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Pegasus Pony
Cutie Mark:
White Crescent Moon Cradling a Pawprint
Canterlot/Various when out on delivery
Moonlight Umbra works for her mother's smithy, sometimes crafting and smithing but mostly delivering weapons, armor and tools across Equestria or looking after the store. Her job has allowed her to travel much of Equestria.
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Character Image:
A Prussian blue Pegasus mare with strikingly golden eyes and a black mane with dark blue highlights. She is more often than not seen in her battle dress and armored chest piece with matching hoof boots.

Moonlight Umbra runs hot and cold, one moment she could be fawning over a cute animal, the next she could be pointing her spear at an opponent with a glare. She's quick to anger and quick to fight and boy does she like to fight.
Moonlight Umbra has an obsession with Bat Ponies which is most likely due to her love of all things nocturnal in general.

She enjoys fighting, especially fighting utilizing the spear or a polearm.
Misc Information:
This character is a reboot of my previous character Starlight Umbra, but considering that there's now a canon main character called Starlight, I thought it best to shift the name to something else.

As for RP rules... I'm pretty easy going. Short sentences are fine for dialogue heavy scenes but otherwise I prefer a little more. If you're the one in control of the scenario then try and fit in as much information for me to work with as possible.

I'm from South Africa so chances are I'll often be on at odd times for many Westerners. That said I have serious insomnia, like going a week without sleep kind of insomnia, so I may end up being on at more reasonable times for Westerners.

I'm a high level scatterbrain, so if I don't reply to you for a while, don't be afraid of letting me know.

I prefer adventurous RP with lots of plot and maybe a final boss at the end, but slice of life is always nice once in a while.

I'm not opposed to Alicorns entirely, various evidence within the show and the comics point to there once being or still maybe are other Alicorns. That said, and this is going for normal Ponies as well, too many connections to any canon character will totally pull me out of the RP. If I have to wonder why there's no appearance of your "Best friend of Twilight Sparkle" or "Alicorn living in Ponyville" in the official canon then I'll find it difficult to RP. OCs need, for me, to work within the realm of official canon.
This does not apply to alternate universes of course, anything goes with those as long as it's well thought out and well written.

Unless specified, every completed RP will become canon to Moonlight's character and her experiences will change her as we proceed down the line.

[b]==Current RPs==[/b]

[b]RP Level:[/b] 8 (completed RPs)
[b]RP EXP:[/b] 1780
(Wallpost/Forum RP = 10exp)
(Starting an RP = 50exp)
(Completing an RP = 100exp)

[b]Body:[/b] D20
[b]Mind:[/b] D8
[b]Charm:[/b] D6
[b]Stamina:[/b] 28

Speak to Animals (D20),
Fly (D6),
Creative Flair: Black-Smithing (D12),
Creative Flair: Survival (D4),
Special Skill: Spear (D20),
Special Skill: Martial Arts (D4),
Keen Knowledge: Ore (D12),
Keen Knowledge: Weaponry (D8),
Keen Knowledge: Animal Care (D12)

Short fuse

[b]TOE Equipment:[/b]
Barding (Metal),

4 / 4

[b]Slot 1:[/b] Night and Day (With Sunny Flare)

[b]Slot 2:[/b] Literal Literature (With Moondancer)

[b]Slot 3:[/b] Forging the Fires (With Sun Spot)

[b]Slot 4:[/b] Wraiths of Yesterday (Group RP)


■ Custom Regite Guard Armor and Matching Hoof Boots.
Regite, named for it's royal blue or purple coloring, is a dense metal that requires a substantial amount of force to break. The downside is that its' weight is only slightly less than that of lead. While Moonlight has mastered the armor, her speed and agility will always be somewhat less than that of an unweighted down Pegasi of the same size while wearing it.

■ Eclipse Spear
Forged by Moonlight on her twelfth birthday (with a little help from her mother), the Eclipse Spear is her constant companion. For the years since then she has trained diligently with her Solar Guard father in the art of spear fighting and developed her own form she calls the "Spear Dance"

■ CutieMark Saddle Bag
A simple saddle bag with a print of her CutieMark sewn into it. She'll carry various things she finds on her adventures as well as a few treats for any animal friends she stumbles upon in here.

■ Prospector's Kit
While she'll mostly not be carrying this around, sometimes she'll be sent out to gather materials for the Umbra Smithy and this is when she'll have this on hand.

■ Magic Journal
This journal allows Moonlight Umbra to communicate with her friend Tri Moon even if they were to somehow end up on opposite sides of the universe from each other, or even another universe! All she has to do is write in it and the writing will appear in its' twin, which is in the possession of Tri Moon.
Moonlight values her friend's thoughts and so carries this with her most of the time.

■ Flora Potions (X1)
Potions obtained from the evil witch Deadwood's personal arsenal with properties similar to that of those used by the Deerfolk of the city of Thicket. With these she can summon large vines which are unfortunately not under her control. She has five of these left and keeps them in a sealed container in her saddlepack.

■ Shine Pendant
A crystal Pendant given to Yoluskriid after he and Moonlight saved a couple of traveling Ponies from a group of bandits. When Yoluskriid left Moonlight in hospital in Baltimare after reclaiming the Pyrkagic Helm, he placed the pendant within her saddlebag. The original owner said it was magic, but they couldn't get it to work... Who knows what it does!

Moonlight Umbra's family includes:

[u]Crescent Penelope Umbra (Crescent Penumbra)[/u]
Crescent Penumbra is Moonlight's mother, a hardworking dark coated Pegasus blacksmith in charge of Umbra Metalworks. Her CutieMark bares a striking resemblance to her daughter's, but in place of a pawprint is a silver hammer.

[u]General Golden Lance[/u]
General Golden Lance is Moonlight's father. A ranking General of the Solar Guard, it has been a while since he has been out on the field but he tries not to let that dull his skills. He isn't the easiest Unicorn to get along with and has a strong sense of justice. He taught Moonlight the art of spear fighting. His CutieMark is a golden jousting lance.
History and Details:
<p><strong>==Foalhood and her Cutiemark==<br /><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="" alt="" /><br /></strong></p>
<p>Moonlight Umbra had it tough as a foal. Her mother was constantly busy with her blacksmithing work while her father was often away, fulfilling his duties as a member of the Canterlot Royal Guard. When both were home they were strict, expecting her to rise to both of their standards, thus widening the gap between them until one night she couldn't handle it anymore. She bolted, flying as far and fast as she could until she could fly no more, falling out of the sky and into the ever mysterious Everfree Forest. Lost and alone in the dreaded forest at night, it may have been the end for the filly if not for her stumbling upon a collection of cages... These were set by poachers, catching nocturnal creatures for trade as "exotic pets" at the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange. Feeling sorry for the creatures, she set them loose and in turn they helped her navigate out of the forest, thus sparking within her the magic of her Cutie Mark! A crescent moon cradling a pawprint, representing her affinity for the creatures of the night.</p>
<p><strong>==The return of Princess Luna==</strong></p>
<p>After the release of Princess Luna, Moonlight Umbra became enamored with the concept of joining the Royal Night Guard and a bubbling fascination with Batponies also began to emerge. She began studying the art of fighting with a spear under her father's watchful eye. It became her dream to join those ranks so the creatures of the night never need fear anything ever again.</p>
<p><strong>==A Fateful Encounter?==<br /><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="" alt="" /></strong></p>
<p>While out for a stroll in Canterlot, Moonlight encounters a very odd mare calling on her for aid. The mare claims that she is being pursued by "Magical Bandits" and, sure enough, an odd group of three hooded Unicorns appear demanding that the mare be handed over. Always one to stick up for the little guy (or gal), Moonlight refuses, stands her ground and attempts to buy time for the mare to escape. Moonlight manages to incapacitate one of the three but was struck down by their leader with a magical blast. Using her final reserves of strength, Moonlight caused a distraction and managed to escape, but failed to locate the mare immediately. Who was she? What does this group calling themselves R.I.S.C really want?</p>
<p><strong>==The Perfect Hex of R.I.S.C==</strong> <br /><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="" alt="" /></p>
<p>The mare that had called on Moonlight for help was none other than Tinsel Twist. As Tinsel tried to escape the battle between Moonlight and the three hooded Ponies, she found herself trapped in a magic bubble within Canterlot Park set by Perfect Hex, one of the three hooded Ponies that had set out to capture her. Here she was forced to face off against a magical doppelganger of Moonlight Umbra and stave off Perfect Hex's assault until the barrier was destroyed. Seemingly hopeless, Tinsel was saved by the intervention of the real Moonlight Umbra who defeated Perfect Hex and escaped with the injured Tinsel Twist on her back. They made their way to a hospital where Tinsel Twist would hopefully make a full recovery.</p>
<p><strong>==The Enchanted Tales of Reverie Tale==</strong><br /><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="" alt="" /></p>
<p>Moonlight had been set by her mother to take the first shift running the stall for the Umbra Smithy at a local Festival in Canterlot. It was boring waiting to pass off her duties to Solid Block, an intern at the Umbra Smithy, but fortunately for Moonlight, a fateful encounter was about to occur. Tri Moon, a Bat Pony jewelry enthusiast stopped by the stall and the two got to talking, sharing thoughts on craftponyship and work, passing the time for Solid Block to arrive. Having enjoyed her company so much, Moonlight decides to join Tri Moon in exploring the festival, making a beeline for the area filled with rides. It is here that they are called upon by Callin Out who invites them on a "ride" that transports the two into a work of fiction thanks to a little help by the magic of the Unicorn Reverie Tale. Moonlight and Tri Moon were forced to face unimaginable odds as they lived out the story of "the Lost City of Elk Dorado". They met many unusual characters, fought with Coltquistadors and vanquished the evil demon Cizin before being brought back to reality. As a prize for making it all the way through the "ride", Reverie Tale gifted them each with a journal which they could use to keep in contact with each other, no matter the distance.</p>
<p><strong>==Things Once Long and Forgotten==</strong><br /><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="" alt="" /></p>
<p>Moonlight Umbra had been visiting a Cockatrice, which she had named Beatrice, in the Everfree Forest for a while now helping her look after her newly laid eggs and so allowing Beatrice to go off in search of food. However at this same time a pattern of unwilling petrifications was happening throughout the borders between the Everfree Forest and Ponyville. Thicket followed the trails and all of them seemed to lead back to Beatrice, and his attempt to hunt down the scaly hen led to the Deer and Moonlight clashing. Whether due to fate or luck, Moonlight managed to incapacitate Thicket and preached the Cockatrice's innocence, demanding that they work to find the true culprit. Many interesting events occur that lead the duo to Rambling Rock Ridge where they discover the true monster behind the Ponies getting turned to stone: A Basilisk. A hectic battle begins, Thicket and Moonlight are forced to pull together their abilities to take the giant reptile down. They also face off against a Diamond Dog called Crunchy, who had kidnapped a young Unicorn couple, but Moonlight and Thicket easily took him down, saving the couple and returning to Ponyville. Moonlight hopes to turn Thicket away from killing animals or monsters, she has a plan but it may take a while to put it in motion...</p>
<p><strong>==Deadwood's Forest==</strong> <br /><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="" alt="" /></p>
<p>While looking after and adorable pair of fox cubs that had recently lost their parents deep in the Whitetail Woods, Moonlight Umbra hears the screaming of a trapped Phoenix. On investigating, she finds Tracker standing by the trapped bird and while there is a slight misunderstanding at first, the two talk it out like reasonable Ponies. Setting free the Phoenix, the trapper rushes in to stop her. The trapper, a weak willed Pony, is easily subdued but it seemed he was just a puppet in the schemes of the evil Deadwood's, a Unicorn Witch capable of manipulating the plantlife surrounding her. Deadwoods kills the trapper colt and reveals herself but is defeated by the combined efforts of Moonlight and Tracker's perseverance along with a helping hoof thanks to Tracker's magic cancelling bracer. The two then set off as friends, searching for any more traps left in the forest.</p>
<p><strong>==Where There's Smoke...==</strong><br /><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="" alt="" /></p>
<p>When a routine delivery forces Moonlight into the struggle between the village of Forelock Ridge and the Great Red Dragon Yoluskriid, Moonlight hopes to resolve the trouble with words rather than violence. She and Clement, a Griffin from the village wielding the Dragon Slayer Spear; an enchanted spear Moonlight had delivered to him herself, travel to the Dragon's layer and negotiations... Do not go well... After Moonlight and Yoluskriid butt heads for a while, Clement seizes the opportunity to try steal the Dragon's egg, his true agenda for coming. Yoluskriid catches him in the act and after suffering a nasty wound from the enchanted spear, Yoluskriid dealt the Griffin a devastating blow with his fire breath. Moonlight is forced to tend to both their wounds and at that point negotiations start to go a little better. While she doesn't agree with the Dragon's violence, they come to an agreement, leaving as friends.</p>
<p><strong>==To Be a Pony==</strong><br /><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="" alt="" /></p>
<p>Yoluskriid the Dragon had gone on one too many rampages it seemed, as his heinous deeds finally caught up to him in the form of a mysterious Unicorn. In the ruins of a village that had been burned to the ground by his own fire, the Unicorn cast a spell that transformed the powerful Red Dragon into something softer... Yoluskriid was transformed into a Pegasus! There was some confusion during the transformation, causing Yolus to be injured and mixed up with the residents, allowing him to escape to nearby Canterlot in search for a Pony he could trust, and this Pony was Moonlight Umbra. He begs Moonlight to aid him in his quest to become a Dragon once more and Moonlight reluctantly agrees. She takes him to Tinsel Twist, the most powerful Unicorn she knows, and convinces her to try and turn Yolus back. In traditional Tinsel Twist fashion, the attempts produce random and chaotic circumstances that do not end so well for Yolus and he unfortunately remains a Pony.</p>
<p><strong>==The Legend of the Pyrkagic Helm==<br /><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="" alt="" /><br /></strong></p>
<p>Yoluskriid once more enlists the help of Moonlight Umbra in his quest to become a Dragon once more. This time he'd gathered information on the black market of an ancient relic known as the Pyrkagic Helm said to be capable of granting a Pony the power to transform into a Dragon at will. The two set off on an epic journey across Equestria, piecing together clues as to the location of the Helm and fighting off the villainous Dracolts, a secretive cabal of Unicorns capable of transforming themselves into Dragons.<br /> The two soon find out that the Dracolts were responsible for transforming Yoluskriid into a Pony in the first place! <br /> Using a map they found hidden in some ancient underground ruins, Moonlight and Yoluskriid set off to an island far to the East of Equestria, which is supposedly the location of the legendary helm. The island turns out to also be the headquarters of the Dracolt cultists. An epic battle ensues, with Moonlight being heavily wounded and rendered unconscious after defeating a Dracolt using Yoluskriid&rsquo;s own Dragon form against her.<br /> Still, all&rsquo;s well that ends well. Yoluskriid reclaimed his essence, took the Helm and destroyed the Dracolt Headquarters before leaving for Equestria with the unconscious Moonlight in tow.</p>
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