A Nightmare Takeover AU
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"It is coming to the eve of the Gala, and yet.. we still have security concerns. I want Canterlot locked down. Double shifts, patrols overlapping, and most importantly, I want martial law enforced. I cannot allow ponies to starve within their own homes, but I will be damned if those rebels try something in the upcoming days to our beloved Queen's Gala. Non Guard personal that are caught upon the streets are to be executed. They should know by now, the consequences of breaking curfew. Imprisonment was a light sentence. They can blame the rebellion for the strict policy." The Wrath itched at the new prosthetic attached to his hoof. He had expected honor upon the battlefield, especially from one that had once called themselves a knight. Oh, he was wrong. And such a mistake will never be had again. Kadai Montanya learned from his mistakes, and improved upon them. That was what made him a fascinating leader. The Wolf had made a mistake.. and that was failing to remove his head. The dragon may have been maimed, but it's heads remain.. and there will be vengeance.

"Any further news about our endeavors within the other cities are to be reported me. The bulk of our forces lay here, in Canterlot for the coming of the Gala, but once the ceremony is over, I want the Queen to personally witness her sons and daughters march to war. The First will ride with me, as they always do, the Second and Third will remain here. Fourth Battalion will accompany myself, while the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh ride for Manehatten. As far as I am concerned, Master Plan's own company will remain. And before you are dismissed, I will not be accepting summons or company. Not even to the council. If my Queen wishes to speak to me, she knows where to find me. Now go. We will crush the rebellion, and soon, we shall return to our lives. That, I promise you."

The briefing was ended with a simultaneous; "Yes, Lord Commander." before the Wrath retired to his own private quarters. Two of his Firedrakes stood outside, and even quizzed him upon his identity. Answering the questions that only he would know, they allowed him in. Within the corner of his quarters lay a sophisticated machine. Trails of cool fog constantly spilled from what looked like a metallic holding unit; something almost akin to a coffin. But the top was clear, with an eerie bluish white glow that accompanied the hum and hiss of pressurized gases. Inside, there appeared to be the form of a pony, but it was unclear due to the buildup upon the once clear glass. Kadai took his non maimed hoof to wipe away the thin layer of frost to reveal..

"Sister." He breathed as he stares down at the cyrogentically frozen mare. During their uprising, Kadai had sought out his sister to prevent her from befalling harm. Their meeting had been met with a long, grueling fight that left Eliana in a wounded, but very much alive state. Terrified, he had brought her to the brightest engineers and doctors to have her incarcerated while he fought a war. He would not lose his sister. She was all the blood he had left.

"Everything I did, I did for you.." The Lord Commander said while draping both of his hooves over the glass, as if embracing it, "'Funny, the line between light and dark is so very thin. Do you know which side you are on?' That is what you asked me.. and my answer? I am neither light, nor dark.. One day.. you will see, and understand what I did was for you."

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