The Great Commissions Thread!

Pics of your characters or other art.
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The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by Shank » 5/31/17 08:02 PM

Pony artists available for commissions, please post here! It would be nice to have one master thread of available artists for people to be able to look at. So... artists, and ONLY artists, please reply here. Put down links to your DA sites, examples of your work, rates, whatever. One post per artist. I'll sticky this thread, and link to it from the main page once I get a couple of artist replies here!

If you have already started a commissions thread on EEA for yourself, please link to that here as well!

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Re: The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by Moonflower » 5/31/17 08:20 PM

My art shop is seen here! ^

Here's my most current example of my arts.
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Re: The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by Serac » 5/31/17 08:36 PM

Full info can be found here;


General prices for flat colors:
Fullbody: 15$
Halfbody: 8$
Bust: 5$

Quick example of art:

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Thicket Commissions!

Post by Thicket » 6/1/17 09:47 AM

viewtopic.php?f=4&t=355&p=1447#p1447 <= my art stuffies.

TL;DR version:

$5 Busts
$10 Fullbodies.
(+$2-3 for complex OC's)

My style or show style:

My style


Show style


If you're interested, shoot me a PM!
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Bean's Stuff!

Post by Maxie » 6/1/17 03:15 PM


Detailed Rules / Slot Info (currently without images, see forum post):

Examples of Art:
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Re: The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by Decay » 6/5/17 03:24 AM

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Re: The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by InterStellar » 6/21/17 03:50 PM

Aha, let's join the commission train.

viewtopic.php?f=4&t=354&p=1356#p1356 <-- Commission prices and stuff

Here is my deviantart:
and Furaffinity:

Pm me if you're interested

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Re: The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by ThomasTesla » 6/25/17 03:11 PM

Well, here it is my Devianart account:

The prices and samples are with the prices. I hope they are good.

I do work with Paypal, but there you'll need to PM me.

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Re: The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by Cootie Shot » 6/28/17 03:02 PM

My commission thread can be found here~

Examples of my work:
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Re: The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by Winter Doodle » 7/21/17 06:11 PM

Here's a link to my DeivantArt account!:
Link to Instagram:

Commission Prices

Flat color + simple shading
Portrait: $10
Half body: $15
Full body: $20

Color w/ shading + lots of detail
Portrait: $15
Half body: $20
Full body: $25

Extra Characters: $5
Detailed Background: $10-$15

Solid BG/pattern: Free!
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