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Thestral Pony
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Honey does not currently have a stable job as she doesn't have that much experience. She seeks out side jobs from time to time, or chooses to work online most of the time.
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Honey is an average little bathorse as she was born from two others. Her pink coat matches brilliantly with her lavender-purple hair, only to compliment her dark purple eyes. She has three piercings, one on her ear, one on her tongue, and the other only her special someone knows. Two reddish-pink leathery wings sit comfortably on her back. Her build is nothing more than what a mare's is supposed to be, but she's not exactly the most healthiest mare as she exhibits just a bit of pudge.
Misc Information:
Just the standard stuff, don't be an asshole, yadda yadda.
Ask what kind of rp you want to do, if I say no, then it's a no. Don't try and force it or you're really just gonna make me not even want to consider the idea.
Don't control my character, blah blah. You get the jist.

Commissions-wise: If you wanna commission me, your best bet is to contact me on twitter. School has me busy so sending me a DM there will allow me to easily and quickly get to you. If you don't have a twitter, it's fine. Send me a PM and I'll get back to you.

Song: elijah who - i'm tired of feeling this way
History and Details:
<p>Honey is a thestral who was born from two others. Her father, Marc, was an accountant whilst her mother, Droplet, was a stay-at-home parent who tended to her greenhouse filled to the brim with plants of every size. She grew up with a pretty basic lifestyle. Being an only child, there wasn't much holding her back from getting attention from her parents. That was until her mother had mysteriously fallen ill and soon enough passed away when the girl was three. Her father, being distraught at losing his love, turned to the use of alcohol to cope. This often made him violent and angry which he then projected onto Honey. She turned from an open, bubbly girl to a terrified and quiet child in a few quick years. Often being dropped off at her friend's house for his father to watch her, it wasn't long before he caught onto what was happening and quickly intervened. He offered Honey a place to stay when her father got to much. And sure enough, she took the offer.</p>
<p>As years had gone, she attempted to mature and move on from the pain her father inflicted. Unfortunately, being left paranoid wasn't the best thing in the world. The only person she trusted for awhile was her childhood friend, and it still holds to this day. While in her high school years, she had met a girl in a band she had joined. Her name was Crescent, and Honey immediatly fell in love with her. Honey just couldn't seem to escape bad news one after the other, especially after finding out that her apparent love ended up cheating on her. When the other band mates found out about the act, they removed Crescent from their band, making the group of five now a group of four. The batpony was thrown into yet another deep depression, but was able to get out of it with the help of her new friends.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Honey is now a nicely grown mare, having a bit of a childish attitude with a bit of bitter flare, yet still afraid to take on a fight. She tries to strive, actively studying to get farther in school, and has finally moved away from her childhood house and instead lives in a small apartment. She finds the area quiet, but of course, it always changes when a certain pegasus shows up at her door. She started out rough, but to get where she is now was the biggest challenge. A challenge she has overcome.</p>
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