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Princess Celestia of Equestria

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Alicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
A decorative sun
Ruling Equestria alongside Princess Luna (preparing to retire), raising and lowering the sun, teaching young unicorns the way of magic and friendship
It's Complicated
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Character Image:
✷A tall alicorn, the Princess of the Sun stands around 17 hands if you were to be realistic. Her coat is a milky shade of white all around, creating a pleasant contrast to her yellow cutiemark, while her eyes are a soft, greyish magenta. At first glance, the most prominent feature about Celestia would be her wind-blown mane and tail. Sporting light shades of blue, turquoise, pink and a more royal blue, her mane and tail are powered by the magic flowing within her which cause them to flow freely.
To make proof of her status, Celestia's royal visage consists of multiple pieces of golden jewelry. Her crown along with her chest piece hold a magenta diamond at it's centre for no particular reason than to look fashionable, other than the crown. The crown had been given to her by Starswirl himself. For her hooves she wears elegant horse-shoes that reach up her knee and are molded into curved designs.
In terms of personality, Celestia is mostly known for her calm and caring nature. When she has to, she can be very aggressive and protective, especially when it comes to her subjects. If she is not privately stressing over the nation, then she is typically playful and somewhat silly. But she knows when to be serious and more so stern and does not tolerate those who insult both her ways and her sister.✷
Cake, friendship, harmony, her subjects well-being, baking/cooking
Misc Information:
1- Like Celestia herself, admin can be very busy. Sometimes, I do not respond for a few days! Don't take it personally, I'm just busy!

2- I can do just about any RP, but NOT erp, heavy violence/gore or romance. If I do romance, it's only with a canon character that makes sense! (i.e. Good Sombra)

3- Relating to this point, Celestia will not court anyone whatsoever. She is very old (I usually say around 7346), and of course, busy with protecting and running a kingdom! She'd much rather have her dear close friends than partake in a relationship, especially one that wouldn't last long, as she has a prolonged life span. :D

4- Alicorn OCs: this is iffy. I usually try to stay away from having Celestia roleplay with alicorn OCs (not that I have anything against them, if they're made nicely!), as it just makes no sense! I prefer sticking to the 'only five alicorns existing in Equestria' rule. But, given good reasoning, this can work out.

5- I seriously don't prioritize MLP RP over things, so I'd really like to stress how I can take forever to reply unless I'm like... really into the RP. If I think the RP we're doing is boring (most of the time it's because it started out with "RP?" and me having to think of something) then I'll just stop replying. It's harsh but I'd rather not give out half-assed replies. But if this isn't the case, I'll probably overload you with "omg I'm so sorry I haven't replied yet i'll do it". Bascially: don't come to Celestia for roleplay if you don't have a few ideas already!

6- I will not roleplay with alternate universe canon characters.

7- I /hate/ the sexualisation of Celestia or other canon ponies. So please don't try sending me weird messages about it.

Sorry if these rules make me seem prissy and harsh, but I have been playing this pony for a little over four years now, and I've experienced many things that made me upset when being her. Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you've read it, and still wish to roleplay, then shoot me a message with "sun". Doesn't mean I'll accept if I'm busy, but I'll seriously be so happy if you did!
History and Details:
<p>Celestia grew up in a land far from Equestria along with her younger sister Luna.&nbsp;</p>
<p>More details to come another time...</p>
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