Seeking: RP Partners!

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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Bloodhound » 12/26/18 09:01 AM

Name: Bloodhound
Species: Thestral(Batpony)
Gender: Male

Looking for: An adventure RP with a possibility of romance (although not necessary, I can do without), preferably with one of us out of our element.

Secific positives: I like story building and usually I can let one liners go every once in a while.

Specific negatives: I don’t like prolonged absences without being told first, if it is an extenuating circumstance I can let it go.
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Fetlock Homes
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Fetlock Homes » 1/2/19 08:10 AM

name: Fetlock Homes
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Male

Looking for: an adventure RP with an element of mystery, possibly romances but not necessary.

Specific positives: I like RPs that take time to build up and are slow to go down. I will be very committed to an RP up until it has either reached its conclusion or my partner calls it off. I won’t be angry or upset if you do.

Specific negatives: No instant ERP, I can do them but not without discussion. No horrible grammar and spelling. I want my RP partners to be at least competent in the language instead of just throwing out words and hoping to make a sentence.

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