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Welcome to Equestria Ever After, a roleplaying site set in the My Little Pony universe. We're a small RP site dedicated to roleplaying in the universe of Equestria, though we also make spaces available for AltVerse RPs. Our goal is a stable, sane, drama-free place were people can find some quality roleplay. We have six simple rules:

    1) Don't be a dick.

    2) Know the basics of good writing.

    3) Have a reasonably made OC.

    4) Don't steal art for your OC.

    5) Read our quick start guide, it's small!

If your idea of RP is 'twilight walks in the room', then we're probably not the roleplaying site for you. We like complete sentences, spelling, capitalization, and good grammar. We're not snobs, and we'll gladly help anyone that wants to improve, but we do have some standards. Take a look at the example characters above, made by maximumbark, as a reference for acceptable character types. No alicorns, no demon gods, no red-and-black alicorn demon changeling gods. We're looking for OCs you could reasonably expect to see on the show. This doesn't mean we're opposed to well-thought alternatives, just try not to be insane OK? Equestria doesn't have machine guns, laser-guided missiles, Pokemon, FNAF animatronics, and neither do we. If you have a unique character and aren't sure, just ask one of the mods!