Ask me Anytihng!

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Ask me Anytihng!

Post by Cerrwin » 6/15/18 09:31 AM

The copper dragon gave a happy fluting sound and she then bounced around in a joyful manner,
"Oooh! Are we going to play 20 questions, I love that game! If you are curious just ask me anything and I'll answer! Nothing is off limits," She said and rolled onto her back with a giggle looking at the word from this up-side-down angle.

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Re: Ask me Anytihng!

Post by Slingshot » 6/15/18 10:03 AM

The mutt ponders for a minute or two, paw rubbing against his cheek. "Hmmhm.. What should i ask, though?"
Darn, he just used his question!
Bork Bork!

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