Seeking: RP Partners!

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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Azrael » 10/23/17 10:16 AM

Name: Azrael
Race: Feline, though only in form.
Gender: Male

Looking For:
Anypony who's willing to do a roleplay around these lines:
-Begging for another pony's/their own life.
-Asking for eternal life and trying to convince Az to let them.
-Wanting either eternal life or another creature's life and helping Az convince Time to let him go off schedule and both save the cat's one and only love and whoever you are trying to save.
Specific Positives:
The stuff listed as well as just sort of a normal conversation on death, that can be fun sometimes.

Specific Negatives:
You CANNOT force Az to give you what you want because you are powerful or 'just an innocent little thing'. He will only be convinced to help you if you can bring back his mare by convincing Time to let the cat go off schedule.

Just PM me or quote this if you are interested!
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by BerryBlues » 10/23/17 09:04 PM

Name: BerryBlues
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Female

Looking For: A stallion Berry can share her love with or a simple slice of life to an awesome adventure with anyone

Specific Positives: I love romance and world building. Crossovers are also fun and I'd love if you showed me some effort in your replies even if they are short

Specific Negatives: Bad grammar and lack of effort. Taking over my character and doing things I am uncomfortable with off the bat like a straightaway flirt

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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Aiedail » 11/16/17 01:59 AM

Name: Aiedail
Race: Kirin
Gender: Male

Looking For: Consistent roleplay partner to help bring back life to this character.

Specific Positives:
1: Variety and skills. I'm open to any species, any gender, any breed, hybrid, or like that one can imagine. Alicorns are possible, as long as they are not overpowered. For obvious reasons. Exotic or normal, whatever you desire as long as it's fair. As long as you have good grammar, good understanding of story development, and you can post in more than a single line of text, then I'm more than happy to roleplay. Keep that in mind.

2: Activity. I enjoy it when the roleplay is active. Engaging. Please keep that in mind. If you find something wrong with it that you do not like, then SAY SOMETHING. We can try and come to a solution we're both happy with.

3: Combat. While I generally dislike combat, and would prefer to stray away from it, it will inevitably happen down the line. When it comes to combat you need be as open to idea of taking a hit as you expect me as well. If you require me to take hits to take part in the roleplay, then you must be ready to take them as well. Aiedail is no slouch when it comes to combat being half dragon and raised by a Lunar Guard, but even he is not invincible. So you're not either. Play fair, don't one shot people, and for the love of god don't autohit-dodge everything.

Specific Negatives:
1: Medium. I only roleplay in IM, or Chatrooms. For the life of me I cannot do either forum or PM roleplay, for I find myself loosing focus on the roleplay quickly. So please, do not ask me to do so in PM. Because I cannot do so.

2: Shipping. Over the years both the OC and I have grown tired of being asked to ship, only to have it fall apart after 2 months. I mind not the occasional erp in the rp, but I will not ship my kirin. Not anymore. So please, do not ask for it.

3: Consistency. I do not appreciate abandoning the roleplay midway through because of time constraints. If you accept the roleplay, then I expect you to reply within a reasonable timeframe. (Two or three days are usually the minimum I will wait.) Nothing upsets me more than someone who takes days upon days to reply, or not at all. If you mention it before hand that you may not be around, then that is fine. As long as you try to make an effort in replying at some point. Just please mention it before vanishing...
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Scarlett Time
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Scarlett Time » 11/16/17 08:03 AM

Name : Scarlett Time
Race: Alicorn
Looking for : anything fun or exciting
Specific positives: any pony who can rp anything really.

Specific negatives: those who direspect her past and parents grave
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Capper Cat » 11/16/17 05:47 PM

Name: Capper The Cat
Race: Abyssian
Gender: Male

Looking For: Romance. Capper has some relationship issues. Maybe a date will help.

Specific Positives: I like simple RPs that can last for a while. I can RP with almost any species and theme.

Specific Negatives: I tend to be offline a lot. I also have school to work on.
I also tend to forget not to make choices for others.
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Ailen-Pom Stitch
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Ailen-Pom Stitch » 11/23/17 03:25 AM

Name: Ailen-Pom Stitch
Race: Om-Pom
Gender: Female

Looking For: Anyone who's willing to roleplay something soft, cute, fun, and simple.

Specific Positives: I like simple SoL and even simple cute romance!
Heck, even joke roleplays are kinda fun!
Adventures fine too.

Specific Negatives: This character isn't one for any GrimDark, violence, and that sort of thing. I prefer to keep Ailen out of that stuff.

Just IM or PM me if you'd be interested!
~Ailen-Pom Stitch

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Ducati Moltobella

Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Ducati Moltobella » 11/23/17 06:03 PM

Name: Dart Wheelspin
Race: Earth pony
Gender: female

Looking For: unlike using my main oc I will be using her daughter who is a crystal guard. I'm looking for another character who also happens to be some kind of guard. This role play would take place during a battle of some sort. I'm open to ideas but try not to go too extreme

Specific Positives: character development and relationships

Specific Negatives: scars

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Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Wolfbane » 1/3/18 10:06 PM

Alright, going to take one more shot at this. This time, have a maximum of 5 roleplays going. Ensure everyone gets a top notch reply. Everytime.
Name: Wolfbane
Race: Earth Pony [Subspecies: Quilladon]
Gender: Male
Looking For: In search for two options of Roleplay Partner(s)...

1) Setting up compelling story arcs, with the likelihood of being canon to Wolfbane's lore.
- Content: PG-13 up to Mature(Violent standpoint) rated
- Genres: Adventure/Action, Psychological, Suspense, possible romance(?) (Not listed? Let me know, and I will give opinion)
- PG-13 content: Mild blood and language
Mature Content: Blood and Gore, Strong Language, use of drugs and alcohol/drug consumption
- Locations: (Place of work) Canterlot or crystal Empire (Exploring) Frozen North and regions outside Equestria.
Note: Understand that this character is considered Alternate-canon. And whilst there are current Canon elements consisted in this universe. Roleplaying any Arc of Wolfbane will take you out of that realm. If that is something you cannot accept, don't bother requesting, Thank you.


2) Short burst role plays to break up the heavy action driven arcs with periods of more light-hearted tone. Mainly slice of life.
- Can be with RP Partners or with new partners.
- More than likely the short burst will be non-canon.(Exemption of partners that are apart of the canon RP)

Specific Positives:
1) Combat:Whilst fighting is optional, this can vary between Non-playable characters in the story arcs and even between the characters themselves. Just 4 notes to have in thought, nothing big and pretty explanatory.
- Have at least a basic knowledge of physical and/or magical combat. Doesn't need to be complex, just know.
- Avoid One-shot combat (I.E. The Ultimate Move) pace yourself, war and battles are meant to be suspenseful and exciting.
- Understand that some battles can and WILL be lost, NOT everyone escapes unscathed or is untouchable.
- Refrain from auto attacking and/or modding, everyone deserves an opportunity to strike.
2) Patience: There will be days I do fall into a writing rut and sometimes it can last for quite a spell. All I ask for you is to be understanding and keep your mind preoccupied whilst I sort through my mental state. If that too, is something you do not wish to partake in, do not bother requesting. In addition, I don't expect you to be clockwork with replies. We got lives here, all I ask is you keep up. And reply when you're ready, I'll notify you if something has come about or vice versa.
Note: Just be honest, if you do not like the roleplay. Or if it no longer peeks your interest, Speak up if you either want to change up something in agreement or drop it. Trust me I won't lose sleep over it.
3) Miscellaneous: Just have standard grammar, respectful to one another, make sure your starters/replies are comprehensible. I don't have any specifics of characters I approve or not, all walks of life are welcome to roleplay.

Specific Negatives:
1)Roleplay Medium Preferences: EEA's Private Message system, forum group postings. Case closed. The reason, I perform some of my best writing in this format, and if it's not broke, I'm not fixing it. EEA's IM system will only be used for OOC discussions or alerts you want to keep in touch with me about anything on your mind.
Note: I do approve of Discord in regards to IM's if you MUST use the format for roleplaying purposes. But mind my activity on the application is limited.
2)Shipping/NSFW: I am for one honestly done with it. It brews Convoluted daft drama that I myself do not have time for. My experience thus far in this department has been muddy. Unless THOROUGHLY discuss beforehand, Wolfbane will not be engaging in sexual content. That's not what I came here for, stories that are heavily influenced by NSFW, nor what I want to do with your character.
3)Plotting: If you do manage to request a roleplay. Please, for the love of god, make the effort in brainstorming an idea, rather than me 100% conjuring the plot with little input or change on your part.(Might as well roleplay with myself at that point) I do not care if you are good at making a plot or not. Try, PLEASE, give me anything to help fill in the holes of your ideas. It's the only way you will improve your creative writing repertoire. It also shows me your interest level and alertness to detail. (Will indeed be on my good side)

This is just a vague setup, rather than to discuss all of it through IM repeatedly(It was getting a bit too long honestly)
If any further questions on character details, either go to my profile or, if curious, read the prologue of Wolfbane's backstory arc, Anthology. Again optional, it is not required.
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Ran Aquamarine » 1/4/18 08:54 AM

Name: Ran Aquamarine
Race: Crystal Unicorn [Changeling Subspecies: Aqualing]
Gender: Female

Looking For: Anything really! Friends, Allies, Enemies, Possible romantic partners, Business Associates. I prefer to keep things canon with her, so please discuss with me if you want it to be non-canon

Specific Positives:
CST: I live in CST timezone!
Flexibility: Although I would prefer Slice of Life/Adventure, hit me up for anything really.
Relationships: Predetermined relationships are negotiable! I would love to see what ways our characters would react to each other first though.
Ran Herself: Ran is a very open individual who prefers a pacifistic outlook on life, and will likely not attack your OC unless provoked. She is meant to be more of a buffer for more calmer types of roleplays, so if you need to cool down after a huge fight just hit her up!
Note: Ran is quite open about being a changeling and incorporates it into her work ethic. She is completely open to speaking more about her hive compared to other changelings as long as she trusts the pony in question.

Specific Negatives:
Length: While I do like some lengths in my RPs, I am not the type to write entire novels explaining how our characters meet and I find myself struggling to make more than a few sentences, maybe a paragraph.
Script: I can not take script style seriously at all, sorry.
Time: Sometimes I am unable to get onto EEA for days to weeks due to school work, so please dont expect rapid fire rps..
Romantic Relationships: While I am fine with predetermined relationships, I would much rather leave up romance to the characters themselves. Ran is a Lesbian so if your muse if a male, its going to be a no.
Fighting: Im sorry I just dont like to RP physical fights at all, it may be your thing but it isnt mine.
Typos and Spelling Issues: Currently, my keyboard has some missing keys in it [such as the quotation/apostrophe and 6-9 top keys and left shift key] so my responses may have some unintentional typos.
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Scarlett Time
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Scarlett Time » 1/11/18 10:22 AM

Lavender Lace wrote:
8/29/17 08:33 AM
Name: Lavender Lace
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Female (transgender)

Looking For: Lavender is a singer with heavy trust issues. To those in the Manehattan area, she's fairly well known. All I ask if people keep that in mind when RPing with me - that there's a chance Lavender expects them to know her at least a little. She doesn't have a huge ego, but she likes it to be stroked a lot.

Specific Positives: I like simpler RPs, and ones with lots of emotion once a relationship has been established. I also like adventure!

Specific Negatives: I'm happy to do most things, but if I say I don't like something I'd like it to be stopped and that's all.

I'm interested
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