The Great Commissions Thread!

Pics of your characters or other art.
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Shadow Craft
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Re: The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by Shadow Craft » 11/27/17 05:56 PM

Sketches: $5-10

Portraits&Waist ups: $20-25
+characters: $1-2

Full Body: $35-50
+characters: $5-10


Flat color + simple shading:
Portrait: $10-15
Half Body: $15-20
Full Body: $20-25

Example of arts:
sketch1.jpg (1.4 MiB) Viewed 618 times
shadowcraft_by_dispelimagines-db1zzyr.png (138.59 KiB) Viewed 623 times
TAKETWO_MOFO0000.gif || for actual gif movement
TAKETWO_MOFO0000.gif (2.81 MiB) Viewed 623 times
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Re: The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by Honey » 12/24/17 11:15 PM <--- This is where I post majority of my MLP things

Heya! The name's Tay and I draw things that go neigh! Sorry if this seems weird, I'm not very good at forum formats.

Headshot/Icon: $5usd
Half body: $7usd
Full body: $10usd
Any extra character will be a $2usd charge
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I'm always free for PMs! There is where I'll give my paypal if anyone is interested!
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Re: The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by Ondrea » 1/29/18 12:48 AM ... -pony-ych/

Current YCH running, and if you're interested feel free to follow me on the YCH site to be notified!
Art examples below! Feel free to message for inquiries since I base price off of exactly what is wanted, as well as character complexity!
Image ... bz74bt.gif

I also do NSFW and animated arts!

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Maxh Scratch
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Re: The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by Maxh Scratch » 2/26/18 04:44 AM

My prices vary depending of complexity, I can do more than just ponies.
But I still offer the entire packet for ponies.

$ 5 (Bust - Color - Shading and a simple background)
$ 10 (Full body, same as bust, fully integrated)

Example of what I can do: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=898
My DA:

If you can provide me with a reference of your character and what you want, what expression / pose you may need, be in the show or not, I'll greatly appreciate it, otherwise I'll give them a floaty position if they possess wings, or a standing one if they don't.
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Daisy Chain
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Re: The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by Daisy Chain » 7/11/18 06:13 AM

The rest of my commission info can be found here:
So if you decide you happend to want me to draw something for ya here’s how.

E-mail: Subject: Commission

Or send a PM

Sketches: $10
Lineart: $20
Flats: $30
Busts and Icons: $5
Simple shading and simple backgrounds are free!

Flat color samples
Image Image

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Maxh V Scratch
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Re: The Great Commissions Thread!

Post by Maxh V Scratch » 7/18/18 02:42 PM

Updated info

º I can do Anthros and Ferals alike / Monsters as well.
º I work better with a reference, or even pose references.
º Icons with glowy animated backgrounds only $ 7
º PayPal only.

Free simple Backgrounds, or transparent, that's up to you.
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