Glitterwing - "What IS she??" (An Extension of her Profile)

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Glitterwing - "What IS she??" (An Extension of her Profile)

Post by Glitterwing » 4/13/18 02:28 AM

To put it bluntly, Glitterwing is not a true alicorn. She is, in fact, an Angel. An otherworldly being, in a universe where paranormal entities exist. Though even she is not aware of her true nature.

In this universe (my headcannon universe) there are entities that do not follow the rule of physics. They seem to just, exist, in space, beyond the perception of any telescopes. A dimension, shared with mortals, but cannot be seen by mortals. This shared dimension contains other paranormal entities such as Ghosts, Demons, and the reason we are here, entities that I will refer to as "Angels"

Entities within this shared dimension are, by default, invisible and un-detectable to mortals, unless they can show themselves, or can be summoned by a mage. There are various levels of detectability I will get to in a bit. All you need to know now, is that different entities have their different roles to play. Angels cover the largest number of roles, from Doula, who both sets the soul within a fetus as well as guides a soul from a body to the after-life dimension, all the way to Angels who cover, or at least represent more technical roles, such as "Light" Angels (who can control various wavelengths of light) or Angels who govern the position of star structures or take charge over various constellations.

In her natural angelic state, Glitterwing would be labeled the Angel of Starlight.
Thats right, Star LIGHT, not the Angel of the Stars, (That is someone different entirely, though the two would work in close tandem together) Unlike afore mentioned Angel of Stars, Glitterwing would not control star positions, but would instead represent the visible light that they give off, hence her hues that touch every single visible wavelength of light.

Yes, the light would still shine/exist even without her, but she has the power to change the light properties, if she needed too, as well as simply represent the light it's self. StarLight incarnated so to speak.
While Angels CAN control various aspects of the universe, Most are banned from doing so in ways that may affect mortals. Only a few can, such as those involved with natural things like earthquakes or such. Save a few special angels, all other angels are to keep away from involvement with mortals. They are not to strictly know of Angel's existance.

Ok look, I know its wierd n' bla bla bla, but give me a chance ok? *sweats mildly*

100% Angelic Form

In her natural state, Glitterwing would exist, amongst other Angels, Her name would not be Glitterwing, but "כוכבבַּת", or "Kokhav-Baht" (Sounds like K-kahvbat)
(Hebrew, Kokhav is Star's/star and Baht is Daughter)

In her angelic form, she has the power to change the light from the stars, though this is not really touched on, so I'll leave that be.
More importantly, she has LIMITED offensive/defensive spells, but is more of the passive-type angels (unlike guardian or demon-fighting angels) She would be on the young side.
Glitterwing, in her Angelic form, like some few angels, is able to enter the mortal dimension to various degrees. However due to her angel type, she is unable to enter fully into the mortal dimension without sacrificing her powers (as you'll see shortly) She is also only limited to 'ghosting' in space. Unlike some angels, she is unable to 'ghost' within the mortal atmosphere on a planet, or a body where there is more matter then void(space),

In Angelic form, she can appear as a ghost in space. A good example of this would be a story I half-finished a long time ago.
In short, an astronaut stallion was stranded alone, in a deep-space exploration ship, for faulty technical reasons. The dispatched rescue ship/team would not be able to arrive from Earth for some weeks (Space travel, fast, but not to the speed of light) He was safe from any immediate danger, had more then sufficient rations, and all life support systems worked fine. However, that does not do much to help sanity, which, after a few weeks alone in space, with intermittent contact with Earth being few and far between, may or may not start deteriorating to slightly-over unhealthy levels.
Of course, he is trained for this, but still, the pressure mounts.

Glitter, curious and fascinated by this mortal so far out from the mortal world, decides to break the no-mortals boundaries, and investigate. First, by intermittently appearing in a sort of ghost form (Much like the mortal form you know of, but more sparkly, and mature, and angelic, and ghostly. And also able to 'survive' (exist) in space) and simply peering in the hatches. She would indeed eventually float through the walls of the small ship, and into the interior, where she would convert more fully to the Mortal dimension, taking us to the next level;

90% Angelic Form
Mortal by all standards, save the fact that she can easily change to 100% Angelic form at a moments notice. She can be seen clearly (not see through like in ghost form) and felt, but loses her angelic ability (starlight, remember?)
She can, however, still use the offensive/defensive magic she could use as a full angel.
This form CANNOT be held within previously mentioned planet atmosphere. The only reason she could hold it in the case of the above story, was because the void of space within the Million mile radius VASTLY out did the comparatively small bit of atmosphere within the ship/

Anyway, he got to pet her c: (Maybe I'll finish/upload that story later)

80% Angelic Form
This form can be used for limited times in mortal atmospheres, up to perhaps 12~ Hours before she must take a 'break' and move to the parallel dimension to 'refresh' herself. Otherwise she risks losing more angelic form, and it will be harder for her to return, without the help of other Angels.
In this form, she is in all aspects Mortal, though she no longer has any ability to cast serious offensive or defensive magic at all. Her General and Unique (see Profile) abilities are still MUCH more effective, as well as she retains the ability to teleport. She is also quite strong, and can fly EXTREMELY well. She can still sense the presence of other entities, whether they are visible to the mortal dimension or not.
I suppose this could be likened to "Celestia Status" But without so much offensive spell. (Pfft, Celestia, doing anything? lul)
In this form she retains her FULL angelic beauty, would be as tall and (more) majestic as Celestia, would sparkle with great vigor, and would, in all, not be mistaken for anything BUT an other-worldly being. She can bleed, but one would be hard pressed to even come close to killing her.
Oh yeah, her wings would sparkle ;)

60% Angelic Form
The simple Glitterwing you know and love (I think)
The remnants of any angelic power she has, is severely limited to simple on-creature spells (See profile for those). She is no longer in touch with otherworldly beings, but MAY be able to sense them mildly to some degree (A heightened sense of "There is something in this room with me isnt there?...) Entities still stuck within the mortal world (such as ghosts) within close proximity may be 'disturbed'/'awakened' by her presence. Her beauty and stature is diminished, but still quite there.
She can bleed, and die, and her lifespan rivals that of a normal pony
Because she is so out of touch with her angelic side, unless she accidentally slipped into this herself, she may not even know that she is an angelic being. (or whats left of one) Getting back to a more pure form of angelic being would mean she needs to 1, know HOW to get back (The spell/magic that can transform her to a higher being) as well as escape the mortal atmosphere and get to someplace more void-y (Though she would not be able to survive in space in this form, so a shuttle or some sort of craft like that, far enough away, would have to do, in conjunction with meditation)
As for trying to escape this form, without knowing how to? Well, she's pretty screwed, unless some angel or something comes along....
No idea *shrug*

I should probably state here, that Glitterwing has absolutely no idea about any of this. As far as she is concerned, she is just a diffrent-looking mare!
And as far as you are concerned, unless your character is some old old wise mage or something who has studied paranormal entities and the like, you have never read this, and your character has no knowledge. :p
This entire post affects nothing when roleplaying with her!

The percentages go all the way down to "50%" Which, pretty much just means she is a normal pony, no glittery sparkles, and VERY limited hues. She'd pass for a tall MLP background character. Would probably even lose her wings (never the horn)

BIG thanks to Aurora for giving me the Hebrew name idea! Look them up here:
They even have a similar character to Glitterwing :3

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