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Universal Travelologist, Scientist, Tinkerer.
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A Human Scientists stuck in a new land, Leaf strives to understand the Equestrian way of life, as well as continue his study into alternate universes. A bit goofy and a little flamboyant, he tries to make a good impression wherever he goes. You may find him wandering Ponyville, either to shop or seal multidimensional rifts that riddle the land.
Friendship, Technology, Twilight.
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My friend code is 126c719

Leaf lives in a semi-technologically advanced Equestria, and tries his best to keep it safe from dangers of his own universe as well as those of the multiverse. He has friendships with the Mane 6, and will talk to them in a very friendly manner. While normally he stays with his universe's Twilight in the Friendship castle, the EEA-verse of himself stays in a lab/workshop on the edge of town. He's also naturally an alicorn but I'll keep that version of him to the AltVerse.

I live in the eastern part of the United States, so be aware of the time difference.

History and Details:
<p>He used to be a human scientist on Earth who constructed a Rift machine that could travel to different universes. (It kinda looks like the Fenton Portal from Danny Phantom, except it's not in a wall and there is a computer console attached to it.) His original intent was to travel to Mobius, the land of Sonic The Hedgehog. He managed to travel there but was stuck there in the process, the Rift machine became unstable due to an unknown outside source, and dragged him into Mobius, which he was observing through a portal into the world. Once there his DNA reconfigured to that of a hedgehog, due to one of the universal properties that if one should travel to other universes, their DNA will be reconfigured to the dominant species of said universe. He spent his life there but had an unfortunate end at the hands of an archenemy.</p>
<p>However he was returned to Earth due to another universal scientific property involving Antimatter tethering one's existence to their original or "home" universe. Once home he researched and discovered that the machine's malfunction was due to Rainbow Dash's first Sonic Rainboom being so powerful that it temporarily broke the space/time/universe barriers, traveled forward in time, and struck the open rift the machine was generating, thus giving it a power surge, which destabilized it and drew him into Mobius (Although he wouldn't claim Rainbow Dash as the cause at first, only finding a rainbow colored puddle along the corner of the machine).</p>
<p>As he began to observe Equestria from his lab, the machine destabilizes again and pulls him into Equestria. Once on Equestria, his DNA reconfigures again to that of a Pony. (<strong>AltVerse:</strong> but due to the Hedgehog properties still associated with him, those had to be accounted for as well. Granting him wings to match his former speed and a horn to match the latent Chaos powers within, he is recognized as an Alicorn. While this is a big deal to most Equestrians, as such things are associated with royalty, he does remind ponies that he is just very lucky to be what he is.) Striving to bring a technological revolution to Equestria and befriending the Mane 6, he was able to build another Rift Machine, with intentions to return home. It was only till he realized that his then marefriend, Twilight Sparkle, and her friends, convinced him that Equestria was his home. So he made new goals. See all that Equestria has to offer, research the Alternate Universes of Equestria, and protect his new home!</p>
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