Fallout Equestria: Echoes of Concrete and Steel

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Fallout Equestria: Echoes of Concrete and Steel

Post by Twisted Gears » 1/12/18 02:44 PM

200 years. Two Centuries since the Megaspells hit, fruit of the spite, hatred and paranoia that emerged from what once were the ideals of friendship and magic, twisted and contorted into the limits. The result was the total anihilation of civilization as everypony knows it; Entire countries erased from the map with one swipe of blinding light, cities turned into dust, thousands of kilometers of once fertile land turned into ashes, millions falling in mere seconds; Twice as much suffering the post-effects of the end of the world.

But some were prepared for the apocalypse. Through the globe, numerous shelters were created to whitstand the Apocalypse, courtesy of Stable-Tec. These so-called Stables had every commodity a Pony would need to whistand their whole life underground, each Stable having its own unique variation to suit the needs of the population it was going to hold for as long as the remmans of the magical radiation needed to dissipate.

However, not them all had the time to prepare. The construction of hundreds of Stables almost world-wide at the same time came with its logistic and economic barriers. Amongst the Stables that suffered from the complications of a civilized world, was the Number 83 - Residing on the mountains surrounding the first City that was struck with a Megaspell. Unfinished and unprepared for the Apocalypse, the Stable-Tec construction and maintenance crew were the only ones to make it through the Lead gate that sepparates the safe heaven from the hell that went loose merely four and a half metres through concrete, Steel and Lead -Even if unfinished.

This caused a severe need for adaptation through the centuries, one that would have its severe disvantage, as what kept the Stable-Tec personell alive... Eventually started to break down beyond repair. This of course, wasn't something anypony wanted, and such would be made clear, after a single emergency broadcast rang through the safely encoded frecuencies, forcedfully interrupting any other transmissions that might've been playing by then, such as songs or other Radio chatter -As some models of Pipbucks were programmed to jump and listen to emergency Stable-Tec broadcasts.

And such, the gentle silence surrounding Manehattan was interrupted by the sore voice of a Stallion, and the mild cracking on static. "-We're running out of time. If you can hear this, please, I beg you, we need help. We've been overrun, the Gate is no longer operational, and we're merely dozens here. Everypony else is dead or missing. Oh for the godesses, I hope that there's somepony out there. This message will now repeat... -- This is Stable Eighty-Three, calling into the emergency Stable-Tec broadcast frecuency. We've run into a serious issue, and we've run out of spares. We're also running out of supplies, water, personnel... And more than likely, we're running out of time. If you can hear this, please, I beg you, we need help. We've been overrun, the Gate is no longer operational, and we're merely dozens here. Everypony else is dead or missing. Oh for the godesses, I hope that there's somepony out there. This message will now repeat..."

Hopefully, there's a brave soul out there to answer the call of a dying way, equipped for the worse. Perhaps it's profit what might drive them in, perhaps merely their 'daily good deed'. Or perhaps a more devious reason -Afterall, Stables are known for holding very valuable items that can make life in this hell, a bit easier...

// This will be a 'shortish' Roleplay for a smallish group -Mostly for simplicity's sake and due to the potential, varying avaliability of both, yours trully and the participants. This is a 'Medium Risk - Medium Reward' scenario, meaning that character death is possible, and avoidable if the characters play their cards well, and this will provide a great outcome, depending on the desitions made. Said desitions will affect the story set around this area long-therm, for good or ill too.

Provitional character slots:
-Reserved! memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=61
-Claimed! memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1136
-Claimed! memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=508

If you wish to claim a spot, feel free to contact moi through PM's, or by posting on this thread. Posting order will be set after a bit of discussion and planning, and I will keep track of each character's virtues and afflictions, equipment and status to simplify the system. Hope to see you in the wastes!
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Re: Fallout Equestria: Echoes of Concrete and Steel

Post by Pinkie Pie » 1/14/18 05:19 PM

Name: Mint Tree
Race: Earth Pony
Sex: Mare
Age: 27
Cutie Mark: A Mint leaf
History: Mint was just a scaver, looking to make a quick cap by selling what ever she stumbled over. She came from Fillydelphia, escaping Red Eye's cause when she younger, how she ended up with the scar on her snout. Ever since she hasn't found much in the way of goals in life, only thing on her mind, survive. Upon hearing about the Stable, she saw it as an opportunity to get some treasure to sell, she didn't really think anyone would be alive down but who knows and perhaps she'll find friends down the line.
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Re: Fallout Equestria: Echoes of Concrete and Steel

Post by Gris » 1/18/18 12:31 PM

Gix Pena
A bird who has worked with the Talons for as long as he can remember. There's not much to him in most respects though he is rumored to have come from New Pegasus, though there's not much else to support any solid theories. The claymore he carries with him however predates the war by many many years, likely an heirloom from his family's past.

Average sized male gryphon.
Descendant of Aegle Pena her unnamed mate, who was the direct daughter of Gris Pena.

Mental Health- Much like his forefather Gix retains Gris's berserker like lust for combat, though less reckless. Choosing to rather take his time calculate every variable, and approach it from the best path with the least likely chance for failure. His wits are sharp, though occasional hallucinations plague the gryphon. A condition long since passed down from his family's past. (Wild wasteland perk)
Fairly quiet he prefers to talk a seldom as possible unless it pertains to something of interest, the mission, or something of importance. However when sufficiently drawn into combat he can become as ferocious as any marauder, hacking and slicing his enemies apart with his claws claymore and potent cocktail of various drugs.

Physical- Average size and build for a gryphon, sporting average wing span, muscle mass. Intricate runes mark the upper portions of his body however, particularly around the beak and edges of the feathers. No visible scars along his body though if one touches the fur they could feel the ridges of brutal burns along most his frame.

Trench-coat with ballistic plates woven into the sides for basic firearm protection
Bullet resistant vest along the chest and lower neck
Facial respirator for underwater operation or hazardous environments
Basic ballistic goggles
Sub-dermal armor implant
Optics Enhancer
4xPurified water

9mm Mauser-pistol 4xMagazines
Gryphon marksman carbine with midrange scope- 7xMagazines
Rune inscribed claymore
((All items have been pre-approved by the DM for the adventure

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Re: Fallout Equestria: Echoes of Concrete and Steel

Post by Windseeker » 1/18/18 10:10 PM

Name: Windseeker
Sex: Female
Race: Bat pony, a picture of her is one click away on my profile.
Age: 26
Short description: Runaway slave from a secluded estate in the tundras bordering the northern arctic wastelands, Windseeker fled south hitching rides with caravans as a gun-for-hire before settling down as a wandering scavenger. She is one of those ponies who keeps to herself and wouldn't be missed were she to suddenly disappear, having immense trust issues and the inability to establish friendships after traumatic events and unfortunate circumstances during her time in slavery. Windy is incredibly quiet and cowardly, but has a very big heart, she would oppose inflicting any form of suffering to anyone and would help out those she is able to.

Other details: Windy is a little bit smaller than the average bat pony and her fangs are a tad bit longer than average, but she is pretty toned and agile. She doesn't have many painfully noticeable scars on her face, but small ones are visible under the grease.

Equipment: She wears a rust colored duster with light leather plates on her legs and chest and a rather large black bow tied on the back of her head, her loadout consists of a small combat knife and a hunting rifle, and she is very nimble with them. She would have a few healing potions in her saddlebags and various food items- and be short on caps, around 100 to be precise. This can be discussed with me, I am not unreasonable about it.

I look forward to be a part of this, contact me any time if anything needs discussed.

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