Seeking: RP Partners!

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Scarlett Time
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Scarlett Time » 1/11/18 10:24 AM

Kadai Montanya wrote:
7/15/17 01:10 PM
Name: Kadai Montanya
Race: Thestral
Gender: Male

Looking For: Seeing as how Kadai is a Lunar Guard.. action is fun to have in a rp with this bat. Slice of life and potential romance if you are up to digging past that outer iron wall that Kadai puts up to hide his soft side.

Specific Positives: Action, war, slice of life, romance etc / Longer narrative roleplays

Specific Negatives: Dont take control over my oc, no 'rapid fire' rps.

I'm interested

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Sketchy Canvas
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Re: Seeking: RP Partners!

Post by Sketchy Canvas » 1/11/18 07:57 PM

Name: Sketchy Canvas
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female

Looking For: Anyone's interested in interacting with a tsundere artist, any species. Drop by PM for further discussion.

Specific Positives: Fantasy, SoL(Slice of Life), adventure, humor; Something that'll introduce our characters for them to know each other. Ask me any ideas you have.
Relationships: I'm all for it, wanna see how many characters warming up around this pony or to her.

Specific Negatives:
Take note: A difficult being into befriend/warm up. She's cold, sarcastic and sometimes blunt to others, if you managed to get onto her good side, she's the same except it's lesser than normal.
Romance. - I have mix feelings for it. I can do that as long as there's some building up in it. No instant.

-Spell Check, same goes with punctuation and grammar. Make sure your reply isn't a complete mess.
-Quality over quantity.
- No controlling my char, or be OP in general.

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