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Mature (NSFW)
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She enjoys:

Tea, SUGAR CUBES!!, Jam, Various Pastries, Cheetos, Turkish Delight
Chickens, meadows, tidiness
Canning, gardening, baking, romping
Loving touches, Pets, Cuddles,
Anything soft and cuddly, Ash piles, Feeling safe and secure

She dislikes:

Fire (Burning to death is her ultimate fear)
(stinging) Pain
Crowds and large gatherings
New or strange noises/places/smells
Feeling abandoned, unloved or 'not worth it'
Being forced into new situations
Flying at heights above six feet
Obvious Attributes (See Photo)
. . her horn is slightly translucent, her wing feathers even more so.
. . Her 'stars' are magically (and naturally) embalmed in her coat.
. . Only her mane and tail may sparkle. Her pelt does not.
. . Unlike her name suggests, her wings neither sparkle nor glimmer.
. . Her stars; both in her pelt, hair, and eyes do NOT generate light. (you cant see them in the dark) They just LOOK like stars, and occasionally glimmer too.
. . Her bottom eyelash of the top eyelashes is (naturally) curled back, with a small tear-drop shaped point.

Physical Build
Glitterwing IS an alicorn, and therefore taller than most ponies, though small for an alicorn (About Luna's height) She has a very slender trim figured, and most of her height is due to her slightly longer-then-normal legs.
She is quite light for a pony her size, and can rather easily be picked up or carried upon one's back. This, added with the fact she has long legs, gives her an extreme speed advantage over most any other creature that travels on paws, hooves, or claws.
Unless you can teleport, fly, happen to be a naturally super fast creature (cheetah), or have the power to cast a speed boosting spell, you will not be able to catch her.

However, due to the fact that she has a lack bodily muscle tone, she is NOT strong at all and will tire near immediately during hard physical stress.
But as far as endurance goes, if she is running, she can keep her pace up for a good while.
During extreme panic though, her endurance levels plummet dramatically, as she will put all she has into the initial sprint. Her extreme agility will also be vastly degraded, and she will be prone to running into or dripping over objects.

Glitterwing is in all aspects a very sensitive being, as well as being a bit feral in some of her habits.

She tends to be rather withdrawn from any object, situation, surroundings, or being, with or whom she is not familiar with. This may be precived as 'shyness' though actually stems more from the fact she will become quite nervous and flighty around anything unfamiliar to her. As the rules of the woods dictate, when on the 'prey' part of the food chain, one can never be too careful.

Past her nervous exterior though, she has a heart of gold, and only wishes the best for everyone, though due to being raised rather isolated from the world, she is naive, and quite vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

She lives for affection, and will soak up any form of it that is given to her. Naturally, she is also very affectionate, and will shower those who she loves with nuzzles, licks, snuggles, soft words (though very rare) and little gifts of wildflowers.

Her senses are highly tuned, mostly in the areas of hearing and smell, both being used constantly as a natural warning for any possible natural predators in the woods, such as wolves and bears, as well as rattlesnakes, poisonous plants, or tainted water, among other things.
Smelling is her dominant sense, and she will likely be able to catch your scent long before she ever sees you..

Her flight capabilities are quite diminished, as per her nervousness with heights (And the fact that her feathers, while mastic, are very delicate and vulnerable to damage). She avoids flying, and will outright refuse to fly anywhere past six feet off the ground.
Misc Information:
Just be a nice well-rounded person, with a nice character c:
English is the only language I know.

As of right now, I am NOT looking for any large roleplays. Small short roleplays (the kind that start/end within a night, and probably only take place within 1 or 2 scenes. Such as a picnic, or a one-shot. Or a one-night-stand. Or just pull her aside into a bush and strad--- wait hold the kinks for now lol

Yes, I can do Mature themed roleplays, but please consider:

. . I am not into any of the, dare I say 'gross' fetishes. (I wont even mention them, because, ew ;-;)
. . Absolutely NO gore ERPs! Gore and sex do NOT mix. PLEASE, no dicking an eyesocket. (more ew ;-;)

My baby is a delicate sweet little thing. It'd be nice if she was treated as such! (unless your character doesn't fall into that category)

On that note, I AM open to rape, or other violence themed roleplays. Just no gore mixed with sex (ew ew ew ew ew ew.....)

Sweet gentle affections and sugar cubes are the way to this mare's heart!
Don't expect her to fall for you because of your looks. She watches for 'mates' and suitors by looking at their hearts. Even still she will not waltz right into your hooves, claws, paws, or hands. Unless you are a charmer, she will NOT chase YOU. (unless, you are super charming)

Your attempts to impress her by showing off your strength and bench pressing her a hundred times will likely not win you a night with her (Yes, I'm looking at you, you mare hungry derp! :3)

Keep in mind, she has a more feral take on relationships.
She looks for mates, rather then say a husband; she is much more of a seasonal mare rather then life long. The idea of being 'held down' for is actually quite frightening to her. She'd much rather be free to do as she pleases.

Admin notes:

I am a young dude irl, though of-age and super creative.
Sorry for the disappointment, guys :p

I am quite social at times, and at others, quite distant (or busy!) So come on, introduce yourself! Talk with me! I don't bite! :D

I DO tend to get overwhelmed with roleplays, requests, and chatting, on top of a bit of gaming and real life, Consequently I will go on little few-day breaks between roleplays sometimes. So do be aware of this!

Do have fun!
If you are not enjoying the roleplay, or something I am doing, LET ME KNOW! The point of roleplaying is to socialize and partner up to create a collaborative story, NOT suffer in silence!

Also, I cant believe I have to say this, but if you are a SUPER clingy type of admin, please move along. I dont mean to be rude.. but I can't bow to your every whim just because :u
History and Details:
<p>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HISTORY: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nothing notable. No tragedy. No demons. No super-life-changing-happenings. She was found upon the doorstep as a baby (cliche, I know) By a single mother and her son Jaiden. When Glitter was perhaps four, the mother died, of sickness. She passed peacefully. Glitter has lived at home all her life, rather kept from the world. She does not mind though, and would rather it be this way. Habitat: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Not show cannon] She lives in a two-story cottage, a little ways into the woods that surrounds the nearby town of Woodland Grove; the partially re-located remains of a logging town long past ended. The surrounding woods themselves hold many relics that herald back to those logging times. There is lots to explore, but due to the still-wild nature of the woods, it houses many many different predators that may find 'pony' to be rather tasty. Little Random Details: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Glitterwing is attracted to little things that creep and crawl! Spiders, butterflies, and earthworms are her favorite little creatures to chase and attempt to catch! Her pelt smells naturally of mint!</p>
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