Requests //characters raffle *:・゚✧

Pics of your characters or other art.
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Requests //characters raffle *:・゚✧

Post by Pandora_ » 11/6/18 10:31 AM

I open artrequests soon bc i've limited internet access for reasons
Usually my art is cute/simple/chibi
Serious art takes a lot more time and I don't add a background unless I like it enough to make one.

【☆】 Rules 【☆】
Fill in the sheet below
Don't remove my watermark from the image made for you
Have patience, I'm not fast!

♥ Request slots ♥
1. Open
2. Open

Character name:
Character reference:
Other things I should know: (ex, wearing earrings / it being a gift etc)

Character raffle // give-away

Once I've some characters I don't want they will be posted in the comments

Rules for character raffle // give-away
Leave on my watermark
Credit to base-artist
Don't sell unless you got more art of the character by other artists or made by yourself

Art example


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Re: Requests //characters raffle *:・゚✧

Post by Poppie » 11/6/18 11:13 AM

Poppie would love to enter your raffle! Such a fun little thing!

Character name: Poppie
Character reference:Image
Other things I should know: Golden necklaces around her neck, and golden earrings, as displayed on the picture above. She has tailfeathers instead of the typical griffon tail.

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Re: Requests //characters raffle *:・゚✧

Post by Volta » 11/6/18 11:28 PM

Character name: Volta
Something you may need to know: Sometimes she will wear a lace or pearl choker.

It’s really sweet of you to do requests. I love your art!
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