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Lunar Guard: Lance Corporal (L. Cpl)
Lunar Guard, Rank Lance Corporal
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Character Image:
Tia is a gentle giant. Standing three feet taller than Princess Celestia (and still growing) Tia is a bird who towers above most. She is solid white with black primaries, claws and front legs, beak, tail tip, and a single diamond on her forehead.

Her day to day attire is a simple black scarf and matching legwarmers on all four paws.

Her work uniform is the classic Lunar Guard armor, with or without reinforced battle claws.

She owns a large crossbow she affectionately calls Ice Breaker.

Tia carries her crossbow's bolts' quiver under her wing. Concealed and easy to access.

I know this has been up for HUGE debate and I am sick and tired of the blah blah blah.

Tia's size, (I am using the human measurement for feet, so suck it! Celestia is the same height as a six foot man.) Is as shown.

Height: 9 feet and 12 inches (Still growing)

Wingspan: 14 feet per wing. (28 feet in total)

Length: 18 feet. (Beak to tail)
Tia has a variety of interests:
Stargazing, napping, working, the cold, blizzards, snow, ice, ice-skating, mares, stallions, ponies, reading, romance, and of course....CATNIP! :3
Misc Information:
Tia does not like other griffons. Ironic since she is one. But she will not lash out unless provoked.

She has an addiction to catnip.

Tia now has a pet Windigo named Mystery, or Mysty for short. She is a small Cadance sized Windigo.
History and Details:
<p>Deep in the mountains of the Frozen North, a young griffon was born into a world of fear, blood, and cruelty. Her name was Larentia, a name half-heartedly given to her by her mother. From the very start, Larentia had beared witness to cruel and savage acts of her kind. Her own mother had made her watch as she killed and ate her four other siblings, claiming that Larentia had always been the strongest of the litter, and that it was easier to care for one strong child, than four weak ones. Weakness, her mother had said, was something no one in the tribe could afford. Weakness, was anyone too soft for the harsh life of the tribe. It was kill or be killed, and only the strongest survived. Larentia was horrified, but she kept her beak closed, and she grew up despising her kind more and more as she witnessed the continuous atrocities and savagery of her tribe.</p>
<p>After so long, Larentia fled the tribe, letting them believe she was dead, and she found a home close to the pony civilization of the Crystal Empire. Settling herself on a mountain in the Frozen North, Larentia worked hard as a delivery bird between the Crystal Empire and Equestria.&nbsp;</p>
<p>It wasn't until one fateful day in a bar, that she met the Second Lieutenant Alona of the Lunar Guard, and from there they had formed a strong friendship. After a year, Larentia finally joined the guard, and now there is nowhere the massive white gentle giantess would rather be.&nbsp;</p>
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