Players needed for discord rpg

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Players needed for discord rpg

Post by Uproar » 6/11/18 08:34 AM

Hello everyone! Im currently looking for players for Shourded!

Shrouded works a lot like the game "Mafia" if you've ever played it, or "Town of Salem" if you're familiar with that. There's a good team and a bad team and a day/night cycle. Ponies die, ponies get executed, it's all rotten good fun! The twist here is that for each and every death, there will be an accompanying story along with it featuring the group of ponies trapped here. The story (and possible accompanying art), will be sprinkled with a few clues as to the killer's identity.

It's your job to hunt down those clues as well as watch the behavior of your fellow players to determine who the killers are, execute them, and get out alive. (Or alternatively, if you ARE one of the killers, don't get caught and kill until you outnumber the villagers!)

We're looking for at least 5 or 10 more players in order to start! This game goes through it's day and night cycle every 48 hours(24 hours for each cycle) so it's very easy for you to jump in!

Here's the discord link if you're interested in joining:

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