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Brown star
Full time zebra
Content Rating:
Mature (NSFW)
Character Art:
A light brown and white zebra with a red and white Mohawk and a bushy short tail which matches his mane. His eyes are ruby red and his favourite colour is blue. Aztura is a normal weight and height for his age and has a strong build.
He is also considered rare amongst his species because of his crimson mane, eyes and tail and Aztura tries to be funny, he is always adventourous and willing to try new things! The red zeeb loves cities and big crowds, which is why he often frequents night clubs and music festivals to party.
Misc Information:
Rp Rules

1) Don't be rude.
2)I'm up for any roleplay, asides vore. You may not fry Aztura with onions and eat him
3)violence is accepted, though excessive violence or murder will most likely result in a block.
4)I also do ERP, but only when a story and settings have been thought about, to make the sex more meaningful! I rarely just jump into ERP unless I know your charecter well and they 'click'
5)Grammar is a big importance. Try to use correct grammar, and always put effort into the roleplay and add extra details (And i will too!) I'm not too picky on length, as long as there is enough to make the roleplay fun
History and Details:
<p>Aztura grew up in the zebra province, hunting fishing and fighting. At the age of 10, he was adopted as a young foal and raised in Ponyville. The zebra started work at a clothing store in his teenage years and later helped to model clothes, especially underwear, once he turned old enough. He had a fairly standard education, but dropped out in his last year and didn't bother with college or university to persue his job in a large clothes retail store.</p>
<p>Aztura is rather extraverted, and spends a lot of time with friends or at nightclubs. He owns a small apartment, which is often host to parties. While most of his skills he learnt as a young zebra tribesman aren't useful in a pony society, he still finds brewing and alchemy to be a favourite pasttime! While his modeling job forks in a decent amount of bits, he enjoys a minimalist life style and likes weird art.</p>
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