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Offering Help With Resumes

Post by Providence » 9/6/18 09:25 AM

Hello everyone.

Nowadays, finding a job in a particular field is a very competitive task. Hundreds, if not thousands of resumes and applications are thrown to potential employers, and it will feel like you're a small fish in a big pond when yours is simply added to the stack. This means you need to be able to establish yourself above the rest, and to do so often requires a well-written, logical, and sensible resume that can appeals to a variety of audiences who will likely view your resume such as; resume analysis machines/filters, human resource department employees, managerial employees, and specialized employees.

If you need assistance in making your resume stand out from the crowd, I would be glad to help you in such endeavors, because I have an interest in fostering the success of users in our community. I have already provided guidance to users on EEA in the past, and I would be glad to assist more.

The best places to reach me will be Discord (through the EEA Discord) and EEA IMs or in this thread here. You can also reach me through EEA PMs, but I will request some personal time and devotion on your part to have a steady conversation together so we can both understand what you want to do and what experience you have.

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