Ask Guardian Flare, I guess

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Guardian Flare
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Ask Guardian Flare, I guess

Post by Guardian Flare » 6/8/18 12:44 AM

"Howdy! It's everyone's (hopefully) favorite corporal, here! Basically, I'm bored and I feel like being asked stuff. You can ask about me and my life, being a guard, those times I accidentally get too drunk and cry-read an entire novel without memory of any of it, you name it! So, fire away!"

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Re: Ask Guardian Flare, I guess

Post by Cerrwin » 6/8/18 08:26 AM

Oooh dear.
The Copper dragon was now looking down at this little equine with a grin upon her face,
"What's it like being a guard? IS it hard? what are some of the things you like about it? What are some of the things you do not like about it? Who are you a guard for? Are you guarding a person or place? What is your favorite food? Color? Season? Am I annoying you, lots of ponies say I annoy them, but I just want to learn about your people and your culture, its sooo vastly different from the Draconic culture...and all of you are such pretty colors and adorable, and I love your armor <3" she giggled.

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Re: Ask Guardian Flare, I guess

Post by Aset » 6/9/18 05:25 PM

"Yes, I have a question or two as well." Aset says, sitting down and taking out a notepad and a pen. "You do work in Canterlot, yes? In the castle? Tell me, what are the weak points of security there? Say, if you wanted to kidnap a princess. How would you do it? Would the guards be willing to accept some sort of... reward, for pretending they didn't see anything?" She asked, looking at the guard now. "And uhm... No reason behind those questions. Just curious. Not planning anything at all..."
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