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Somewhere in Equestria
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Próba (Pronounciation - IPA: [ˈpruba], AS: [pruba]) is a young dragoness from a far eastern land native to her dragon species. She bears the look of her race - the most defining characteristics being the sensitive whiskers protruding from either side of her face; her long, spiky ears, each being capable of independent movement, as well as her single horn, which, unlike unicorns, does not grant her any magical abilities.
Her soft, almost silky to the touch scales vary in colouration - being crimson on the bottom of her neck, tail, as well as her belly - and snow white everywhere else.
Próba was born with a certain feature that made her stand out from other dragons. It consisted of various parts of her body being stripped of their pigment at their tips, leaving them completely white.
Her short, coarse mane, as well as other tufts of fur that sprouted from certain parts of her body, her relatively short, leathery wings and her horn were the parts affected by that trait.

Her compact body, weighing close to 350kg, and being around 5,5 meters in length makes her a relatively small dragon, only being twice as long as a regular pony, if excluding the tail.
Her wings have a span of 4 meters, and are connected along her side, to an area just before her thighs.


Her attire consists of a warm, insulated, fur-lined outfit of brown colour, which she uses in most situations.

Being born and raised in a strict environment has made the young dragoness quite reclusive and introverted - usually avoiding unneccessary interaction with unfamiliar creatures. She tries to work on it, however, as it is one of her goals to meet someone special whom she could share her thoughts and keep company.
While being a physically strong dragon, she is quite emotional inside, even though she tries not to show it. What she has in terms of power, she lacks in self confidence, effectively blocking out her own potential.
Her curiosity for the world is virtually unsatiable. Próba wishes to explore every part of the world, only stopping in cities for a couple of days at most, to replenish her supplies and/or try to overcome her shyness and self-containment. She's extremely caring and protective to those close to her, and capable of acts of heroism, if said individuals are put in danger.
Travelling/Exploring, adventures with a hint of risk, trying to break her timid nature, sweets.
Misc Information:
The background pic is an old WIP, but I decided to use it because of sentimental value.

I do mostly narrative kind of RP, and lean on the sides of adventure/romance/slice of life. That doesn't mean, however, that I'm not willing to try new things out.
My platform for roleplays is mostly Discord ( Roz#8312 ), unless the responses are really long, then I opt for the private messages on this site.
History and Details:
<p>Pr&oacute;ba was born in a land far east of Equestria - a vibrant, green place, filled with countless plains and forests - inhabited by a curiously unique breed of dragons, showing characteristics of both western and eastern races. Her childhood was one of strict upbringing, in a culture closed off to the outsiders. Her society was bent on creating skilled warriors, teaching younglings the ways of fighting with a variety of weapons. It was, in fact - for a good reason - their draconic tribe was placed in between of three larger clans that sought to conquer the lands over a long period of time. Pr&oacute;ba was no exception to this treatment, having been rigorously trained from a very young age, seemingly to defend from any and all assailants that may enter the land with nefarious thoughts on their minds. A wise decision, if not for the fact that it has been over 70 years since the last war, and the neighboring clans have long given up on dominating her tribe, discouraged by the resilience and fighting prowess of the whiskered dragon race. The young dragon always craved to see the world outside of her homeland, and, as she turned 21 years of age, she decided it was time to leave. In the darkness of the night she sneaked out of her family home, only leaving a note for her parents. She left her trusty set of steel armour behind, as well as the sword she recieved upon finishing her military duty. The young dragoness didn't have much, only taking a couple of warm clothes and as much food as she could carry, leaving anything that tied her to her home behind. She ventured west - to a land she only heard of from tales - supposedly filled with magical beings and thriving communities. She was determined to reach her goal, hopefully meeting a lot of interesting creatures and going on many adventures.</p>
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