Seeking: RP Partners!

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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Bloodhound » 12/26/18 09:01 AM

Name: Bloodhound
Species: Thestral(Batpony)
Gender: Male

Looking for: An adventure RP with a possibility of romance (although not necessary, I can do without), preferably with one of us out of our element.

Secific positives: I like story building and usually I can let one liners go every once in a while.

Specific negatives: I don’t like prolonged absences without being told first, if it is an extenuating circumstance I can let it go.
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Fetlock Homes
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Fetlock Homes » 1/2/19 08:10 AM

name: Fetlock Homes
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Male

Looking for: an adventure RP with an element of mystery, possibly romances but not necessary.

Specific positives: I like RPs that take time to build up and are slow to go down. I will be very committed to an RP up until it has either reached its conclusion or my partner calls it off. I won’t be angry or upset if you do.

Specific negatives: No instant ERP, I can do them but not without discussion. No horrible grammar and spelling. I want my RP partners to be at least competent in the language instead of just throwing out words and hoping to make a sentence.

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Balestra Bellarose
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Balestra Bellarose » 1/26/19 10:31 AM

Name: Balestra Bellarose
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female

Looking For: A few fun roleplay partners to help me flesh out Balestra through RP. I don't bite at all, so please feel free to message me!

Specific Positives: Matched responses and legible writing is all I really ask. I prefer to treat SoL RP as a "filler episode" in a TV show. They're fun, allow for more flexibility, and they can deepen the character's goals while still keeping everything mostly lighthearted. Adventure RP is also an obvious plus for me. Balestra does like to travel, after all!

Specific Negatives: I don't want to turn the RP into a romance without prior discussion. ERP is fine, but I don't want it to be dropped on me at random. Ask me first.

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Rover Wonder
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Rover Wonder » 3/27/19 07:17 PM

Name: Rover Wonder
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Male

Looking For: I'm open for pretty much any type and genre of rp, I can adapt pretty easily though some of my characters fit more easily with some situations. Rover fits best in slice of life, adventure, mystery, possibly romance, maybe action but mostly shenanigans :p
I'm really chill or at least I try to be, I'm weird but I don't bite, so feel free to message me, i'll always try to answer and at least offer a nice conversation ^^

Specific Positives: My schedule is... nonexistent. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life, so I can't really promise a regular time. Though I can tell I'm a student and work during the day, I still come when I can, be it the day or evening/night. I'll mostly be there in those periods of time, between 7pm and 1 am (GMT+1).
I do try to come at least once a day, and will warn if I'm off for a long while (if I can), but I like patience :p (I can be patient too, though I also like being told when people are leaving for a while or even the day.)

Also, I'm not a native English speaker, and I'm rather new to roleplay, so although I can talk fine and write fine too, I'm sorry if sometimes my English isn't perfect or if my thoughts are weirdly phrased, and I hope you'll understand.

I really prefer to follow a story or story line, it doesn't have to be super long or complex or even the center of the story, but at least I like when rps go somewhere.

I'm really flexible, so I'm fine with any genre and can adapt both my rp and character to fit more pg- or mature/violent roleplays, but I like to talk about it a bit before, to plan things out.

Specific Negatives: Welp, pretty generic usual rules about not being a jerk.
No mindless violence, excessive gore, killing my character, god modding etc...
No one liners. I'm okay with short answers, sometimes you can't really go on and on with little happening, but I prefer to have something, anything to work with. I'm not picky or strict, not an elitist, but it's cool to at least try.

Also, I'm okay with romance and even ERP, but not out of the blue. There needs to be a story there, or chemistry or something. Also no extreme fetishes, I'm not into that and it'll be a no. (I dunno, ask and I'll tell you if I'm okay with it)
As for canon, in later years, Rover finds somepony special and they become lover (not saying who they're not on this site anyway). This is pretty much later in his life, and from that point on he stays loyal and will not do anything.
BUT anything before that can be canon unless we decide otherwise, Rover is a free spirit and he loves adventures (of all kinds)

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Jupiters Beard
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Jupiters Beard » 4/5/19 04:55 PM

Name: Jupiters Beard (Call her Jupiter though.)
Race: Roamin, (Crystal Shire/Gypsy Hybrid)
Gender: Female

Looking For:
Anyone! Allies, enemies, friends, foes, lovers, masters, students. If you are a mare though, prepare for flirts. I do best at Slice of Life, although.

Specific Positives:
Easy to place her down in plots! She can basically be anywhere I choose, since she's a gypsy.
Really kind, also a bit sassy so if you want some chill rp? sure.
Really cute, and thicc.
I live in CST.

Specific Negatives:
I am terrible at remembering to come back onto here, so, replies might be slow.
I would prefer if ERP is relegated after they fully meet, but, if it progresses that far quickly, alright.
Other accounts are:
Ran Aquamarine, Petalura, and Pimento Pepper.

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