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Rapid Miles' mane and tail color is dark pink and black. His coat is light brown, and his eyes are light blue. He is 12.5 stone (175 lbs), 11 Apples (3’6”) tall, and his wingspan is about 15 Apples (5 ft) across, wingtip to wingtip. He is normally seen wearing a baggy dark purple hoodie with the hood over his head or a black beanie on. If it’s daytime, expect to see aviator sunglasses on his eyes, since his eyes are very sensitive to the sunlight (and because he feels aviators are the only style of sunglasses that look passable on him).
Movies, Books, Food, Electro Swing
History and Details:
<p>Rapid is an introvert and would rather spend his time at home on his computer than at a wild party of Pinkie&rsquo;s (even though he has a &ldquo;thing&rdquo; for Pinkie). He has a difficult time holding an interesting conversation with ponies or other beings without the &ldquo;mask&rdquo; of work. He will stutter, mess up mid-sentence, or just flat out lose his train of thought if he does not think over exactly what to say for at least a minute or so. Even then, his delivery is not always spot on. He sometimes has spouts of depression that could be set off by anything. He is not, however, bipolar. He doesn&rsquo;t have &ldquo;up and down&rdquo; moments, he is either neutral (most common), happy (not as common), or depressed (slightly common).</p>
<p>Rapid Miles was born from two ponies, a male pegasus named Cirrus, and a female earth pony named Phantasia. He didn&rsquo;t know much about his parents other than their name and species. He was left at an orphanage when he was a colt, but was quickly adopted by an mare unicorn and a transmare pegasus couple. The three of them seemed to move pretty frequently until he started high school, mostly due to one of his mother&rsquo;s jobs. Throughout high school, Rapid had a hard time making good friends. He did have ponies that would occasionally wave to him across the lunchroom if they spotted him, but nopony to do things with. This was somewhat understood by Rapid, since the ponies at his school had been with each other their entire lives, so letting new people into their clique was not a normal thing to do. A majority of Rapid&rsquo;s friends were online, as well as his best friend. Rapid didn&rsquo;t go to any of his high school dances. He saw them as a waste of bits and of time. &lsquo;Nopony at the school likes me like that anyway, so why give the school more bits to put on more of these stupid dances?&rsquo;. After graduation, Rapid started to attend a community college and work a part time job as a cashier at a grocery store. He still lived with both his mothers at the age of 19 and helped them around the house (despite one of his mothers always being home). Not much has changed up until he turned 20. He decided it might be a good idea for him to join the Solar Guard (since there were so many posters plastered along the walls). After going through Basic Training, he was finally promoted to Private of the Solar Guard. He is currently stationed in the same city as his adoptive parents, so he visits them and stays with them as much as he can.</p>
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