Equestria: A Historical Timeline

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Equestria: A Historical Timeline

Post by Shank » 10/2/18 01:23 PM

This Timeline and accompanying lore is a rough outline of the world shaping events in Equestria as close to being faithful as possible, with a few liberties taken (and the occasional improvement).

IMPORTANT NOTE! - This timeline has not been fully updated to reflect the last several seasons worth of lore, and may be inaccurate in some places. An update of this information is currently in-progress.

Pre-Classical Age

Unknown to ~200 BL (Before Lumen)

Ancient Valley Kingdoms

Unknown to Unknown
  • Known only now by myth and legend these stories, when pieced together, tell of all 3 races of ancient equines living together in peace and harmony prior to the 3 Tribes Era. Stories also speak of portals that allowed for free contact with other worlds. One particularly popular epic focuses on a champion named Meghan Willams, said to come from an other world through a portal armed with potent magic artifacts to defend one of these kingdoms.
  • It is said that Ancient cataclysm brings about the end of this era violently and abruptly. Thought to perhaps be a near mass extinction event of some sort but nothing can be found to corroborate this, leading many historians to conjecture they were stories of hope during the harsh Paleo Period that have got passed down and survived to more modern eras.
  • 'Recent' (re)discovery of the portal leading to a similar human culture has sparked new debate however, as well as new discussion that ancient ponies may have abandoned their lands and come to Equus through similar portals as the ones in the stories.
Paleopony Period

~3100? BL to ~2300 BL
  • Earliest dated artifacts found so far show that ponies had begun to start to band together by tribe to form early city building civilization by 3100 BL, These mark the slow build to the triad government and record keeping, but most information about this period is lost in the later Exodus. What little remains shows that these times were marked heavily by diseases and disasters of both natural and magical nature, famines, and monster attacks. Evidence suggests however, pony populations slowly but steadily seems to increase towards the end of this period as societies were built and conditions improved.
Three Tribes Era

~2300 to ~200 BL
  • Hearthswarming Eve play more or less gets it right, though reality is a bit less kid friendly. The tribe's arguing is actually is actually occasional outright warfare. These wars are costly to each race, Regional leaders each lord their race's magic domain over another tribe until the 3rd steps in and presses the issue, ganging up with one side or the other and forcing things back to a semblance of order for a short time before the cycle starts again.
  • Technology and building methods improve significantly in this period but overall technical progress sporadic. Most advancements end up stemming from a singular pony who worked it out as part of their special talent. Most improvements are slow to spread from the original region where the original 'master' worked until other ponies can mimic it or more young ponies who apprentice wind up with similar talents that can spread these incremental advancements.
  • Strife is common, especially in the later period, and steady population growth stagnates, then starts to slowly backslide around 500 BL.

~210 to ~190 BL
  • The spontaneous emergence of ice elementals, a result likely from the abuse of environment shifting magic's on all sides during the fighting over a prolonged period, culminates with massive climate change. The resulting ice age starting around 214 is devastating, and forces the 3 tribe's then current leaders to come together and initiate a mass exodus/migration. Leaving their freezing lands for new ones in better climes and ushering in the Classical Age as the ponies rebuilt in what is today Equestria.
Classical Age

~200 BL to 800 AA (Anno Astrum)

Unification Era:

~200 to ~75 BL
  • Equestira is initially settled in the lush central regions of the country today, where the population gains traction and begins to grow again.
  • Though united by near extinction, as each race rebuilt and grew stronger again, tribalism crept back into politics and the races begin to bicker again after roughly a century of prosperity.
  • It's been speculated that the young Forum government return to infighting between tribes might have been caused by Discord, who was likely a powerful spirit that originally inhabited of the lands the ponies settled on, and perhaps wanted the intruders gone, seeking to make them move again. Others conjecture that he modeled himself after the chaos the ponies themselves brought as they backslid towards returning to tribalism all on their own.
Discordant Era:

~75 to 1 BL
  • No records exist of when exactly Discord's rise to rule took place, a period of upheaval in the young forum directly preceded his taking power, but its unclear he was the direct cause.
  • As with most things involving the spirit of chaos, it's not known why such a poor administrator took power either.However, it has been directly stated in rare surviving documents and scrolls of the period (that weren't trying to actively kill by papercut at the time due to lingering chaos magic), that Discord ruled all Equestria for 50 years at a minimum.
  • The Alicorn Sister's show up for the first time in history at some point in the last 10 years of his reign and work with all Ponies in resisting Discord and eventually helping to defeat him themselves. Although, to this day it is still unclear exactly where they originally came from or why they chose to reveal themselves at this point in history. Nor has it been said exactly how long it took for the land to heal from all the chaos.
Gemini (Two Sisters) Era:

1 to 800 AA
  • Establishment of the rule of the Two Sisters and the Vesper Court in 1 AA and of the official Solunar Calendar used to this day.
  • Establishment of the Capital at Everfree in 5 AA. Main construction of the Castle and the surrounding town continues til 43 AA with little expansion after.
  • Formal establishment of the Royal Guard in 1 AA and later the border divisions by members of the Discordian resistance who worked with the sisters and integration of the last remaining tatters of the standing tribal armies.
  • Markedly high increase in population during the Era, though, as revealed from the first census in 57 AA, the demographics are skewed towards females.
  • Flourishing of the Arts and rise of an affluent merchant/middle class happens in this period.
  • Magic as an area of real study, not just Talent specific spells, begins.
  • In 38 AA Luna defies her sister and tries to establish Equestria's first colony in what are today known as Nightlands. The colony ostensibly ruled a failure and would later be called the "[[First Nightmare Night|First Nightmare Night]]" by her detractors for the actions taken by Luna when it was founded. But rumors the colony still thrived somewhere under the moonlight persisted for hundreds of years, until proven true much later.
  • 200 years later til the end of the era, Equestria slowly expands from its original borders through a combination of diplomacy and conquest. The Noble class comes into power by helping to govern and manage these new assets. The original Nobles and their families live up to their name, most being exemplary and shining examples of ponykind, content with their responsibilities and proud of their personal accomplishments that help all they govern.
  • The crystal fields in the north are expanded into The Crystal Kingdom in 235 AA the first official Equestria holding. The ambient magics of the region giving its inhabitants a highly distinctive look over time.
  • Several other colonies and free-holdings are established during this time. A few notable ones that still exist today include: Prance, The Bittish Isles, Neighpon, Marecedonia, Germareny, Mustangia, and the Free Cities of Stalliongrad and Shanghay.{{ :equestria:celestia_and_luna_form_a_yin_and_yang-like_symbol_s1e01.png?nolink&300|}}
  • Friendly relations and trade between Zebraica and Saddle Arabia are also established in this period.
  • The old Gryphon Kingdoms and Minotaur tribes outlaying lands are settled by ponies and though usually the neighbors get along well and trade flourishes, there's sometimes friction and clashes. Minor border skirmishes and occasionally major ones flare up for a 400 year period from around 180 to ~600 AA about once a generation or so, spread out along the bordering fringes of Equestira. Most these regions are annexed or bought peaceably by the end of the era and the borders of Equestira firm up to look very similar to what they are today.
  • The Changelings and Diamond Dogs are slowly pushed back to more isolated areas of Equestria by militias and military companies after raids or attacks on burgeoning settlements. Some groups are pushed beyond the boundaries of the country entirely, and try to keep ahead of the steady expansion and settlement.
  • Batponies, the most commonly seen form called Thestrals, are acknowledged to exist around 500 AA. Luna visits what are revealed much later to be the old Nightlands, the Thestrals being descendants of the Pegasus of the original colony, changed by the ambient magics of the dark shrouded region and magical experiments to try to better adapt to the region like some of the native animals, also resulting in Umbracorns and Night ponies. Luna takes them back to her side immediately calling them her Children of the Night.
  • Tribalism still flares up occasionally in the period, each by one of the tribes: Weather riots (268), The Earth First movement (424), and Ubermarech aka- Unicorn Master Race movement (589). Each are put down quite hard by the double crown and the 3 major incidents are mostly the last gasps of the lineages of the Three Tribes Era rulers attempting to make petty bids for power.
  • The Mage Starswirl the Bearded is born in 734. Recommended and made Archmage in 771, He repurposes the mountain holdfast of Canterlot into his main laboratory and archive. His feats of science and magic are unrivaled and his contributions lay the foundation of modern magical and empirical learning in Equestria. Few know that his talent, portal magic, allows him to play with time and space, and many of his findings are actually based on the observations and objects from other parallel worlds visited via portals. His work ends abruptly in 798 after some kind of incident and he takes to traveling the edges of Equestria.
Years of Strife (Post Classical Age)

800 AA to 850 AA

Dark Stirrings: 801 AA
  • Incidences of border settlements found wiped out or abandoned, ponies and surrounding areas, siphoned of magical power, signal the coming of Tirek, who came from another land drawn to the magic of the region. Ponies give him his name from the Legends of the Ancient Valley Kingdoms that speak of a similar creature but it's unknown if the legend and monster are one and the same. He answers to the name regardless to spread fear.
  • Traveling in the Outlands while investigating the incidents, Starswirl, meets and befriends a creature that calls himself Scorpan. Thanks to him and Starswirl, the Alicorn sisters are able to find, and trap Tirek. Scorpan stays in the kingdom for another decade, leaving back for his own lands shortly after the demise of his first friend in Equestria.
Overthrow and Fall of the Crystal 'Empire': 802 to 807 AA
  • Unicorn Viceroy of the region: Sombra, earlier dabbling in dark magics, slowly falls from grace, becoming deranged and obsessive. He secretly amasses an army of shadows and, after killing off almost every other provincial ruler of the territory in a "Night of blood and fear," declares himself king. The northern holding is enslaved practically overnight. His malevolent eyes turn south with his dream of empire.
  • The North Battalion of the Border forces clash time and again with Sombra's shadow and slave armies and in a difficult struggle lasting 4 years. Luna, after personally witnessing the horrors Sombra unleashed on his subject and her armies eventually assumes total command and drives north. A distant Celestia pursues diplomatic options until the end, only joining Luna in the final push at the end of the campaign.
  • In the end, Sombra faces off against the Sisters of Night and Day in an epic duel in his throne room. His dark powers greater than imagined, he manages to subdue Celestia and force her to live her nightmares. Luna, tapping something that was always there, but kept suppressed, makes Sombra fear for the first time in a long while. The Crystal Kingdom, its magic, and all its souls, disappear, banished in a massive surge of dark power. The north a frozen wasteland once again.
Noble Anarchy: 809 to 810 AA
  • The sudden death of the current Archmage Starswirl, without leaving any recommended successor, led to turmoil as the most powerful unicorns of the age vied to have the seat and several candidates (most unicorn nobility) were assassinated. This coupled with massive changes and restrictions to government and other leadership positions as part of the fallout of the Crystal "Empire", and most the nobility were at the point of rioting. Some houses at each other's throat fighting among themselves and others thinking they might be better off without the, at the time, moody Princesses.
  • The sisters each personally arrested several leading Nobles who were plotting conspiracy against the crowns, leading one sister or the other to become an unpopular figure around the divisive nobles. Celestia eventually did away with the position of Archmage to stop the controversy but it was too late to stop rifts from forming. Lines were drawn and favorites were picked. Patient Celestia, with her own troubles, hoped time would heal the tears in society, but it was not to be.
Lunar Rebellion: 811 to 813 AA
  • Something in the younger Alicorn sister gives, and she embraces a part of herself she had long held in check. The powerful and battle hungry mother of shadows throws the already increasingly divided nation into a civil war and Celestia's nightmares come to pass.
  • Some nobles back the Night Princess in a chance to grab more power over their rivals and others were forced to comply by the dark power of the Nightmare Moon. Luna's more martial nature and experience on the battlefield combined with elite trained troops makes her and her forces more than a match for the Solar Loyalists.
  • The rebellion culminates in the Battle of Everfree. The surrounding town and much of the castle is destroyed in the siege and later conflagration after the height of the battle. It's said the gorge surrounding the castle today came from the sweep of one of the princess' powerful beams in the opening salvos of the fight, and magic that will not be seen in ages is slung around between the pair of sister's and their armies.
  • Celestia in the end makes a desperate bid and challenges her sister to mortal combat in the throne room. Eventually outmatched Celestia forcibly draws on power from the elements at the cost of burning her connection with them, and banishes her sister, imprisoning her in the moon with a spell of her own making.
  • The Batponies go into hiding soon after their Mistress is defeated, most returning to the Nightlands, still hidden from Celestia. The Princess, still reeling, elects not to pursue.
  • The volatile magics of clashing Alicorns coupled with the chaos from the battle lingers like fallout, causing the plunderseeds to become more active, resulting in the primal state of the Everfree forest today. The town and castle of Everfree is abandoned entirely shortly after the battle.
Gryphon Territory Dispute: Roughly 816 to 834 AA
  • Sensing weakness after a civil war, the Gryphons decided to press the now alone and grieving princess of the Sun and made bold claims of restoring rightful lands. A moody and slightly volatile Celestia just waited and when the Gryphons made a slight calculated disturbance in a small border town she got pissed at this petty power grab and hammered them with an invasion force and drove them back to their Eyries.
  • Afterwards, she returned the lands and apologized for "catching her a a bad moment" but that ponies took over their lands for nearly 20 years is still a sore spot with several Gryphon houses today.

~820 to ~850 AA
  • Official moving of the Capital from Everfree to Canterlot: 821 to 831 AA.
  • Rebuilding of several towns and cities where fighting was heavy. Public works become common.
  • Foundation of CSGU: 834 AA.
  • Canterlot Castle completed in 844 AA, constructed over the site of Starswirls old lab.
Pax Sol Imperatrix

850 to 1750 AA
  • 900+ years of relative peace and stability.
  • Population starts to steadily increase again though the ratio of females to males is still highly skewed.
  • Slow decline of the Guard to a largely ceremonial role.
  • Establishment of the Equestrian National Post Office in 1345
  • Establishment of the Pan Equestrian Railroad in 1699. Construction of all main lines completed in 1742. Additional spur lines are built off and on for the next 50 years.
  • Foundation of Ponyvile in 1731 AA.
Modern Age

1750 AA to Present

Decline of the Pax Sol Imperatrix: 1750 to 1810 AA
  • Reports of the return of Changelings in the Badlands Regions.
  • Increasing Monster activity in general, especially in the Everfree regions.
  • Instances of Diamond Dog kidnappings/enslavement rise.
  • Increasing restrictions from the Gryphons on entering their territory. Patrols on their side of the border increase as well.
  • Cadence's ascension causes ripples of dissatisfaction though the Nobles, who's achievements of their ancestors are now more a source of pride, as their own pale in comparison the lines having soured into decadence with the long peace. However, she is often out of the limelight and much loved beside.
  • Twilight and other Mane six are born: 1794-96.
  • First Sonic Rainboom in over a century and highest single Mana spike in eight: 1803
  • Elder dragons start to quietly sever ties, privately citing Celestia's "mad gambles" in light of the current realities.
Return of Nightmare Moon: 1813 AA
  • NMM defeated by Elements of Harmony.
  • Following her return, the Batponies return from the realm of legend, most from caves of the Nightlands, others stasis and flock back to their Mistress' side from hiding after the loss of the lunar rebellion.
  • Reestablishment of the Diarchy and of the Vesper court. But nearly all nobles are blindsided and panic at the revelation, since Celestia had hidden most the evidence of her existence to ensure her a fresh start. Startled that they are further from being handed more power than ever, many seek to cover themselves and most reforms Celestia hoped to see through in this 'period of spring'stall.
Nightmare Rarity Incident 1813 AA
  • Signals the return of Luna to her pre-banished stature, but Luna distressingly notes a lack of military presence in a town near the now volatile Everfree, and is privately haunted watching children having to help fend for their homes against forces of her own making, vowing all who aided her and the Elements under her personal protection.
Return of Discord: 1814 AA
  • Nightguard forces and Luna are sent on a fool's errand, Discords manipulations removing them from Canterlot to deal with a nonexistent threat. The day guard is then tied down trying to maintain a semblance of order near fruitlessly.
  • Stalled reforms are passed after Discord visits the House of Lords. Celestia thinks there may be hope for him after all.
  • Discord is defeated by Elements of Harmony and stoned.
Changeling Invasion: 1814 AA
  • Luna counterattacks with a small force of elite Nightguard after the failure of the Mane 6 to grab the Elements. Luna ties down Chrysalis in single combat and she and her forces help buy enough time for a real evacuation to occur in certain sections of the city. Eventually Cadence and Shining get the love wave off, routing the rest the invasion. The Forces of the Night and the Imperatrix Umbri, as Chrysalis called her, get a bit of a boost to their image in light of their actions.
  • Following the invasion the guard goes through a [[Equestrian_Military|massive and painful restructuring]] mostly spearheaded by Princess Luna, who finds the laxity of the Military after nearly 900+ straight years of peace to be horrifying given everything that's happening. Some of this is paid for out of pocket by the Princess of the Night thanks to a millennium of compound interest.
  • As part of reforms Luna nearly reinstates mandatory military service in noble families, since the laws are still on the books but the threat of general insurrection by the wealthy class forces Celestia to intervene
  • In response, Luna strips the nobles of several additional (to use the noble's words) 'outdated' rules, including the ability to field private troops to be slowly carried out over a period of 7 years. It's thought she'll try again then when they don't have fangs. The nobles realize now with growing horror that Luna can play ball with them just as well as Celestia but won't put up with their spoiled antics either.
Return of the Crystal Empire: 1815 AA
  • Sombra does not stand round like an idiot while the heart powers up and is not Crysploded at the end, but he instead flee's, his spirit weakened by the shockwave and escapes into the northern mountains.
  • Cadence is placed in charge as Warden Princess of the Crystal Empire alongside her new husband, it's Protectorate General. Nobility grumbles, but notes that both it and she are far out of the way of the capitol now.

1815 AA
  • Discord has been is put on Probation.
  • The ascension of Princess Twilight.
  • Guard reforms ensure that Canterlot is kept running and press blackouts hold when the Princesses disappear during the Everfree Crisis, while deferring to the next available command authority, Princess Sparkle, though they are highly ashamed they lost the princesses to a bunch of overgrown plants. Rumor has it the Solar Guard carry high-grade weedkiller in field packs now, supposedly just in case.
  • The Elements are lost back to the Tree of Harmony. An unintended side effect though is that the Everfree region seems to be finally healing.
1816 AA
  • The battle with Tirek has caused the Gryphon nation to sit up and take notice. The exchange of firepower between Tirek and Twilight has made the nation nervous about such concentrations of power in untested and rather naive hooves. Their high command shiver at the thought of her being manipulated into being used against them, unwittingly or no, by an outside power, or even Celestia or Luna. And with no guarantee's of more Alicorns ascending before the current beta pair pass on, or of them being able to have them as children. They are reportedly weighing their options and in discussions with Equestria. With their side of the border tighter now than ever.
  • Dissent among the Nobles with the Vesper Court is at an all time high due both to the letting Discord off the hook even after his betrayal, and the total mistrust that was placed in him to start with by the Triple-crown. The Nobles are especially upset with "Sparkle" as well. Viewing her as an up-jumped peasant, promoted beyond her station, who's authority was turned to instead of them in their imagined chain of command during the Everfree Crisis.
  • The Tantabus Incident.
  • Starlight Glimmer attempts to make a major alteration in history using an advanced time travel spell.
1817 AA
  • Invasion of the Storm King
  • Return of the Pillars of Friendship
  • Defeat of the Pony of Shadows
1818 AA
  • The School of Friendship established.
  • The Tree of Harmony is witnessed to have evolved into a sentient organism.

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Re: Equestria: A Historical Timeline

Post by Reformed Chrysalis » 10/2/18 03:43 PM

"It is good to see this. I find it rather interesting to see such a well researched history of the land. Although Changelings did not exist before starswirl was born. Perhaps another species was mistaken for a kind of changeling"

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Re: Equestria: A Historical Timeline

Post by Doctor » 10/2/18 03:55 PM

He had been busy with a red pen and a marker, marking up a rough draft of edits- before looking up at Shanks and Chrysalis, and nodding. "Ah, yes! Well, there was a tribe SIMILAR to Changelings, whom lived on this planet prior. I'm fairly certain that's where they got the name "Changeling" from infact, but that's neither here nor there." He admitted, before continuing on with his "note making" .... This was a pretty long and comprehesnive history for a 'summary', that was for sure- but he approved none the less. Now he just needed to get a roadmap of the more 'interesting' dates to visit.

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Re: Equestria: A Historical Timeline

Post by Shank » 10/2/18 10:28 PM

Dark Chrysalis wrote:
10/2/18 03:43 PM
"It is good to see this. I find it rather interesting to see such a well researched history of the land. Although Changelings did not exist before starswirl was born. Perhaps another species was mistaken for a kind of changeling"
As I said, this timeline needs some editing to bring it into line with newer facts from both the series and the comics. Starswirl, for example, needs to be moved in the timeline.

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Re: Equestria: A Historical Timeline

Post by Reformed Chrysalis » 10/2/18 10:46 PM

Of course. I honestly just wanted to post something here because I find this really cool. Please don't think I was trying to nag.

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Re: Equestria: A Historical Timeline

Post by Doctor » 10/3/18 03:48 AM

Oh, I'm in agreement entirely. This is QUIET the comprehensive history. I love it personally- I just wanted to get some talk going on about it. Tried not to be TOO disrupting with a post on here. Heh.

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