The Death of Forum RPs

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Wrought Alloy
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The Death of Forum RPs

Post by Wrought Alloy » 5/12/19 12:15 PM

Is it me or do forum rps always suffer the same fate? Usually you get a few great replies, and then one of two things happen. The replies quickly slow down and stop coming, or they just stop coming all together. Having once been involved in at least two of these, I need only look at the date of the last post made to see where that rp went. Not to mention the dates of the last posts for the other forum rps here..

I'm open to some discussion regarding this, but I have a theory as to why forum RPs die.

1)No incentive to make time for replies: The latest forum rp I was a part of was put into forum because the one running it was often busy and short on time to reply. The idea was a slower paced rp with long narrative replies, sounds good right? It was when it ran, but unfortunately when it came time for the one running the rp to never came. It seems evident that putting an rp in a forum is NOT a good solution to a lack of time. My theory regarding this is simple in concept, the mentality of 'I can reply whenever I can' turns into 'I'll reply later' and it's at that point the rp basically dies.

With the 'I can reply whenever I can' mentality, there's no incentive to keep the story moving. There's no incentive to set aside time for the roleplay, the principle of 'I can just drop a reply in whenever' doesn't seem to work out in practice.

2)It only exacerbates issues of schedules: This connects to my first point. It seems in theory like a Forum rp with no obligation to respond quickly would be a good way to accommodate people with busy schedules. In practice, the issues of lack of time hinder the rp more, especially when people have different schedules. Once more, with no incentive to set aside time for rp that busy schedule will only further prevent roleplays from happening.

It seems like the only way roleplays can properly progress, even if they are narrative heavy and use long replies, is through setting up a chatroom and more importantly setting up a time for people to get together. That's when roleplays get done, that's when people are engaged. In Forums, it seems like the roleplay loses steam and soon gets completely forgotten.

If people have their own theories, or know of a reason I've got it all wrong, feel free to reply.

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Sharp Fountain
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Re: The Death of Forum RPs

Post by Sharp Fountain » 5/12/19 01:16 PM

The phrases 'taken for granted', and 'I never have time', come to mind.

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Maxh Vezpyre
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Re: The Death of Forum RPs

Post by Maxh Vezpyre » 5/12/19 01:19 PM

It is pretty preferential, many people do RP in forums, I did that long time ago since it was the first type of tool we had in the very beginning.

Now, Forums, although easy they're not very warranty in privacy, I've had a LOT of times, people jumping right in to ruin my RP's in several occasions. However that was partially fault of the RPer who made said forum starter, as they could specify only for selected few. But that was on learning times.
After the learning process went through, another issue sparked, when many others would still feel interested / disgusted / offended by what was transpiring in said roleplay. I would get a lot of private messages with one of the three, adding more people to the RP would also bother my partner as they might not want that, I know more the merrier but it doesn't work that way, not anymore at least.

When chat and private messaging tools started to flood, more would lean into it than the forums, just because not only it was even easier, but it guarantee privacy in between the peers one hundred percent, this would also start to separate heavily those who still prefer forums.

In my humble and honest opinion, I've had a LOT of bad blood and terrible experiences in forums than chat and private messaging, just because I want that to remain a factor, privacy.
As time passes we start to build our own social circle, drama sparks everywhere and it's harder and harder to even trust someone.

To give you an example, I only have like, a handful of people who I still love to RP with around here, I had more before but that number went lower and it'll continue to go lower rest assured, as I personally don't wanna deal with them anymore, and surely they wouldn't with me either, which is fine, human trait of liking and disliking someone, I simply only trust just a few, behind goofiness in chats, I do a hell of a ton more than just spam :snake: .

What does that has anything to do with the forums? well, basically: times changes, so does our friends, so does ourselves, our mood, availability, and it's not gonna get any better the older we get. We lean more on keeping things private and short, forums cannot give you that, but IM and PM's.

Perhaps I'm wrong, perhaps there's still more dedicate RPers going on forums and using them, but in my personal experience, I started to enjoy it more when I keep my interactions away from other's and only cherishing em with closer friends, plus making! new friends in this way also is nice. It's also more practical for OOC chatting and spending a good time.
Now that discord is out, I do them a HELLA lot more! but since my trusting power dropped drastically over the past years, I can only bring myself on doing it privately.

That's my two cents about forums.
Truth spoken date: 18 May, 2018 / 19:25 PM.


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Creative Aura
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Re: The Death of Forum RPs

Post by Creative Aura » 5/12/19 09:44 PM

I was once in a fun Forum RP, were my OC was a sort of accidental stow away, on a Sky Pirates ship, made up of the most unlikely crew. It was very fun and interesting, for the few pages it lasted. Sadly, all my hope and dreams for adventure were crushed, along with all the intrique to the plot and characters.

I usually like doing SOL RPs, and I'm one of the only people I know here, that enjoy doing clean(AKA: No NSFW) body swap/mind swap RPs. I done them a lot with friends on a different site in the past...But almost all of them betrayed me, for petty, abusive/insane reasons...

I done it for fun, comedy, creating as interesting a plot as possible from such a simple concept. I loved them in cartoons growing up, but they were usually average, compared to what someone with more time and passion could do.

I'm also anxious about roleplaying with new people, due to the countless times people betrayed me, either emotionally, or by trying to force me into sexual situations I didn't want.
However, I am willing to RP with new people, as long as you respect the "No NSFW, keep things within my comfort level" rule.

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Loose Cannon
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Re: The Death of Forum RPs

Post by Loose Cannon » 5/13/19 02:04 AM

Wait, do people actually do Forum roleplays on here? I do forum roleplays all the time, just not on this site. I split myself over sites so I don't have the room to forum roleplay on this site. I use this site for mostly casual fast chat roleplays. I'm saying this because all of my longest roleplays have been on forums.

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Re: The Death of Forum RPs

Post by Shank » 5/16/19 09:18 PM

I've been on forums, and doing forum RP in one form or another since I was Playing EverQuest 1. If you don't know what that is.... World of Warcraft is a complete clone of it, as are most MMORPGs. In any case, this means I have been doing it for a LONG time.

And in that.... longer time than I care to admit, Forum RP takes a lot of work. Most people RP in IMs, on fast bursts in realtime. And now there's Discord, which is like a compromise between fast RP, and forum RP in many ways. But even my experience with Discord RP is that it's glacially slow, and people need to be constantly prodded, and the same with PM roleplay.

I'm a perfect example. I will do those kinds of RPs, but I am busy, I forget quickly. I need people to poke and prod and remind me to reply to a forum or Discord RP. My experience has been that the majority of most communities have this problem, and it takes a real dedication to get over it.

The only real thing I can say is push. Push hard. People start forum RPs and get disenchanted when replies slow down. That happens. But as the original poster, YOU need to push people to reply. Most people aren't blowing you off meanly, or stopped liking you.... it's a big shiny Internet and people get distracted. If you want a forum RP to succeed, you have to herd cats, and there's very VERY few places where this is not true.

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