Official Neighpon Guide(Diamond's AU)

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Official Neighpon Guide(Diamond's AU)

Post by Diamond Shine » 3/13/18 02:51 AM


A guide to the many points of interests within the prosperous and peaceful nation of Neighpon! Forgive me for the names, I have decided to not go with pony-punned Japanese names and take a more approach to fantasy like names. I think these honestly sound better!

1. The Capital City

2. The Royal Palace

3. House Sakura

4. House Shade

5. House Diamond

6. House Zephyr

7. House Scorch

8. House Gossamer

9. House Storm

10. House Summerfire

11. House Tsunami

12. Murky Lair of the Akkorokamui

13. House Meadow

14. Ghostwood Forest

15. House Cascade

16. House Evergreen

17. House Celadon

18. Rhinestone Island

19. Fjord's Pass

20. Wolfsong Island

21. Vale of the Yuki-Onna

22. House Nocturne

23. Glacier Reach

24. House Stellar

25. Brightstone

26. Greywater Valley

27. House Cedar

28. House Nyx

29. House Shinto

30. Mount Sacred

31. Fairylight Forest

32. Stormfront Meadow

33. Azure Bay

34. Moonfire Coast

35. Dragon's Keep

36.(The 24 in the middle) Kyuubi's Road
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