The Famous Mr. Suitling: A Bussiness Man On A Mission: Introduction And 10 +Bonus 1 List

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The Famous Mr. Suitling: A Bussiness Man On A Mission: Introduction And 10 +Bonus 1 List

Post by MrAngelicSuitling » 2/3/18 08:51 PM

Greetings everybody. Yes, yes, I know it's an honor to be here with so many good people. My name is Mr. Angelic Suitling. I'm on RP.Me, Ani.RP and many other websites. In total, I've helped over 50 in my years.

Now, this account is for updates, that's why I got my 10 lists. Sadly, for this one list it's a month to start out with due to the incredible amounts of time it takes for one character. But I will try my best to help the community. I do many genres and am open to any kind of roleplay.

There will also be 5 main key features I will do.

1: Factional Group
2: Theme
3: Genre
4: Genre From/Based On

Those are key features to look for with my characters.

Anywho, here is your ten for this month. +1 Bonus Account. They will be uploaded at random times as I am busy irl.

5 Main Attributes of (Month 1's Character Pack)

1: Abyssal King's Cult of Shadows
2: Abyssal King
3: Fighting/Spar
4: Original + A Few Othe Genres As The Characters Are Ponys
5: Much details on this pack. Mostly involving backstory and other info.

1: The Abyssal King: Cal'Dor-El (Child Form/Released)
2: Mad Dragon/Snake Professor StarFlare/Fury
3: The Void: Herold of The Abyssal King
4: Utopia: Voice of The Abyssal King
5: Voodoo: Controller of The Abyssal King
6: Gah'Chulk: Judgement of The Abyssal King
7: Gerbella/Female Garble
8: Evilarius The Dragon Emporer/Courrpt Spike The Dragon
9: Har-Pony Queen
10: FearToxic: The Collector of ScareCrows

+1: Mizuki The Myrmidon

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