "gore" artwork posted on the site, period. Keep the naughty pics off your profile. We don't mind you linking to off-site sources if you have a a warning before the link.

Editorial Policy:

Posts criticizing the site and staff will NOT be deleted. That being said, this is NOT the place to air grievances about other users. If you don't like someone, leave them alone, and expect them to do the same. The staff reserve the right to edit or delete any other content we find doesn't fit in with our standards as a community. As of this posting, that's barely ever happened.

Can I Have Multiple Accounts?

Yes. Not only that, but you do not need different emails. One e-mail address is sufficient to sign up for as many accounts as you like.

Can I Make My Own Chat Room?

Absolutely! You can make a room for anything you like, IC or OOC. Please keep NSFW chat rooms password-locked and with a non-offensive name. Do not try pressing your luck on this, that brings the ban hammer. Clean names and passwords, that's all we ask.

How Do I Change My Avatar?

Once you have registered, select your name from the upper-right-hand corner, and you'll see "User Control Panel".From there, you can change everything about your account.

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OOC Chat Room Guidelines

Post by Shank » 3/19/17 09:36 AM

The OOC room is going to be pretty unique for members coming from some other MLP sites that didn't allow, and even punished, for OOC discussions. Well, we knew people wanted such a room, and so we made one. We also knew people wanted to be able to hold discussions like adults. There's gray blurry zone between what is tolerated and what is not. If you're in doubt, assume it's not. First off, before the specifics, keep in mind that anything can be abused to the point of annoying someone. The fact that someone is allowed doesn't count for anything if you're doing it so much it has gotten annoying. And that's the big thing... don't be annoying.

What follows is not some super-canonical list, it's a set of guidelines. We'll add an edit things here as experience guides us.

What IS Allowed:
  • Cussing is fine, provided you do it in moderation.
  • Discussion of current events, so long as nobody is arguing. Ditto religion.
  • Sharing of NSFW in link form.
  • Keep the sex talk to PG-13 innuendo, don't run on too long. Stop if asked.
  • Sharing a funny is fine, nut don't overshare videos, imgur links, tumblr, articles, etc.
  • General nice, pleasant, OOC babble.
  • It's OK to gripe about non-brony family, ex's, real life friends, so long as they're not part of the community, and you're just venting.
  • Some complaining about your real life woes is acceptable. Do not dwell on it.
  • Being nice to people is always allowed.
What is NOT Allowed:
  • If you say something someone else doesn't like, they may ask you to change the topic. Unless they're being outrageously silly, accept that people have different comfort levels.
  • It's frequently possible to talk about sex and sex-related things without breaking the rules, and still wind up being really annoying. Know when to quit before you reach that point.
  • Do not make insulting jokes with someone unless you know they accept that kind of humor, and take it as humor. Don't assume you can insult someone and they will get you're joking. Insult humor is saved for your friends.
  • OOC is not your therapy session. If you're so depressed or angry it's all you can talk about for hours on end, get therapy.
  • The only brony you can complain about is Shank. If you have an issue with anypony else: staff, user, someone on another site, clam up. Speak to Shank for serious staff issues.
  • Posting of NSFW art via the upload button, posting of gore/porn/patently offensive material.
  • Don't be gross. If someone says you are, just back off. Respect the tolerance levels of others.
  • Political/religious debates. Nope, don't go there.

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Our Policies on Personal Data and User Accounts

Post by Shank » 8/26/18 12:11 PM

Privacy Policy:

Equestria Ever After does not share your personal data with ANYONE. We don't sell your data, gave it away, or supply it to even non-profits, in whole, or in abstracted form. This is an absolute, and will never change. But data privacy is more than just selling information to outside advertisers.

Admins, because of their jobs, have access to your data. They have to in order to do their job. Administrative staff can access personal information, chat logs, and private messages. Understand that this is true on ANY community. It happens in video games, and chat systems like Discord. We hope you trust us to use this power responsibly.

Transferring Accounts:

We allow but discourage account transfers. When you make an OC, it's a part of you and your personal narrative. If you're going to retire an OC, it's perfectly fine to give that OC's art to someone else, but we find that best policy is that you make a new character, a new personality. That all said, if you really wish to give an OC to someone else whole-cloth, we allow it. Just remember that when you inherit someone else's OC, you can quite often inherit the baggage that OC has, and some may not even believe you're a different person.

User Account Deletion Policy:

As a user, you have every right to have your account deleted and personal information removed. In order to do this, send a request to any admin, or PM them. You will need to do so again at least 24 hours later to double-verify your request. We have had too many people change their minds to grant instant deletions.

There is no coming back from this. When it's gone, it's gone, and if you want it back, you will have to re-create it. Do not say "I'm leaving forever" unless you really mean it.

Public forum posts are left up unless you specifically ask for them to be removed. This is done to help preserve the continuity of message threads you started or participated in.

Admin Account Deletion Policy:

EEA staff reserve the right to delete accounts that have gone un-used for an extended period of time. We normally don't, but housekeeping events do happen. Show-canon character accounts have an even greater chance of deletion so the names can be released.

Accounts of trouble-makers may also be deleted. Again, normally punishment events are things like temporary bans or account suspensions, not outright deletions. However, persistent breaks in the rules can result in account deletion.

Finally, self-vandalizing an account profile can cause it to be deleted. If you're leaving, it's acceptable to leave a going away message in your profile, it's not acceptable for that message to be nasty or for the rest of the profile to be stripped down to nothing, or be replaced with OOC text and images. Forums are the place for going away messages or commentary on your way out the door.

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