Underground War

Intrigue and drama in Vanity's RP canon.
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Underground War

Post by Victoria Vanity » 11/28/17 01:41 AM

"You have an issue with your assignment?" The taller mare said to Fintan Florent with a most unamused expression. She wore plate armor around her chest and shoulders, the insignia of the Inquisition on her chest and had a mace upon her back that would make one take pause. For Fintan, however, he had never seen her in such adornments. Usually she was dressed for more social occasions and seeing her as well as several other Inquisition members arming up had him concerned, especially since he was specifically tasked apart from them.

"Grand Inquisitor Faith, I..." Fintan paused, trying to find the best choice of words here to say to his superior. "...You know my finest traits are with a sword. With everyone preparing as such, shouldn't I be...apart of it?"

The middle aged mare sighed, her frown saying plenty. "I know, Apprentice Florent. And one day you will be plenty useful in that regard, but you are needed for something with a more subtle touch. Something...." She was tempted to say 'non threatening looking' but decided he needed some pride by the time she was done. "Something else."

"You have had me as an apprentice for a year now, Grand Inquisitor Faith. Have I not prov-"

"Florent!" She cut him off, slamming her hoof into the ground, making Fintan stand at attention. "There is nothing else to discuss. You have an assignment. While we chase down leads here you are to board a train and head northeast. Details will be in a private train car room that you'll have to yourself. Pack warm. You may need to walk some distance in the cold."

Fintan calmly sighed and nodded. "Yes, Grand Inquisitor Faith...."

She gave him a nod before turning. "Do not feel too troubled. You are valued, but not all is what it seems....Good luck."


Fintan boarded the train with a packed saddle bag, his eyes dull and unfocused as he traveled down the train cart, glancing occasionally for his room number. Once he was at it he fumbled with the key he was given, looking forward to relax some for the time being and reading up on what precisely this assignment was that took him away from all the action.

He opened the door, stepping inside the dim train cart, immediately freezing upon seeing another pony wearing a cloak inside. Glancing at the key and room number he sighed.

"Excuse me, but I think you-"

"Are in precisely the right place." The cloaked pony said. "Apprentice Inquisitor Fintan Florent. A pleasure seeing your career still going well for you since we last met. I'm glad my reccomendation was well placed....The door please."

He gestured for him to come in, and Fintan obliged, shutting and locking the door behind him. He knew that voice.

"Rafa Dusk. A pleasure to see you again, and yes I am thankful for that but why are you-" Before he could finish Rafa held up an envelope with the seal of the Inquisitorium on it.

"The details are all in here, but to keep it brief, you're here for two reasons. One, to protect me. And two, we are on our way to ask help from a pony reluctant to want anything to do with us."

Fintan narrowed his eyes. He never was told what precisely was going on with all the activity happening. "...Protect you from what? And who are we seeing?" He asked firmly. With how secretive Rafa was and the nature of his dealings he was not sure if this was something solely done in the interests of the Inquisitorium.

"From what?...I'm honestly not too sure yet, but...your associates have been made aware and will be pressing leads. All I can tell you is that this individual can use necromancy. As for who we are looking for, a pony whom has means to perhaps help find or repel such necromancy. Bright Heart Horizon."

Fintan was growing more uneasy with each word. It was not terribly like Rafa to be so to the point and factual. This must really either be important or there was something else at play here. Still, Rafa had never left him regretting his association with him.

"Wasn't Bright Heart last considered a public menace and mentally unstable since she tried to march an army on House Vanity?" He was quite familiar with the whole event, considering he was there in the Lunar Guard, trying to keep the peace.

"That is the one. She can be quite..extreme at times, but we must simply convince her to help."

"We?" Fintan noticed his word choice.

Rafa smirked. "I suppose I may be asking you do the negotiating initially. I just need you to introduce me should my presence be needed and you keep her from getting...carried away."

"You think she would try to harm you?"

"Oh, I'm sure she would try to kill me." He said, almost as if it were a point of pride before leaning back in his seat. "I suggest you get some rest. We have a bit of travel to do, on rails and on hoof. She lives in a monastery in the mountains just shy of the frozen north."

"What happened that has the Inquisitors all riled up? Did this necromancer do something?" Fintan pressed for more information but Rafa was silent, simply relaxing with his eyes closed. Frustrated, he took a seat and took the folder, breaking the seal to read what was inside.

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