Seeking: RP Partners!

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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Bloodhound » 12/26/18 09:01 AM

Name: Bloodhound
Species: Thestral(Batpony)
Gender: Male

Looking for: An adventure RP with a possibility of romance (although not necessary, I can do without), preferably with one of us out of our element.

Secific positives: I like story building and usually I can let one liners go every once in a while.

Specific negatives: I don’t like prolonged absences without being told first, if it is an extenuating circumstance I can let it go.
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Fetlock Homes
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Fetlock Homes » 1/2/19 08:10 AM

name: Fetlock Homes
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Male

Looking for: an adventure RP with an element of mystery, possibly romances but not necessary.

Specific positives: I like RPs that take time to build up and are slow to go down. I will be very committed to an RP up until it has either reached its conclusion or my partner calls it off. I won’t be angry or upset if you do.

Specific negatives: No instant ERP, I can do them but not without discussion. No horrible grammar and spelling. I want my RP partners to be at least competent in the language instead of just throwing out words and hoping to make a sentence.

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Balestra Bellarose
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Balestra Bellarose » 1/26/19 10:31 AM

Name: Balestra Bellarose
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female

Looking For: A few fun roleplay partners to help me flesh out Balestra through RP. I don't bite at all, so please feel free to message me!

Specific Positives: Matched responses and legible writing is all I really ask. I prefer to treat SoL RP as a "filler episode" in a TV show. They're fun, allow for more flexibility, and they can deepen the character's goals while still keeping everything mostly lighthearted. Adventure RP is also an obvious plus for me. Balestra does like to travel, after all!

Specific Negatives: I don't want to turn the RP into a romance without prior discussion. ERP is fine, but I don't want it to be dropped on me at random. Ask me first.

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