Songs of a Grunge Pone

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Songs of a Grunge Pone

Post by Aphonia Blare » 7/11/18 11:04 AM

-Original Set list

1)Lightning in a Bottle: Her most fast paced tune, fast paced all the way with bursts of even more rapid notes.
2)Run: Not as fast as Lightning in a bottle, but still quick in tempo and with hard hitting, stylized riffs.
3)Silver Lined Thunder Clouds: A low, slow, somewhat sludgy song, with a strange tune that seemingly expresses pessimism and optimism at the same time.
4)Moon Rebel: Similar speed to run, but with more drawn out notes and experimentation with tricks such as slaps and slides. Strong use of distortion.
5)Celebrity Tartarus: An upper beat song, with a faster tempo, but with rough contrasting riffs.
6)Want: A fast paced yet emotional tune, a bit slower than lightning in a bottle but faster than most of her other songs.
7)Savior: Run II: A slower starting opening before it speeds up abruptly and goes into a storm of stylized riffs.
8)Myth: An attitude laden and somewhat melodic song full of fast notes and a few slower riffs of slightly more drawn out notes.
9)The Noise: A song combining a fast tempo with strong notes, not nearly as rapid as Lightning in a bottle and the most melodic song, with some grunge attitude spicing the notes.
10)Don't get caught: A more fast paced song akin to Lightning in a bottle, with a different and more frantic tune to it.

-New Songs
1)Mate: A song that alternates between mellow yet upper pitched toned and rough, energetic notes delivered in fast but not blinding speed. Distortion is lower on the mellow sections, but put up high on the energetic sections.

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