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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
Two swirly eyes with long lashes. Three golden sparkles crown the eyes.
Allure is the owner of Enchant, a small rundown looking store located in Cantelot's 5th business district. She specializes in glamors, a type of illusion magic that focuses on physical appearance.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Art:
Character Image:
Allure is taller than the average mare with a willowy figure and even looms over many stallions. She has a dusty rose coat, pearly pink mane and tail with lavender low lights, and celestial blue eyes. Her height is due to her being 1/3 Saddle Arabian (on her father's side).
Magic of all sorts, ponies in the guard, spicy food, dancing, books (both fiction and non fiction), and the piano.
Misc Information:
RP Rules
1. I'm only looking for narrative RPers with a preference for those who use third person. While I don't think I'll have to worry about that on this site, I'm still putting this as a rule just in case.

2. I have a life outside of roleplay. Sometimes I don't have the time to reply to something immediately or even on the same day if my schedule becomes too hectic. Please give me the space and time I need. However, if five days have passed without me replying, please give me a nudge. My memory is awful and occasionally I do forget.

3. Romance may happen but don't insist on it. I think there is more value in something that develops between characters naturally than something forced. If my character turns your character down, please respect that.

4. If romance does happen between our characters that does not mean we, as mods, are dating. I am not interested in a relationship at this time.

Character Notes
Her glamors and illusions are top notch and composed of hard light, making them both look and feel like reality.

Although she doesn't realize it yet, she seems to have a natural affinity towards management.

Since she spent time in Saddle Arabia with her uncle to study her magic, she has the ability to read Saddle Arabian and can speak a few key phrases, so she isn't completely fluent.

Magically enchanted items, antiques, and baubles that she sells in her store. Has a few jewelry pieces of her own and stacks of books.

1,400 bits a month from Free Form - an investment in Enchant.

None - she simply rents her shop and the small room in back as an apartment.
History and Details:
<p>Allure is the third and youngest child of Radiant Star and Gilded Valor. Had an extremely privileged childhood, both of her parents being independently wealthy and more than willing to shower their children with their wealth. However Radiant Star's attitude changed towards Allure once she turned eighteen and decided to take a year sabbatical in Saddle Arabia to learn about glamor magic from her uncle Mirage (twin brother of Gilded Valor)and her father's family's culture from her grandmother. For some reason this triggered something in her mother and, upon returning home, Allure was disowned and cut off from the family fortune. Now, at the age of nineteen, Allure runs her own shop and, while she isn't struggling much anymore due to Free Form's monthly investment of&nbsp;1,400 bits, she still encounters her fair share of financial hardships. She has an older brother (Argent Edge) and an older sister (Shimmer Minx).</p>
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