Seeking: RP Partners!

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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Fleetfoot » 8/17/17 06:34 PM

Name: Fleetfoot
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Female

Looking For: I'm looking for, most likely, canon characters to RP with. I like RPs when playing a character from the show to also include characters from the show. That really does not rule OCs out! I know most people here play OCs - and I have plenty of my own hidden away - but it's a little harder for me to find common ground between a canon character and an OC, y'know? Canon characters, hit me up for sure! OCs too! It might just be a little harder to get it to work.

Specific Positives: I like stuff that's engaging. Slice of life and adventure are my main genres, but if there's chemistry I'm willing to throw in a romance subplot. We'll just have to see what happens!

Specific Negatives: I don't do gore, I don't do NSFW without chemistry. I'll tell you if I don't like something during the RP otherwise, but these are my biggest no's!

I think that's it and I'm really hoping we can get something going!
"What Fleetfoot lacks in size, she makes up for in speed." - Rarity; Season 2, Episode 9 "Sweet and Elite".

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Gleaming Shield
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Gleaming Shield » 8/17/17 08:12 PM

Name: Gleaming Shield
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female

Looking For: Anyone that would like adventures or try some new stuff weird or creative.

Specific Positives: Adventure, horror, action, slice of life too but...just not a lot of it since I'm wanting to get out of that, for some reason I choose to be a guard to be in dangerous situations.

Specific Negatives: I don't do weird fetishes and as I say...NOT TOO MUCH OF SLICE OF LIFE. Maybe we can use it at the start to know each other or something but not always.

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Gilded Oak
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Gilded Oak » 8/17/17 11:03 PM

Name: Gilded Oak
Race: Thestral (bat)
Gender: Female

Looking For: Nothing specific, just a fun time of some kind of RP. Fighting would be encouraged for her character but not necessary.

Specific Positives: Some for of action would be nice, maybe some adventure of sorts. Slice of life is ok as a start to know her, but later ones should mix it up a bit if possible. Pretty open to ideas, just ask before acting though.

Specific Negatives: Touching her right out the gate will tick her off the easiest and warrant a deck to the face so there's a warning. Other then that, there's not a lot else to explain so other info you'll have to find out for yourself.

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Rosewood Oak
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Rosewood Oak » 8/24/17 09:41 AM

Name: Rosewood Oak
Race: Equestrian Deer
Gender: Doe

Looking For: Roleplayers of any kind who just want a roleplay! I'd love to do that as well!

Specific Positives: Adventure, SoL, ect. Something where our characters can get to know each other.

Specific Negatives: Romance. I know many love this style, but Rose is one who's character is quite independent and she would have never left home if she had engaged in romance or would ever want it. Oh yes! ERP is like romance... I'm incredibly iffy about it because of her character and because.... Well... To be honest, it's incredibly gross to me. I'm sorry, but it just seriously makes me cringe.

PM me or quote this in a reply if you are interested!
"I've said it once, I've said it a MILLION times, dad, I am NOT interested in any boy you're gonna try to get me to marry and I will NEVER be!!"

-Rosewood Oak to Dark Oak, the day before she left home to start a life of her own.

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Lavender Lace
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Lavender Lace » 8/29/17 08:33 AM

Name: Lavender Lace
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Female (transgender)

Looking For: Lavender is a singer with heavy trust issues. To those in the Manehattan area, she's fairly well known. All I ask if people keep that in mind when RPing with me - that there's a chance Lavender expects them to know her at least a little. She doesn't have a huge ego, but she likes it to be stroked a lot.

Specific Positives: I like simpler RPs, and ones with lots of emotion once a relationship has been established. I also like adventure!

Specific Negatives: I'm happy to do most things, but if I say I don't like something I'd like it to be stopped and that's all.

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Death paw
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Death paw » 8/29/17 08:50 AM

Name: Deathpaw
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Female

Looking For: I'm looking to roleplay with oc's stallion or mare whose snotty and or kind like fluttershy. Slice of life/drama/adventure. prefered to talk about the starter before we start!

Specific Positives: English was not my first language but i still do enjoy long and detailed replies, but it doesn't have to be crazy long. i usually try to aim for 12~15 lines But 6~7 lines if alright if you put in enough information!. I will always reply in a day or two if the rp is good. i like long term rp

Specific Negatives: Deathpaw is a very difficult character to warm up to. She will be snobby mean and selfish and even a bit racist but if you do manage to get her warm up to you she will be less fussy and hissy, please note Just because Deathpaw is mean to your oc doesn't mean i as a person look down upon you! its just her character!

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Rosemary Thorn
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Rosemary Thorn » 8/29/17 02:43 PM

Name: Rosemary Thorn
Race: Unicorn (Changeling)
Gender: Female

Looking For: Someone to go a long or short term RP as Rose's assistant or whatever you want to do.

Specific Positives: I can respond nearly everyday and I have a discord if you would prefer an RP there. Rose is willing to interact with nearly anyone.

Specific Negatives: I do have class and life outside that can interfere so please know I might be spotty. Also Rose can be a bit difficult to deal with if upset. She also is quick to decide if she likes you or not.
ImageThe Queen is no Queen now is she?

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Moonlit Nocturne
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Moonlit Nocturne » 10/1/17 09:14 PM

Name:Moonlit Nocturne

Looking For:Anyone who is interested in getting their OC involved with the Lunar Appreciation Society or who is down for political intrigue.

Specific Positives:
+Narrative Roleplayer
I'm also fair with grammar and expect an RP partner to be as well. I love plotting and adding in little details to a roleplay that really make it pop.

Specific Negatives:
I do not want to RP with someone who uses asterisks. It's nothing against those who do but it really doesn't mesh well with the way I write.

Also, while I do prefer quality to quantity, I don't want one-liners.

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Sketchy Canvas
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Sketchy Canvas » 10/2/17 08:17 PM

Name: Sketchy Canvas
Race: Unicorn Pony
Gender: Female

Looking For: Roleplayers who's interested in interacting with a tsundere artist.

Specific Positives:Fantasy, SoL(Slice of Life), adventure, humor; Something that'll introduce our characters for them to know each other. Ask me any ideas you have.

Specific Negatives:
Sketchy is a difficult being to befriend/warm up too. She's cold, sarcastic and sometimes blunt to others, if you managed to get onto her good side, she's the same except it's lesser than normal.
Romance. I have mix feelings for it. I can do that as long as there's some building up in it. No instant.

-Spell Check, same goes with punctuation and grammar. Make sure your reply isn't a complete mess.
-Quality over quantity.
- No controlling my char, or be OP in general.

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Pimento Pepper
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Pimento Pepper » 10/16/17 10:08 AM

Name: Pimento Pepper
Race: Changeling
Gender: Female

Looking For: Business Associates and/or fellow Changelings to possibly be friends or allies to her.

Specific Positives:
- I love Slice of Life with a mixture of magical elements, so if you love those just hit me up! [I am willing to try other types of roleplaying though.]
- I am a narrative roleplayer and will be willing to keep the rp afloat if you keep it interesting.
- My timezone is EST and on most days I am free for roleplaying, but there are times where my responses take a while to formulate even in the most simple of roleplays so expect some type of wait.

Specific Negatives:
- I sometimes forget to respond, so just bump my IMs if we are in the middle of rp and I havnt responded in a while.
- While it is not outright mind control, depending on the RP my character may put a spell on yours to induce enhanced persuasion and intense love, so if you do not want that to partake in our rp, just say!
- ROMANCE AND ERP: No. She may be flirty but I do not intend on having a random pony that she JUST MET date or ERP with her, we will plan this out IF it happens. [I would prefer mares to date her.]

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