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Earth Pony
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Rose with thorns
A mob boss who orders ponies to do the dirty work though sometimes she'll do that style of work herself
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Ducati has an elegant yet deadly appearance despite her odd colour palette. Her calm nature can seem approachable at first with her black mane and tail were always left in a clean, curly matter and her icy blue eyes easy to soothe anyone. She usually wears a black dress to keep her appearance still welcoming. She wears a tattoo spelling her name on her left shoulder. Only few have seen it and those ponies were either close friends or ones who never spoke again.
Ducati likes to control things going on. If they're out of her control she sees them as a threat. Other interests include drinking wine and keeping an elegant stature
Misc Information:
First off i should probably give some backstory to the conception of who I based Ducati off of. Firstly her appearance and first name actually cane from a motorbike I built in Midnight Club LA despite not having any relation to said company. Secondly her personality and motive come from a character named Gelorum. The reason for this is how maniacal and sadietic she can get at times. Her other referebces include Jack the Ripper, Al Capone as well as a few other figures.

Many of my rules a derived from PonySquare. Mainly no ERP. Please don't kill off my character and a few other things you can ask me about. I do have alternate characters as well so ask about them if you want. My alternate characters are
Dusty Barn: An ex Lieutenant turned alcoholic after a recent incident. He has a blonde mane and a light brown coat. His cutie mark is a sword. Earth pony
Eva Spectra: other pony in photo beside Ducati. She is an engineer with a lightbulb as her cutie mark. Pegasus
Roxy Ruby: a mare with a white coat and long jet black mane with blue eyes. Her occupation is a doctor but at night she can turn into a vampony with her feathery wings turning into bat and her eyes turning red. Her cutie mark is of a broken heart. Pegasus/vampony
Rosa Ruby: twin to Roxy but can't become a vampony. She became a model instead of a doctor. Her cutie mark is a gold star with sparkles surrounding it. Pegasus
Dart: This will be a grown up version of Ducati's daughter so she'll have many of Ducati's looks. Her occupation is being in the royal guard and her cutie mark is of a sheild with many decorations on it. Earth pony
Profile pic done by this lovely pony
History and Details:
Ducati MoltoBella lived in a higher income home during her youth. She was the only filly born successfully. All others died almost instantly or within a few months. Her father wasn't pleased to only have one child and for them to be a mare. Nonetheless he taught her at a young age the mob business. She learnt fighting techniques and ways to intimidate her enemies in school. Obviously she wasn't bullied but those that tried were either beaten up in secret or on a stretcher because of an "accident". She lived this life for a while and even joined her father's ranks at a young age of about sixteen. She still went to school and even attended Equestria's most high standard schools like Celestia's school for the gifted and MIT. This furthered her intelligence by teaching her forensics and many other subjects that would help her become the monster she is. Ducati graduated with honours at her school and began to work in a higher rank in the mob with her father still teaching her a few more tricks. Eventually Ducati became old enough to inherit her father's business and claim to be the boss. Unlike those before her she was sneaky in her business and even gave herself a name; The Black Dress killler. Most of the guard searched high and low for her or any trace that she committed a crime. They always ran into the same problem. She couldn't be arrested or sentenced due to the lack of evidence. Half the time it was always another crime syndicate that got arrested. This was due to her killing anyone. Even members of her own syndicate. Eventually though Ducati found herself with a filly. The father being a railyard worker. He left her though causing her a sudden rush of pain and emotion. Something that was dangerous to the mob itself. Her mind began to work out what she was taught in school. Her vast knowledge running wild as she thought of a way to get back. Ducati knew when he was working so she devised a plan: rig the train to derail. Her plan was successful and the train had its accident. It carried forty tons of tnt to a mining facility in the Crystal Empire. The explosion was brighter than Celestia's own sun after the accident. Everyone was burnt so badly that they couldn't distinguish bodies from pieces of train. They never found out it was her. After the success of her plan all she could think of how to raise the filly. The mob was too violent, especially when she took power. At the same time she knew the filly was well protected. But what if the filly becomes more of a monster than herself. These thoughts drove Ducati to near insanity. Finally it hit her. Her mind was set. She didn't want to be apart of the mob anymore. She didn't want her young one to be the same monsters for worse than what she was. Unlike her ancestors and those before her, she ran off to raise the filly with a normal life. A life of peace and quietness. Not a life of constant tension and anguish. Her first move was to create a new identity or take one. This prompted her to search for a doppelgänger to take out and take the identity from. This lead her to a mare in Ponyville. A depressed mare most of her time. It was almost sickening. The mare had no family and no friends. It was perfect, almost too perfect actually. When Ducati arrived to do her deed the mare was already dead from a suicide. She had overdosed on a drug that she used for her depression. It wasn't a lovely sight but Ducati had seen it before. She even used this tactic on paranoid ponies. This made the job easier. All Ducati had to do now was hide her body and be done. The river was an option but she knew about currents. Instead she buried the mare somewhere they wouldn't suspect; the graveyard. She would ditch the name MoltoBella and take her new last name: Wheelspin. It was difficult keeping the depressed state the last mare had but eventually she became more and more upbeat. She quickly made friends and from there on out became a little famous within the town due to her friendly nature. Eventually she did give birth to her filly. This filly was named Dart. An almost exact copy of her mother. In her years of hiding she did keep contact with her original family. Her father mostly. These letters would talk about her daughter and how they were living in a simple home. She would send one once a month to her father. This would be discussing things like what she did in school or the things she learnt. Ducati began developing an urge though while living the normal life. An urge to turn back to the family route. To bring her back as the black dress killer. Nightmares came and went of her having conversations with herself to go back to the old life. Her mental state got to a point where Luna couldn't even interact with her dreams. She would ignore these urges though. Usually saying that it's only nightmares and sudden memories of the old life. She kept these secret from Dart, not wanting to lead her into distrusting her mother. Dart decided to join the guard eventually. Despite the guard being a threat to Ducati herself she allowed Dart to enroll anyways. It would be good to turn the family tree around. From the crime filled, murderous monsters to the Justice bringing warriors. Though in reality she was the only monster. Once Dart transferred over to the Empire, Ducati devised a plan for her return to Manehattan from her hiatus. Her first step was finding the leader and the rest would fall into her lap. It was easy for the most part. Once back in power only few questioned her power and opposed her. They disappeared after a while.
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