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Lyra Heartstrings
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Post by Lyra Heartstrings » 1/1/18 09:10 PM

Rules for the contest.
- Maximum 400 words.
- Safe for work.
- Must have a dark and secret backstory.

Submit your story in the thread.

The price is hopefully a good laugh.

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Dire Wrath


Post by Dire Wrath » 1/2/18 01:03 PM

OOC: I don't know if this really qualifies as "cringe", but it is exactly 400 words, and does have a secret backstory! Be gentle, I am not a great writer!

The new Emperor of the Crystal Empire strode into the center of his domain, striding up high, and looking down at his people. Atop the great monumental platform of his conquest, he stared down at his subjects, who stared back up, gazes fixed, attention rapt, mute in their awe of the new Emperor. He paused and smirked as he looked over his subjects, and at length, he spoke.

"I have dedicated my understanding of tactics and battle, putting them to use in service of our former ruler, even though I knew they could be used for evil purposes. FOR THE COMMON GOOD, THEY SAID!" He paused to raise his wings, the crowed below him howling, a sympathetic rage, it would seem.

"How easy it is to believe in the common good, when this faith is rewarded with status, wealth, AND POWER!" Again, he rose up, wings spread, a dramatic pose followed by the sound of howling roars.

"How hard it is to believe in the common good... When I see that the enormous military forces that I have helped to be create, troops that I molded and shaped.... Were put in the hands of madponies! I'm a victim of my own corruption!"

Dire's voice fell to near a whisper. "Is it not fair, then, that I be Emperor of this.... silent.... Empire...." The pegasus sank to his knees, tears freezing in the cold wind, the howls of which were his only cheers. His audience of raptly attentive ponies had been frozen in place hours before, either by one of the princesses, or one of their unicorns. The platform on which he stood was a large black crystal, left over from Sombra's battles, fallen on its side, already so drifted with snow that only the very top of the large black stone was visible. One of the few crystal towers that had not been subsumed by Sombra's curse teetered in the wind, no longer able to remain upright without the aid of support structures that no longer existed. The last evidence of the once-proud city toppled over, shattering, sending up a fog of snow the wind blew across Dire, covering the corpses he had been speaking to.

Dire Wrath, Captain of King Sombra's guard, self-proclaimed Emperor of Nothing, looked out across the barren snow-scape where an empire had once stood, contemplating the depths of his failures.

"I've been condemned to live..."

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