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Cutie Mark:
Grass green mug w/ emerald vines and grey steam
Military Rank:
Lunar Guard: Private (Pvt)
Coffee Shop Owner/Barista
Content Rating:
Mature (NSFW)
Character Art:
Character Image:
Bean is a Pegasus who is shorter than the average mare, standing about 2 1/2 heads high instead of 3. Her main coat color is a light beige color. Her left ear is 'decorated' with three spots underneath, both of her forelegs have 'boots', and her primary feathers are all the same dark brown, along with freckles along her muzzle, shoulders and upper back. Her hind legs are separated fetlocks, the fur long and dragging, almost covering the exposed hoof. Her mane is a caramel colour, cut short with semi-long, layered bangs that end in a small curl. She will sometimes braid parts of her mane, and have random little braids hanging about. Her tail is also cut short, but is slightly curly-er than her mane. Her 'magic' (I will call it 'mana' instead in RPs) is a deep purple, and when she uses it, her corneas (The white part of the eye) turns yellow and 'smoke' the color of her mana will emit from the outside corners of her eyes.

Voice: Adult Faline

Singing Voice: Sara'h
Misc Information:
Hello and welcome to my profile.

I am going to put this at the top. IRP relationships do NOT carry over to IRL. Carry on.

If you would like to Rp with me feel free to check out my character. Just ask me, I'm pretty cool with most rps, as long as you're cool with it as well. I hope we both are on the same page and get along.

[Please look through these, I would greatly appreciate it.]
-No Godmodding
-Most (if not all) non cannon alicorn/powerful evil edgelords will be ignored.
-If you wish to talk to me in Ooc, I just ask of you to please use the following> // or (( Just so i know and it is much easier.
-Bean is a Polyamorous Pansexual. She doesn't care about gender identification, and she doesn't like ties to just one person. Bean is a free spirit in her own special way, so no pouting if she tends to gravitate to multiple others in group chats.

Look, I'm crap at starters. If you come to me for a RP, I expect YOU to write the starter. Starters need to be of a reasonable length of AT LEAST five lines.. Please no one line ones. ["Bumps on u"] Just doesn't go with me very well, but I will also try my best to apply to the number of sentences you think is most likely acceptable with my best efforts. If I come to you, though, I will try my best, but it will be shitty as all hell.

Please, for the love of Hellena, do NOT use text talk when rping. Please. If we are messing around ooc then it's fine, but constant text talk is just... No.

To get a good starter I try to get at least an idea for the setting: The time, the place, the weather and situation they will be facing in order to meet up.

Twitter - @DeinonychusRhae / CoffeeRaptor ( )
Skype - crazy_emo_pegasister or (Don't ask, please. I made my Skype when I was twelve)
Mixer : Deinonychus5536 ( )
Discord - Server Invite:
Personal: Eona Rhae#5625
Kik - Winterstar5536
Xbox One - Deinonychus5536
Snapchat - Deinonychyus536
F-List -
PLEASE tell me who you are when adding/messaging/following
History and Details:
<p>[This is what Bean will tell you if you ask about her history. There are purposefully parts of her story missing, making room for different plots, adding mystery to her and the like.]</p>
<p>Coffee Bean was born on May 8th, 1991. Her mother, a bat pony and Pegasus hybrid, had a tough labor, and soon died after the birth of her daughter. Her father, a fairly powerful unicorn from quite a long line of powerful unicorns, who witnessed the birth of his daughter and the death of his wife, dedicated his life to bringing his daughter up into the world in the best way he possibly could. Although he made this promise, he was very protective of Bean, sheltering her from the outside world for the most part of her young life. Some days, Bean would be able to get away from her father, and wandered the Everfree Forest every now and again, befriending a few of the misunderstood creatures within. Her father soon found out about this and decided that she needed something to keep her from the forest. He started sending her to his brother's coffee shop. Bean found her special talent and earned her cutie mark during the afternoons she would spend there. When her uncle died, she inherited the shop and she completely remodeled it. Not because she didn't like the original design, but because she wanted to add on to what was originally there. She added in an herbology center and started to sell beginner brews and herbs she grows herself behind the shop. She currently lives on the edge of Ponyville and works at her uncle's old coffee shop.</p>
<p>Bean specializes in Violet magic, aka magic of the mind and soul. She is able to read minds, change memories, detach her soul from her body, sense souls/bodies near her, teleport short distances, pacify characters, and telekinetically lift small objects. Bean is learning transfiguration and more physical spells, but she sticks to the spells she knows well when she is forced to fight. She tends to avoid touch and eye contact, for both can easily cause her to 'soul jump': Her consciousness buries itself into the other pony, causing her to see everything they see and whatever they may be thinking about. If she were to willingly soul jump, she would be able to control what they do, look into and possibly change their memories, and possibly destroy their weakest chakras, killing them instantly. She accidentally did this to one of her best friends, hence why she no longer looks into someone's eyes and often avoids any kind of contact.</p>
<p>Because of her mother, a pegasus-bat pony hybrid, and her father, a unicorn, she has the ability to change her genetic code. Her father is very strong magically, his aura strong and mighty, passed from before generations. Her mother was also able to change her genetic code, allowing her to change between a bat pony and Pegasus form. Bean inherited her mother's ability, and since the aura her father has had been passed down for generations, she too has inherited the aura her father had. This explains her magical ability and her ability to change form.</p>
<p>Bean acts... Innocent. Na&iuml;ve. She likes to make others think that she is a sweet and cute little filly that wouldn't know anything dirty or want to know it. In reality, she is really kinky and dirty minded. She is constantly thinking of perverted jokes that she could just blurt out, but she doesn't. She thinks of it as a game, to be super sweet and gentile and kind until she gets in bed. Or the couch. Or the bath. Or the counter.</p>
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