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A beautiful sparkling Alicorness, Glitterwing is in all aspects, a lithe and tall mare.
Her glimmering pelt is silky to the touch, with the gentle scent of mint. Though she lacks much muscle, because of her long legs and light form Glitter is quite fast.
Her longer, thin, slightly-translucent horn, also adds to her majestic appearance along with the stars naturally embalmed into her mane, tail, and pelt. Additionally, her mane and tail will occasionally sparkle, calling attention to her golden eyelashes and star-like eyes


WHAT is Glitterwing? Read the topic linked below

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History and Details:
<p><strong>[Personality]<br /></strong>(Given to change due to various factors like age (her maturity), canoninity, or type of roleplay wished.)<br />Glitterwing is&nbsp;a soft spoken mare. She'd rather speak through actions then through words.<br />While not outright "shy" her nervous and cautious nature around new sights, sounds, places, and people, will cause her to come off as shy. Though again, this is simply stemming from strong self-survival instincts. She does not wish harm for anyone, and will become intensly loyal to those she has befriended.</p>
<p><strong>[Habits]<br /></strong>Glitterwing has a few various somewhat animal-like habits which she partakes in. As a whole, she acts much like a puppy when it comes to affection, quiet happy nuzzles silently asking for loves &lt;3<br />Like a cat, she will also spend quite a bit of alone time licking her lovely pelt, making sure each bit of fur is organized in the correct direction, and free of dandruff and dirt. Because of this, her pelt is extremly soft (Much more so then any pony) As an added (bonus in some situations?~ ;) ) Her tongue is quite strong and versitile.<br /><br /><strong>[Love and Sex]</strong><br />Glitterwing is a bit strange in the way she aproaches love. She easily hands out platonic love and affection, and lives for reciving it as well. She can be willing to share in intimacy with others, sometimes just for the simple carnal pleasure, more often then not though, she enjoys and cherishes the bond that often comes with the intimacy. However sex is not something she activly pursues. Platonic loving suits her just as well. Glitterwing is not of the extremly kinky type, and is best suited to a submissive role in vanilla-type intimacy. She is willing to do natural and oral, but WILL draw the line at anal (plz dunt force)<br />She CAN, however, be a big tease to one she is flirting with~<br />Glitterwing is open to inter-species intimacy, and has a prefrence for Gryphons (due to their larger body size and combined fluff and feathers, they amazing cuddlebuddies, as well as being large enough to dominate her easily)<br />She also seems to have a prefrence for predators. (I lied, that's her one secret kink lol) Something something something about being dominated by a predator turns her on? Its so random about her, that not even I, the admin, even knows why.</p>
<p><strong>[Habitat]<br /></strong>(Not MLP canon)<br />Glitterwing lives in a small two-story cottage, built in a large clearing within [This forest needs a name] The forest takes up the better part of a large valley seated between two large mountaranges, running from East to West. This remote valley stretches for perhaps 50 miles in length. A few miles in from the East side of the forest's edge is a small town by the name of "Woodland Grove", ten miles farther is the location of Glitter's residence.<br />Woodland Grove is the (more modernized) remnants of an old mining town (the actual remains of which are about a mile north) At one point in history lumber was in high demand. One of the companies had a lumber operation set up in this remote forest (later the demand for wood dropped, and the mills were abandoned)<br />However, beause of this history, the forest has many remnants of the past lumber operation. Large mossy timber bridges, decaying wooden shacks, overgrown lumber hauling trails, and large mills littered with rusty blades and tools.<br />The forest it's self is quite diverse. It has a high moisture density, very green, and moss and ferns are abundent.<br /><br /><strong>[Canon Relationships]<br /></strong></p>
<p style="padding-left: 30px;"><em>Blazen:<br /></em>Glitterwing has a brother named Blazen, a field medic, unicorn, in the military. They share a very close sibbling relationship, however Blazen is usually over-seas. They only get a week together every so often. Neverthless, their love is strong, and he enjoys spoling her with exotic presents (jewlery, pretty stones, perhaps something nice to wear, ect.) from abroad.<br /><br /><em>Coco:</em> <br />A little baby panda cub who lives with Glitterwing. He was born over seas (In the equvilant of Africa to a slightly lusher degree) His mother was killed by poachers just a few week after he was born. The locals, alerted by the guns shot, came, and took him in They took him and placed him in the local zoo where he would be cared and nurtured for. Unfortunatly, the local area was in a time of turmoil. Fighting was constantly breaking out between diffrent factions with diffrent goverment opinions. (Think Afganistan war) During one of these large uprising, the local military and the over-seas military (Including Blazen) fought to repell the dangerous group of rebels out of the city. In the midst of the fighting and chaos, chemical weapons were used. The resulting cloud of gas was blown about, some of it into the local zoo, where little Coco was.<br />Because of the gas, and his young age, Coco was rendered blind and extremly sick. He was found by Blazen's patrol, and brought back to their local airbase. After some care was given to him, Blazen volunteered to find the panda cub a home. He took Coco with him on his next flight to home country, and brought him to Glitterwing as both a gift, and because he knew Glitterwing would adore little Coco. She did, and has been nuturing him ever since.<br />Sadly, Coco's sight has never fully returned, however with a weekly does of medicine, he is able to see to some degree, though quite near-sighted: Objects outside 30 feet are unrecognizable to him.<br />He is an amazing outlet for Glitter's nurturing/mothering side, and they love eachother dearly.<br />He has his special 'blankie' which he carries about wherever he goes. Glitter will often tie it on him as a little 'cape'<br />Coco cannot talk (hes an animal :p) But is sentient. He, however, has a very young child's mind.</p>
<p style="padding-left: 30px; text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~✳✧⋆✷⋆✧✳~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~</p>
<h2 style="text-align: center;"><strong>[Detailed Apperance]</strong></h2>
<p><br /><strong>[Horn]</strong> Glitterwing's horn, unlike normal unicorns, is actually somewhat seethrough. Upon close inspection, it resembles a cone of cloudy blue glass with a cloudy whiter core.</p>
<p><strong>[Wings]</strong> Her individual trailing wing feathers are also translucent, but to a much much clearer scale. (her leading feathers are normal feathers in her pelt's blue hues)<br />Holding her wings spread aloft to the sun, she can paint the ground in a beautiful array of greens, purples, and cyans, via the sunlight streaming through her stained glass-like array of feathers. However, also unlike ordinary feathers, her translucent feathers are quite delicate and rather brittle. This is the reason she prefers they not be touched.<br />Unlike her name suggests, her wings do not actively sparkle or glimmer at all.</p>
<p><strong>[Eyes]</strong> Glitterwing's eyes are simply large and star-like, but dark blue where normal eyes are white. Her vision remains normal to any other pony. Framing her eyes, her eyelashes are golden hue. One of the primary eyelashes for each eye is nautrally curled back into a graceful spiral, with a small tear drop-shaped end.</p>
<p><strong>[Pelt]</strong> Her pelt consist of hues of light blues and dark blues. It is EXTREMLY soft to the touch, up to the point that one may question whether or not they are petting anything at all. While always somewhat thick, during the warmer months, her fur is short, to permit the shedding of exess heat. However, during the colder winter months, her pelt will grow out to help keep her warm. Naturally she becomes, not only naturally soft as always, but also fuzzier. In some places, such as her forward chest, she her fur will grow out much more then the rest of her pelt, and become quite floofy, and even more of a pleasure to touch~ (This also protects her from chilly winter gusts and winds)<br />Sadly, her fur has low water-resistance, and she can chill quite easilly in the cold if subject to excess moisture. The only portions of her pelt that have a major degree of water resistance, would be the lower half of her legs (useful for walking in the snow) and her snout (Useful for naturally drinking from bodies of fresh water)<br />It also tends to smell of mint, naturally of course.</p>
<p><strong>[Stars] </strong>In the darker blue areas of her pelt hues, little 'stars' can be seen. These seem to simply be white coloration of her fur at first glance, however after close inspection, one will note that they actually seem to glimmer and flicker, just like real stars. And while it rarely happens, some may even fade completely, while other new 'stars' may appear.<br />HOWEVER, her stars, despite their appearances and changes, are simply that; white coloration of her fur. They do NOT emit any light whatsoever, and therefore cannot be seen in the dark<br /><strong>Note:</strong> Sometimes simple 'constellations' can be seen in her stars. These range from a simple straight or curved line of stars organized from biggest to smaller, all the way to slightly more complex patterns, like spirals.</p>
<p><strong>[Mane and Tail]</strong> Like her pelt, her mane and tail are also embossed with many many little stars. Unlike her pelt, they are subject to shimmer and activly glitter, albiet to a lesser degree then one might think, so as to not cause discomfort to any onlookers. Her mane and tail glitter more in bright direct sunlight, and less in low-light situations, and not at all in the dark. Wetting the mane or tail seems to enhance the sparkling and shimmers quality dramaticly.<br />Again, these shimmers and glitters do NOT emit light.<br />Also, unlike her fur, her mane and tail seem to include tiny tiny tiny stars organized so close together that they seems to form 'Milky Ways'. She has two of these milky ways, horizontally crossing her mane and her tail.</p>
<p><strong>[Butt]</strong> (Because I know everyone wonders.. :p ) Her butt, like her body, is on the smaller side, however it's soft plush roundness could give any other mare a run for their money, and is as cushy as anyone could ever hope for~ Because of this, her flanks are soft as well, and make a lovely substittute for a pillow if the need ever arises.</p>
<p><strong>[Cutiemark]</strong> Glitterwing is not, and has never been designed to even try to fit into the canon My Little Pony universe. Not only for obvious reasons, like alicorn-hood, but also due to the fact that I like the idea of a 'mature' version of ponies, and have made my own sort of pony world in which they fit in. As of such, she does not have a cutiemark, and I have no desire to add such to her. Her appearance is already plenty colorful and complicated :p</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~✳✧⋆✷⋆✧✳~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~</p>
<h2 style="text-align: center;"><strong>[Natural Abilities]</strong></h2>
<p><strong>[Phyical Strength]<br /></strong>Glitterwing is tall, but lacks severly in the muscular department. Aside from strong muscles associated with galloping at high speeds, she is quite weak. She cannot pull a load, and anything heavier then the groceries she can stuff into her dual-saddlebags, will tire her out quite quickly.</p>
<p><strong>[Phyical Speed]<br /></strong>She can gallop at speeds well above what any other pony could achive, and more then enough to outrun predators. (Given that there are no cheetas in the vicinity) This her one and only defensive quality. When panicking, her speed is increased even more, however, panic, especially blind panic, will decrease her nimbleness dramaticly, and she will likely trip or run into something. It will also severly hamper her runing endurance and she will tire within minutes.<br />(Pegasi and unicorns trained in the art of teleportation will still be able to match and gain on her easily)</p>
<p><strong>[Flight Capabilities]<br /></strong>Glitterwing is not a strong in the area of flight, both due to her nervousness over heights above six feet, as well as the fact that her feathers are delicate, and cause her some worry. She will resort to flight as a last ditch effort if she needs to get away from a threat, and even then still prefers ground-based travel. The only times she regularly uses her wings, is carefully outspread for balance when trotting along the many slippery/mossy fallen trees from long ago. (Think of them as arms. she does with her wings, what do do with your arms, when trying to walk in a straight line on a board or something skinny on the ground)</p>
<p><strong>[Natural Senses]</strong><br />Many predators live in the woods that surrounds Glitterwing's cottage. The same woods she frequents for relaxive trots, swims, or explorations. Because of this, her senses have adapted to staying keenly alert to aproaching animals. One twig snap, or a wiff of a scent, could mean the diffrence between survival, or a gruesome painful death at the claws and maw of a predator. She is, after all, an animal of prey.<br />Her nose is especailly sensitive and is in a near constant state of wiggling; always checking the air for the scent of a predator. So keen is her sense of smell, that she can almost tell which sort of animal is nearby, distinguishing between bears, wolves, foxes, badgers, snakes, ponies, and the like. She can even judge the size, weight, species, and sometimes even general mood (hunting, playing, exploring) of other animals in the forest, just off of the sound of them making their way through the forest. Of course, if a creature is stalking her, she'd more likely smell it then hear it.</p>
<p><strong>[Sixth Sense]</strong><br />In combination with her keen sense of smell, she also seems to be able to pick up other creatures' mood through scent. Much like a dog, she may greet one with few sniffs first. This will give her an initial breakdown of the character, and can alert her to their sorrow, joy, ill-intent, or even health. This sense-through-scent becomes even stronger and more accurate with those who's scent she knows well.</p>
<p><strong>[Saliva]</strong><br />Glitterwing's saliva seems to include a number of fur-enhancing properties, for which reason her constant cat-like grooming of herself has left her fur impossibly angel-soft.<br />It also seems to have slight soothing properties for skin; general plant-caused rashes and irritations, can be soothed, or all together eliminated by the simple application of a few licks to the affected area.<br /><em>Note, her saliva CAN help recude irritation caused by poison ivy/oak, HOWEVER, it must be applied to the rash by means other then orally, or else the plant oils may be caught up in her own mouth, and as her saliva cannot completly eliminate the effects of the poison ivy/oak oils, it will also start taking affect in her own mouth and make her miserable as well.)</em></p>
<p>Sunburns can also be soothed via her saliva!</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~✳✧⋆✷⋆✧✳~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✷⋆✧✳✧⋆✷~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~</p>
<h2 style="text-align: center;"><strong>[Magical Abilities]</strong></h2>
<p><br />Despite her alicorn-like appearance, Glitterwing has a limited range of spells she can cast, and a small 'resevoir' of magic energy from which she can draw from.<br />(As she is, Glitterwing CANNOT cast any sort of offensive or defensive spells. Period.)<br />These are limited to <strong>General Spells;</strong></p>
<p style="padding-left: 30px;"><br /><em>Levetation</em>: Rarely used, and when used, only on small objects such as books, teapots, or when preparing food. These spells draw energy based on the mass and weight of the (combined, when levetating multiple objects) of the object being levitated. She can lift small items constantly with ease. However she will need to put some effort, and withdraw more energy, when lifting larger items, such as kitchen chairs. And some objects, no matter how much energy she pours in, she will be unable to lift at all, such as sofas or the kitchen table. Lifting larger objects will drain her resevoir faster, and tire her phsyicly as well.<br />Note that she can only levitate/manipulate as many ojects as she can focus on at any one time. This is about 3-4, depending on the complexity of each manipualtion, as well as the distance each object is from her [horn]. Her line of sight also affects this.<br />She cannot blindly pick up an object, it MUST be within her sight in order for her to start a levetation spell on the object. Moving the object out of sight (around a doorway) is akin to closing your eyes and trying to put something down in a certain place; an educated tossup.</p>
<p style="padding-left: 30px;"><em>Illumination:</em> A helpful spell for darker places. Her horn will glow (from within, like a night stick) and can be adjusted to right brightness of light at will. While illumination takes very little energy, the more energy she puts into it, the brighter it will be. The color of this light is limited to a white/blue (what your LED bulbs will put out)</p>
<p style="padding-left: 30px;"><em>Teleportation:</em> She cannot teleport. Period.</p>
<p style="padding-left: 30px;">&nbsp;</p>
<p>As well as her <strong>Unique Spells.</strong> These are unique to Glitterwing, and have not been learned through any sort of reading or training. They have simply come naturally to her, though some, like the healing spells, would have taken an experienced mage perhaps a few years to learn, and some time to master. These do, however, withdraw from her magic resivoir at a much faster rate then any General Spell, and are not regularly used by the mare.</p>
<p style="padding-left: 30px;"><em>Rejuvination:</em> Can be seperated into two catagories, <strong>A</strong> and <strong>B.<br /></strong></p>
<p style="padding-left: 60px;"><strong>A.</strong> <strong>A Rejuvination</strong> spell can be cast upon an organic object or substance, limited to plant life or animal products. Quite simpily, a protective invisible aura is set around the choosen object (unseen unfelt unless a mage is looking for magic signitures). This aura HELPS protect the object or substance from bacterial breakdown. Items such as Milk, or Bananas, will be kept from spoiling for a much longer duration then would be normal. Even picked flowers can be prolonged, and look as if they were just picked, a week later.<br />A rejuvination spell of this type is a single-cast spell. Glitter need only to start and charge the aura, afterwhich it will slowly work off it's charge, until it dissipates, and the protected object will then start to naturally decay.<br />The effective time of a single charge depends on the ammount of energy she put into the spell. A week-long spell for a rose will take a minute of concentration, and leave her a tad out of breath. It is also limited, a single object's life may only be extended to about 2-3 weeks more then usual.</p>
<p style="padding-left: 60px;"><strong>B.</strong> <strong>A Rejuvination/calming spell</strong> that can be cast upon a living creature. While not technicly related to <em>Rejuvination spell A</em> due to the fact that it cannot prolong the life of somone, it does have the side effect of leaving one feeling rejuvinated, as if they had just taken a nap, or meditated.<br />With this spell, Glitterwing can calm a one both physicly and mentally.<br />The heart beat will slow to a more normal pace, and adrenalin glands are slowed. Even pain can be lessened, itches can be negated, and the senses can be dulled (Ie. One will no longer hear any ringing in their ears for the duration of the spell) The target will feel relaxed.<br />Targets MUST be WILLING to be subject to the calming spell for it to work. It will NOT work against a raging creature; She cannot force one into serenity. Glitterwing cannot cast this spell effectivly on larger animals, such as dragons. Gryphons are about the biggest creature she can cast this spell on.<br />This is a constant-cast spell. Glitterwing must devote time and attention, as well as be within close proximity, for the entire duration of the effective spell. This can be cast for up to 1 hour, though the effects can last a while longer without her immediate attention if the target is unconsious (sleeping), and may wear off slowly over the course of a few hours of rest. It can only be cast upon a single entity at a time, and must 'recalibrate' to a new entity if recently used on somone diffrent</p>
<p style="padding-left: 30px;"><em>Healing Spell.</em></p>
<p style="padding-left: 60px;">Glitterwing's Healing spell simply speeds the NATURAL healing process by UP TOO 50 percent, while adding a 0% chance of the wound getting a bactirial or viral infection, (Does not protect from poison effects) as well as severly limiting the visual scar tissue when the wound does eventually heal.<br />A one-time cast spell, with the ability to 'recharge', it works much like her <strong>Rejuvination type A spell</strong>. Simply put, she 'fills' the wound and the area immedeatly surrounding the wound, with an invisible aura. This aura helps the tissue naturally mend it's self, as well as negating any viruses or bactira that may pop up.<br />This spell consumes quite a bit of energy, especially during the initial casting, depending on the size and severity of the wound being dealt with. One spell cast upon a good sized wound can EASILY put Glitterwing out of comission for a day. Once it is casted on a wound, the spell will imedeatly start to slowly break up over the course of a week. If the spell allowed to dissipate entirly, the wound will be left to heal naturally, not boosted or protected from infection. However Glitter can recharge a working spell, to prolong it's working effectivness and time, up until the wound heals entirly.&nbsp; It cannot protect one from dying of fatal wounds.</p>
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